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LG LA060MC Aircon Review


The LG LA060MC Aircon is your typical window-type AC unit in terms of aircon features. It may lack the advanced features of modern-day window air conditioners, but it still stands on par with new units when it comes to providing an efficient and energy-saving cooling capacity. Not to mention, it is more affordable and long-lasting, which are the key components of every LG aircon product.

But what makes the LG LA060MC Aircon a good window-type AC? Let’s find out.

About the LG LA060MC Aircon

LG LA060MC Aircon


Model NumberLA060MC
Product Dimensions472 x 312 x 378 mm
Weight23 kg (50.7 lbs)
Energy Efficiency Ratio10.8 kj/hw
Cooling Capacity5,800 kJ/hr
Product AccessoriesManual

As a standard window-type AC, the LA060MC requires at least 1,000 W of power to give us a cooling capacity of 5,800 kJ/hr. This means that for every hour of use, the LA060MC has the capacity to remove 5,800 kJ of heat in your room. This is already a decent value considering that this product is budget-friendly.

LG LA060MC Aircon Features

LG LA060MC Aircon

The LA060MC is painted white, much like other commercial ACs. The reason is that white has a lower heat absorption capacity, in case the room becomes warmer due to hot weather or climate. In addition, this color choice goes well with any house, without sacrificing a significant amount of the interior design. But what other features can it offer to us?

Adjustable Thermostat

Consumers should take note that the LG LA060MC Aircon is a manual AC unit. It stays on at the cooler or blower setting you selected until you decide to change it or turn it off. Manual ACs also use either a traditional dial-up or a button pad, like a thermostat, to adjust their airflow pacing. What’s good about these types of controllers is you can fine-tune the cooling experience to match your preferred temperature for the day.

Decent Energy Efficiency Rating (EER)

Despite being a manual AC, the energy cost per hour of use of the LG LA060MC Aircon is also less because it has an EER of 10.8. For a budget-friendly window-type AC, it’s on par with the leading air conditioner brands in terms of being an energy saver. It can lower the overall bill by at least 20-40% of its original price, depending on the size of the room. Not only will it improve the value of living, but it will give us the satisfaction to enjoy our daily activities with ease.

4-Way Airflow Direction

The LG LA060MC Aircon has cooler fans that can turn either horizontally or vertically and from left or right. In this manner, the cold air can reach every corner of your room. The LA060MC also has two cooling modes. The first one is fan mode, which facilitates the circulation of air in your home by controlling the blowers. However, in this setting, no new cold air will be produced. The second one is the cool mode, which gradually cools the room to your desired temperature.

Pros and Cons of the LG LA060MC Aircon

✔️ Budget-friendly
✔️ Decent EER
✔️ Long-lasting
✔️ Manual temperature control
✖️ Traditional window-type specs

What People Are Saying About It

Cheap and easy to use. The reviews on the LG LA060MC Aircon are mostly about people enjoying its low price yet decent specifications for a window-type AC.

“With starting prices of ₱8799, It’s also the lowest price we could find for Window Type Air Conditioner deals today, by at least saving ₱900 from the normal price of ₱9699.”

Reviewer – Juzdeals

Where to Buy the LG LA060MC Aircon

LG LA060MC Aircon

If you think the LG LA060MC Aircon is within your budget range, then visit Lazada to get the latest deals and prices.

Want to read more reviews? Visit our website to get the latest reviews and guides on air conditioners.

LG LA060MC Aircon


The LG LA060MC is a cost-effective option that provides reliable cooling performance. With its affordable price, this air conditioner is budget-friendly without compromising quality. It offers a decent Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER), ensuring efficient cooling while minimizing energy consumption.

The LG LA060MC is built to last, guaranteeing durability and longevity. Additionally, it features manual temperature control, giving users the ability to adjust and maintain their desired comfort level.



The LG LA060MC Aircon is probably the most budget-friendly window AC unit on the market today. It has the capacity to cool down 5,800 kJ of heat per hour while consuming less electricity. It's cost-efficient because it has an EER of 10.8, and it can cater to one's cooling experience with its 4-way airflow direction feature.

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