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Fujidenzo 1HP Inverter Grade Portable Aircon Review


Aside from strong cooling power, providing great air quality and cleanliness is the most important feature an air conditioner should possess. While relaxing in a chilled space is ideal during hot summers, you wouldn’t want to breathe in polluted air which can potentially harm you in the long run now, would you? Therefore, if you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, choosing one that can filter out undesirable air particles is highly ideal. This is particularly true for individuals that have allergies or are sensitive to air pollutants and dust.

The best portable air conditioners often have this particular feature. However, the Fujidenzo 1HP Inverter Grade Portable Aircon can provide you with the best air quality out of most models. Made with excellent filters and other functions, this unit is suitable for a household that wants clean air but doesn’t have the space for a split-type or window-type air conditioner. Read below to find out more.

About the Fujidenzo 1HP Inverter Grade Portable Aircon

 Fujidenzo 1HP Inverter Grade Portable Aircon


Model Name

1HP Inverter Grade Portable Aircon

Model Number
Product Dimensions31 × 42 × 68 cm
Weight26 kg
Energy Efficiency Ratio
Cooling Capacity9,000 BTUs
Product AccessoriesExternal exhaust pipe
Remote control

The Fujidenzo 1HP Inverter Grade Portable Aircon has a pretty straightforward look, with a simplistic yet pristine design, a white color scheme, and a cuboid shape that can easily fit into the corners of any room. The menu options and LCD screen are located on top for easy access, and the addition of roller feet makes it easy to transport the unit in any area of your home. If you don’t like the look of too many switches and controls on your aircon unit, this unit’s minimal menu buttons should fit your specifications

Fujidenzo 1HP Inverter Grade Portable Aircon Features

 Fujidenzo 1HP Inverter Grade Portable Aircon

Excellent Air Quality

This unit prides itself in providing households with excellent indoor air quality. Built with three different filters, you’ll be hard-pressed not to see why. Its HEPA filter removes 99.97 percent of dust, pollen, mold, and airborne particles of all sizes, while its BIO Filter converts contaminants like bacteria and germs into harmless compounds through biological degradation. This allows you to enjoy a chilled environment without having to worry about your lung health.

Finally, its High-Density filter provides improved filtration that can remove comparatively large indoor air pollutants such as dust and animal hairs. If you have pets around the house, excess fur getting into all nooks and crannies of your home is unavoidable. However, you at least don’t have to breathe it in, not when you have this unit in your home.

Energy Efficient

Air conditioners are known to increase a household’s electricity bill due to their high consumption, portable air conditioners more so. It can be off-putting to some, given how high electricity costs are these days. With an Inverter Grade – R410a Refrigerant for excellent cooling power and an energy-efficient compressor, the Fujidenzo 1HP Inverter Grade Portable Aircon can still provide you with a cool and comfortable space without burning a hole in your pocket.

Given that it’s easier to install and uninstall, you can put the unit away during colder months and only bring it out when you really need to cool down your room. This makes it easy for you to manage your aircon use.

Follow Me Technology

Some portable air conditioners come with a thermostat, often built within the unit itself, which allows the unit to control its cooling output based on the surrounding temperature. Instead of the unit itself acting as a thermostat, the remote control that comes with the Fujidenzo 1HP Inverter Grade Portable Aircon does this job. The remote has a sensor that measures the room temperature and thus letting you precisely manage the cooling setting according to the room’s temperature. This feature extends the unit’s cooling range, making your room colder and more comfortable.

Pros and Cons of the Fujidenzo 1HP Inverter Grade Portable Aircon

✔️Follow Me Technology
✔️Air purifying filters
✖️ Not as cold as other units

What People Are Saying About It

The Fujidenzo 1HP Inverter Grade Portable Aircon’s best feature is its air purifying filters that can eliminate bacteria, germs, and mold, as well as filter out dust and other air pollutants. Not only does it have great cooling power suitable for a bedroom or a small apartment, but its remote control also functions as a thermostat. Overall, this unit is the ideal portable aircon to have for health-conscious individuals that prefer clean indoor air and excellent air quality over strong cooling power.

“The good thing about this Fujidenzo is it comes with air-purifying filters. It has not just one, but three filters.”

Nicole – The Asian PArent

Where to Buy the Fujidenzo 1HP Inverter Grade Portable Aircon

 Fujidenzo 1HP Inverter Grade Portable Aircon

Need the best air quality that the Fujidenzo 1HP Inverter Grade Portable Aircon can provide? You can head out to Lazada for the best deals and prices!

If you want to browse through other portable aircon brands or would like to have a look at which aircon brands are the best, you can check out our site for more aircon reviews and guides.

Fujidenzo 1HP Inverter Grade Portable Aircon

Fujidenzo 1HP Inverter Grade Portable Aircon

The Fujidenzo 1hp Inverter Grade Portable Aircon is an affordable and feature-packed option for efficient cooling. With the Follow Me Technology, this air conditioner ensures that the temperature is precisely regulated by using a remote control that serves as a thermostat.

The unit also includes air purifying filters, which help improve indoor air quality by capturing dust, allergens, and other airborne particles. Moreover, the Fujidenzo 1hp Inverter Grade Portable Aircon offers an affordable price point, making it an excellent choice for those seeking quality cooling without breaking the bank.



In terms of air quality, the Fujidenzo 1hp Inverter Grade Portable Aircon is possibly the best unit. Compared to similar models, Fujidenzo's filters alone make it a worthwhile investment for a small household or for an individual living alone.

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