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Fujidenzo R410A Inverter Grade Window Aircon Review


The best thing about the Fujidenzo R410A Inverter Grade Window Aircon is the 30% energy-saving capacity it offers to consumers. As one of the best-known brands of appliances, Fujidenzo excels in the area of environmental and energy-efficient units. Unlike other air conditioners, this window-type AC has the option to control the fan speed upon activation. It won’t immediately turn the fan strength to the maximum, which is the reason why most AC units consume so much energy.

Aside from the different energy-saving tips we need to consider, it is also important to note the best aircon unit to go along with those power-saving methods. Luckily the R410A Inverter Grade Window Aircon of Fujidenzo introduced five members of its energy-efficient aircons. This includes the WAM60IG2 (0.60HP), WAM75IG2 (0.75HP), WAM100IG2 (1.0HP), WAM150IG2 (1.5HP), and WAM200IG2 (2.0HP), which are all capable of giving us the cooling experience we want while consuming less electricity.

Let’s see what other features this inverter air conditioner unit has for us.

About the Fujidenzo R410A Inverter Grade Window Aircon

Fujidenzo R410A Inverter Grade Window Aircon Review


Model NameInverter Grade Window Type Aircon
Model NumberWAM60IG2 (0.60HP)
WAM75IG2 (0.75HP)
WAM100IG2 (1.0HP)
WAM150IG2 (1.5HP)
WAM200IG2 (2.0HP)
Product Dimensions12.7: 18.6: 15.5 in
Weight18 kg
Energy Efficiency Ratio10.3 kJ/Wh
Cooling Capacity5,616 kJ/hr BTUs
Product Accessoriesremote control, fujidenzo r410a manual

You can never go wrong with the Fujidenzo R410A Inverter Grade Window Aircon because it’s one of the budget air conditioners in the market today. For an AC unit installation, you have to consider how much floor space you want it to cover. With Fujidenzo, its small design is convenient if you only want to cool down your own room. A cooling capacity of 5,616 kJ/Wh is already enough to maintain the fresh air inside your space.

But with the other leading brands and more advanced AC inverter technology, how can this inverter-grade window AC be the cooling appliance for you?

Fujidenzo R410A Inverter Grade Window Aircon Features

Fujidenzo R410A Inverter Grade Window Aircon

Automated Timer

Much like most advanced inverter aircon units, the Fujidenzo R410A Inverter Grade Window Aircon also has an automated timer. This allows the user to set the preferred number of hours the air conditioner needs to be turned on. When the timer is set, it will automatically shut down, making it more convenient if you’re the type who forgets to turn off your appliances.

This Inverter Grade Window AC also has an automatic restart feature, which allows for a periodic airflow condition. This ensures controlled humidity inside your room. In addition, the automatic power on and off of this window-type is its way to dissipate the heat outside. Due to the accumulated dust in the compressor, it has the tendency to overheat. Thus, it will automatically turn back on once it has cooled down.

Multi-Angle Airflow

With Fujidenzo’s inverter AC technology, the RA10 Inverter Grade Window Aircon has a multi-angle airflow feature. This allows the air to be cooled in every corner of your room. You no longer have to suffer by finding the perfect spot to chill because the humidity is different from one space to another. It also has four different cooling effect modes to choose from. You can switch the automatic feature to either cool, dry, or fan options to match your necessity for the day.

Quiet Dehumidifier

The Fujidenzo R410A Inverter Grade Window Aircon offers a dehumidifier feature on top of its R410A Inverted Grade refrigerant rating. The good thing about this type of grading method is it allows the consumers to know their aircon is environmentally friendly. As an R410A Inverted Grade, this Fujidenzo brand won’t cause too much damage to the ozone layer, unlike older brands of AC.

In addition, the dehumidifier is capable of diminishing the foul odor in your room, and the air purifying filters filter out the dust particles. This inverter-type air conditioner also has a 6 in 1 Density Clean Air Filter, which can serve as an anti-allergic and anti-bacterial filter and is painted with a golden fin to prevent immediate rusting and promote a better heat exchange rate.

Pros and Cons of the Fujidenzo R410A

✔️ R410 Inverter Grade
✔️ Budget-friendly
✔️ Energy-efficient
✔️ Super quiet operation
✔️ Automated timer
✔️ Dehumidifier
✔️ Multi angle airflow
✖️ Covers small floor space only

What People Are Saying About It

With so many brand models to choose from, Fujidenzo has done it again to provide us with the best quality inverter air conditioners with reduced power consumption. Many people are enjoying the cooling power of this budget air conditioning unit and are satisfied with their monthly electric bills.

‘Fujidenzo offers a wide range of high-quality air conditioners for home and business use.’

Reviewer – lifestyle Inq.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Fujidenzo Aircon Inverter price?

The Fujidenzo 1.5 hp inverter model is highly affordable, costing less than 10,000 Php on Lazada.

What is the inverter-grade aircon electricity consumption?

Inverter grade air conditioners are much more efficient than the conventional ‘on/off’ type. They use a special technology that allows them to adjust the temperature of the room by varying the compressor speed, rather than completely turning it off and on like traditional aircon units. This not only reduces energy consumption but also makes for a more comfortable environment.

The average electricity consumption of an inverter aircon unit is around 0.85 – 1.2 kW per hour, depending on the size and power of the unit. This is significantly lower than traditional A/C models which typically use up to 2 kW per hour or more.

Where to Buy the Fujidenzo R410A Inverter Grade Window Aircon

Fujidenzo R410A Inverter Grade Window Aircon

You can now check the availability of every Fujidenzo R410A Inverter Grade Window Type Aircon in Lazada to get the best deals and prices before stock runs out!

Good news! You can also try to know the cooling capabilities of the other brands by checking out our website.

Fujidenzo R410A Inverter Grade Window Aircon Review

Fujidenzo R410A Inverter Grade Window Type Aircon

The Fujidenzo R410A Inverter Grade Window Aircon is an excellent choice for those seeking an affordable cooling solution without compromising on energy efficiency.

With its R410 inverter-grade technology, this air conditioner provides efficient cooling performance while remaining budget-friendly. It operates quietly, ensuring a peaceful and comfortable environment.

Equipped with an automated timer, the Fujidenzo R410A allows users to schedule cooling operations according to their preferences, contributing to efficient energy management.

It also features a dehumidifier function, effectively reducing excess moisture in the air and enhancing overall comfort. The aircon’s multi-angle airflow capability ensures an even distribution of cool air throughout the room, maximizing the cooling effect.



One of the budget-friendly brands released five new AC units that are R410A Inverter Grade. Fujidenzo has set another milestone with the AC's 6 in 1 filter and dehumidifier feature. With its inverter rating, the compressor is fully capable of saving 30% of energy despite its continued use during the summer heat. It's perfect for people who have small floor spaces to cool down.

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