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LG HSN09IPC Aircon Review


There are different ways of approaching a big purchase like an air conditioner. Some buyers opt to prioritize space-saving solutions like portable air conditioner units. Others want to go the tried and tested route with window type aircon units. Still others want a cooling solution that offers style, comfort, and convenience.

LG HSN09IPC Pros and Cons

Every household looking to buy an air conditioner has different needs that have to be addressed. As a tropical country full of citizens wanting to keep cool, the Philippine market is filled with a variety of different aircon types. At least one of these hundreds, if not thousands of models, can cater to any buyer’s needs.

Of course, one of the biggest concerns for Filipino buyers today is energy efficiency, and it’s not hard to understand why. The country has some of the highest electricity rates in the region, paying more per kilowatt-hour than even close neighbors. As a result, a heavy consumer like an aircon can take a toll on a household’s monthly electricity budget.

Different Priorities

With concerns about the climate coming into the fore in recent years, the Filipino consumer is also more environmentally conscious. Thus, picking the right, environmentally friendly aircon Philippines fulfills not only a personal purpose, but a societal one as well.

Filipinos have different approaches to this unique problem, and all of them are equally valid. Some prefer savings upfront by choosing affordable models, which they then use minimally. Still others focus on features like timers and eco modes.

Inverter for Energy Saving

The most preferred option for energy saving, however, is inverter technology. Inverter technology is undeniably the favorite when it comes to energy solutions, and is available in both window type and split type inverter aircon units. Nearly every major aircon manufacturer now offers it as an option. And while it may not feature in every aircon, it’s certainly a looked-for option in many models.

While it may sound a little too technical for the average buyer, inverter technology is actually fairly simple. Inverter technology works in the same way as a car accelerator, speeding up or slowing down the aircon compressor depending on the temperature. Unlike in a non-inverter unit, where the compressor speed remains constant, this means that your aircon isn’t wasting excess energy to cool down an already cool room.

Thanks to this adaptable feature, inverter aircons can generate up to 50% or more energy savings when compared to non-inverter types. If you’re planning on using your air conditioner regularly and in the long term, then this is a particularly attractive option.

However, better savings over years does come with a price, and it’s that inverter air conditioner prices can go higher than non-inverter options. It makes sense— after all, this is fairly new technology that can net you greater savings in the long run. But even with that benefit, the higher price can be a deterrent for many Filipinos, who just might not be able to pay that much upfront.

For those who can, however, the shift to inverter technology is one that has most buyers shifting for life. Not only does it offer better energy efficiency and thus cheaper electric bills, but it also helps improve the life of your unit. Since your compressor isn’t working at full power constantly, it has a better chance of staying usable for longer.


Perhaps one of the best examples of this more efficient compressor design can be found in LG air conditioner units. LG Philippines offers a range of different air conditioners, from residential to commercial options. Among the residential options are the inverter aircon units, which include the split type aircon LG HSN09IPC.

Energy Savings

In this LG HSN09IPC review, you’ll see exactly what we mean when we say efficient and energy saving. The HSN09IPC has LG’s Dual Inverter Compressor technology, which allows your unit to cool faster, run more quietly, and last longer. Its power saving operation range saves more energy than conventional compressors. It also comes with a 10-year warranty, which means that your investment is in good hands.

Like LG’s other aircon inverter units, the LG HSN09IPC promises up to 70% better energy savings and 40% faster cooling than their non-inverter types. Those savings do mean a steeper price, however, and this split type aircon price isn’t cheap. And the LG HSN09IPC comes with a split type aircon inverter price of almost Php 40,000, which can be tough on any wallet.

Quality Cooling

If you’re looking for an aircon that promises sophistication, convenience, and comfort, however, then the HSN09IPC is well worth the investment. Not only is it energy saving, it also comes with LG’s SmartThinQ option. SmartThinQ allows you to control your aircon unit— adjust temperature, switch on and off, and more— through an app while connected to WiFi. This means you can set your aircon to your desired temperature even when you’re not at home.

Clean Air Everywhere

Health and pollution a concern? The LG HSN09IPC plays double duty as an air filter. It has a Plasmaster Ionizer+ which ionizes the air passing through the unit and reduces harmful microscopic particles and sterilizes the room. It’s also got a gold fin which increases resistance to corrosion and enhances the durability of the unit’s heat exchanger. The HSN09IPC also has extra features like a four-way swing, auto cleaner, and Dual Protection Filter against dust and bacteria.

How to Install LG HSN09IPC

Installation tends to be a little more complex with split type air conditioners. With this LG split type aircon, however, you can be assured of a more relaxed installation process. Its installation plate has an improved design, and the unit itself has 46% wider tubing space and a detachable bottom cover. It also has an installation support clip that helps you set it more precisely against the wall, with a perfect finishing of only 1 to 2mm distance.

Invest in Quality

While the LG HSN09IPC is certainly a pricier choice, this model has a range of features and advanced technology that makes the price tag worth it. This is an air conditioner you choose when you want a sleek, sophisticated cooling experience that pays off in the long run.

You’re paying for a host of different cooling, sanitizing, and quality of life benefits, as well as an incredible energy efficiency ratio (EER) of up to 14.86 kJ/h. This might not be the cheapest option on the market, but you can rest assured that you’re paying for quality. For buyers who think of their air conditioners as investments, this might be the choice for you.

Energy Efficiency
Cooling Power


Sophisticated and powerful, the LG HSN09IPC is a top of the line split type inverter aircon. If you're willing to invest, then you'll find yourself with a quiet, efficient, and reliable cooling experience.

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