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Daikin D-Smart FTKQ-TVM Aircon Review


If you ask Filipino users what the perfect aircon is, it’s likely that you’re going to get a range of different answers. Aircon preferences depend on the user, household type, room type, purpose, price range, and a host of other different reasons. There’s not “best air conditioner Philippines” because it simply doesn’t exist. Even your own preferences may change according to your room type, budget, and more.

What can Filipino users look for, then? Filipino users can look for an aircon that brings the best overall performance. While cooling capacity and cooling speed, price, and energy efficiency are all important, you’re never quite going to find an aircon that hits that perfectly. Still, there are tons of reliable, affordable air conditioners out there that can bring you close enough to your idealized cooling experience. The Daikin D-Smart FTKQ-TVM aircon is one of them. Read on for a review of this Daikin inverter AC.

Daikin D-Smart FTKQ-TVM Pros and Cons

Aircon tech, like most things, has changed and improved over time. Users aren’t restricted to the same old models anymore. In fact, there’s now a huge range of air conditioning types to pick from. From window type aircon to portable aircon to split type aircon, Filipinos have tons of different options that they never did before.

Still, when it comes to range, some models are better than other. Although the boxy window type unit may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of air conditioning in the Philippines, it’s definitely not the only one you should settle on.

Why You Should Split

Split type aircon units offer a much more flexible cooling experience, while still retaining the reliability and efficiency of a wall-mounted type. While split type aircon price ranges can be a little steeper than your average aircon window type, there’s a ton of reasons why they can be worth the investment.

First, split type air conditioners have their compressors separated from the unit. Your wall-mounted cooling unit is connected to the compressor by means of tubing, which usually stretches to the outside of your home. With noisy compressors outside, you’ll find that you have a quieter, more comfortable cooling experience all around.

Another benefit to split type air conditioners is their flexibility. While they may not be as easy to bring around as portable air conditioner units, they do have more range than the typical window type aircon. For example, you don’t have to worry about buying a separate compressor per split type unit. You can connect multiple units to the same compressor, saving yourself money but keeping the efficiency and power of a good air conditioner.

Inverter Way

Another thing that you should look for, and that the Daikin D-Smart FTKQ-TVM has, is inverter technology. A split type inverter aircon price can be pricier, but it’s definitely worth the investment.

Inverter technology is more energy efficient because it speeds up or slows down your compressor according to the temperature of the room. Basically, if your area hits the desired cooling range, it slows down the compressor, and only starts up when the temperature changes. This doesn’t just save your electricity bill, it also saves your compressor, ensuring a longer life and better condition.

Daikin D-Smart FTKQ-TVM Specs

Daikin Philippines is a fully-owned subsidiary of Daikin Industries, one of the leading air conditioner manufacturers in Japan and in the world. A global market leader, it’s produced dozens, if not hundreds of air conditioner models that have stayed true to company standards.

Daikin aims to change customers’ lives for the better, which is why their products are engineered and designed to be energy efficient. The company also believes that air conditioners are for more than just cooling, and manufactures units that improve air quality, humidity, user experience, and so much more. The Daikin D-Smart FTKQ-TVM is one of them.

Energy Saver

One of the most prominent things about the Daikin FTKQ35TVM is, of course, its energy efficiency. It has an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 12.52, meaning more energy savings than other units on the market. It also comes in a range of cooling capacities, from 1.0 HP to 1.5 HP to 2.0 HP to 2.5 HP. This means that you can get the unit that best fits your cooling needs, without having to worry about switching models or brands because of incompatible horsepower. Plus, this Daikin 1hp inverter also comes with an Econo Mode, which means you can stretch your energy savings even further.

Voltage Guard

Living in the Philippines, where extreme weather events can often cause electricity fluctuations, means that you have to be careful about where your appliances are plugged in. Power surges can damage the internals of your air conditioner, which can ruin the parts or worse.

Luckily, the Daikin D-Smart FTKQ-TVM is equipped with super printed circuit boards (Super PCB) which are able to withstand voltage fluctuations. Daikin air conditioners with this technology are able to withstand voltage fluctuations from 0V up to 440V, ensuring consistent performance for more years to come.

Easy Clean, Easy Life

Air conditioners are about more than just cooling— they should also improve your quality of life. That’s why the Daikin D-Smart FTKQ-TVM comes with a range of different settings that improve air quality while keeping you cool. It has an Enzyme Blue Filter, Dust Collection Filter for up to PM 2.5, Mold-Proof Air Filter, and odor removal settings that ensure you’re getting the best possible air conditioning. It’s also got an easy to clean flat panel that you can wipe down quickly and efficiently.

Quality, Quality, Quality

Overall, the Daikin D-smart Series 2hp is a fantastic split type inverter aircon that promises a range of different features. With different cooling capacities, a voltage guard, high energy efficiency, and filter options for daily use, it’s already more than proven it’s worth as an investment. Plus, it even has a Night Set mode and sound level that can go as low as 21 dBA, ensuring you get peace and comfort whenever you need it.

While every household will have different needs, every user wants an air conditioner that promises great performance in all aspects. And although the perfect air conditioner may not exist, the Daikin D-Smart FTKQ-TVM still comes pretty close.

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With a simple, elegant design and a range of features that improves both air and temperature quality, the Daikin D-Smart FTKQ-TVM proves that it's the right cooling choice. Consistent, quality, and reliable, it's an air conditioner worth the investment.

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