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Hitachi RA-08HVQ Aircon Review


Hitachi has done it again with their Hitachi RA-08HVQ Aircon!

With the dry season officially starting in the Philippines, many are excited to finally spend their summer vacation outside of their houses. The excitement grew more intense, after more than two years of staying inside due to COVID-19. However, for people who still want to stay indoors, the hot climate is not exactly what you can call an ideal “summer-get-away.” In fact, anyone will be forced to go out because the heat will become more unbearable as the days go by.

If you also wish to stay inside your home, then you might want to consider installing an air conditioning unit. When choosing the right AC to buy, you need to consider the cost of installation and the monthly electrical bill expenses. With Hitachi RA-08HVQ Aircon, you can now maintain the cool temperature of your room, and enjoy a comfortable hot sunny day without breaking a sweat and using too much electricity! Let’s see what this window-type aircon has in store.

About the Hitachi RA-08HVQ Aircon

Hitachi RA-08HVQ Aircon


Model Name

Window Type Compact Inverter

Model NumberRA-08HVQ
Product Dimensions470 x 340 x 600 mm
Energy Efficiency Ratio13.2 kJ/hW
Cooling Capacity8,341 BTUs (8,800 kJ/h)
Product AccessoriesBracket
Remote control
Power Cord

As a window-type AC unit, the Hitachi RA-08HVQ Aircon features many of the advanced technological breakthroughs in air conditioners. One of its key components is the full DC inverter technology. A full DC inverter is capable of improving your room’s cooling experience while consuming less energy.

But what separates the full DC inverter of RA-08HVQ from its competitors?

Hitachi RA-08HVQ Aircon Features

Hitachi RA-08HVQ Aircon

Ergonomic Design

With Hitachi RA-08HVQ Aircon, you won’t have any problem installing and keeping it, especially if your place is small enough to house bulky appliances. This window-type inverter is relatively smaller and lightweight in comparison to other window-type ACs. Despite its ergonomic build, it’s still capable of cooling your room immediately and maintaining your desired temperature.

This window-type air conditioner also has a built-in thermometer, which accurately tracks the temperature of your space. Its fans are also quiet, which is perfect for sleeping or studying. Moreover, its stylish and modern design will fit any household interior aesthetic you have.

Economic Cooling Capacity

The RA-08HVQ window-type air conditioner inverter has a designated 0.8 horsepower, which is capable of having at least 8,000 BTU cooling capacity. It’s not as strong as the other AC unit, but it’s highly economical with a 13.2 kJ/hW Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). Unlike other AC units with built-in inverter compressors, Hitachi used full DC inverter technology to make this air conditioning unit consumer-friendly.

Its full DC inverter technology has three defining components: a compressor, a PCB, and a fan motor. This allows you to switch the mode settings to fan, cool, or dry to match your daily preferences. It also has an auto-mode function to increase the cooling experience of everyone in your home. Its filter system effectively removes unwanted odors and indoor pollutants in your household. But what’s good about the Hitachi RA-08HVQ Aircon is its self-diagnosis feature, which notifies you if there are potential risks to its system.

Complete Product Accessories

Like most AC units, the Hitachi RA-08HVQ Aircon comes with product accessories. For this window-type aircon, Hitachi included a user manual to aid you in installing and safekeeping the cooling appliance. It also has free brackets to keep it in place, upon installing on higher places. In addition, it also has a power cord that is durable but easy to store and keep from harm’s way. And to make the cooling experience easier, it also comes with a remote controller.

Pros and Cons of the Hitachi RA-08HVQ Aircon

✔️ Energy-saving technology
✔️ Ergonomic
✔️ Self-automated diagnosis
✔️ User-friendly
✔️ Quiet motor fan
✖️ Expensive

What People Are Saying About It

The Hitachi RA-08HVQ Aircon is a product of the combined technology, product design, and manufacturing process of Japan, Taiwan, and the Philippines respectively. Hence, this window AC unit is on par with other leading brands of air conditioners. Let’s see what the others say about RA-08HVQ.

The RA-08HVQ has an EER of 13.2 and the RA-10HVQ has an EER of 12.1. The higher the EER, the more efficient operation and electricity consumed…

David – Karenina

Where to Buy the Hitachi RA-08HVQ Aircon

Hitachi RA-08HVQ Aircon

If you think that the Hitachi RA-08HVQ Aircon will keep you company this coming summer break, check out Lazada and see the best deals and prices!

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Hitachi RA-08HVQ Aircon

Hitachi RA-08HVQ3

The Hitachi RA-08HVQ Aircon is a highly efficient cooling system that incorporates advanced features to provide a superior user experience. With its energy-saving technology, this air conditioner ensures optimal performance while reducing energy consumption. Its ergonomic design enhances user comfort and convenience.

The Hitachi RA-08HVQ Aircon stands out with its self-automated diagnosis feature, which allows for easy troubleshooting and maintenance. It is designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive controls and settings that make operation effortless. The air conditioner operates quietly, thanks to its motor fan, ensuring a peaceful and comfortable environment.



Without a doubt, the Hitachi RA-08HVQ Aircon offers one of the finest deals in terms of AC experience. This window-type aircon is capable of maintaining your desired temperature without consuming too much electricity. It's perfect for people who are too conscious about their monthly electrical bills and personal comfort.

Total Rating

JP Reyes

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