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Mitsubishi FDT60V Aircon Review


With the addition of the Mitsubishi FDT60V Aircon, the Mitsubishi Heavy Industry series has reached a new milestone when it comes to the advanced FDT cassette range. This latest innovation takes a big step forward in terms of air conditioning and heat pump technology, which fits any commercial application such as offices, shops, hotels, department stores, and other indoor areas with big spaces. This ceiling cassette air conditioning system is bulky in size, which also reflects its huge cooling power of 21,000 Btu. It surely packs a punch in keeping the cold air flowing inside a large open-plan area.

Ceiling cassette air conditioners are another split-type AC whose indoor unit is installed on the ceiling. Meanwhile, the outdoor unit can be installed in a small space outside of the establishment or it can be mounted on the siding. These two units can be connected by installing a conduit or ductwork within the ceiling.

But what makes the Mitsubishi FDT60V Aircon a good investment? Read below to find out more.

About the Mitsubishi FDT60V Aircon

Mitsubishi FDT60V Aircon


Model NumberFDT60V
Product DimensionsIndoor unit: 246 x 840 x 840 (mm)
Outdoor unit: 640 x 800 + 71 x 290 (mm)
WeightIndoor unit: 24+5.5 kg
Outdoor unit: 45 kg
Energy Efficiency Ratio3.68 kj/hw
Cooling Capacity6.3 kW (21,000 Btu)
Product AccessoriesRemote control
Programmable timer
User’s manual

The Mitsubishi FDT60V Aircon is an inverter-type AC unit capable of adjusting the cooling experience to make it more suitable for the room. The advanced FDTA technology now includes an extended small-capacity inverter system of 1.8-2.0 kW, on top of its high-capacity cooling and heating system of 14.3-16.2 kW. Due to this improvement, Mitsubishi developed the FDT60V to have a 7-day programmable timer for better performance.

But what does this mean? Below are the key features of this ceiling-type inverter AC unit.

Mitsubishi FDT60V Aircon Features

Mitsubishi FDT60V Aircon

The FDT60V has dramatically improved in terms of its Coefficient of Performance (CoP), which is now sitting at 4.1. This value simply means that the cooling system of this ceiling AC unit can reduce 4.1 kW of heat inside the room while consuming less electricity. It’s perfect for large commercial places, like a gymnasium, that need the constant circulation of cold air.

New Cassette Design

The new and improved cassette design of the Mitsubishi FDT60V Aircon brings out a better airflow pattern for the unit. It has a more efficient heat exchanger and can minimize the pressure loss every time hot air passes through the indoor unit. Due to this, the AC also produces less noise which is perfect for areas filled with so many people.

Moreover, the exhaust or discharge louver is modified to lessen the smudging on the ceiling, especially near the outlets, caused by the cold air entering the room. A louver is a device that consists of multiple blades that are responsible for inhibiting water, rain, and dust from entering the room.

7-Day Programmable Timer

Despite their bulky size, most ceiling-type aircons are energy-savers. With the 7-day programmable timer of the Mitsubishi FDT60V Aircon, your monthly electric bill will reduce significantly because of the automatic conditioning of the indoor air. This feature allows the unit to use different cooling patterns every day, based on how the users programmed it to work for a week. What’s good about this type of timer is the capacity to keep the room temperature at an economical range, despite cooling a room with a big space for 24 hours.

The heat pump operation can also differ during the weekdays and the weekends, and how the fans will move in every hour of each day. An option of keeping the area warm during early mornings can also be chosen if the users want to start their day with a warmer breeze. Moreover, the FDT60V also allows 4-pattern settings for the airflow, which includes an auto or manual on/off feature.

Economic Technology

The common concern of most buyers of ceiling ACs is the huge indoor unit that can potentially ruin the interior layout of their house. However, the Mitsubishi FDT60V Aircon is praised for its low-profile design. With a panel of white and gray, it can go along with any room aesthetic. It also has an attractive finish, which can potentially add to the room’s overall beauty.

On the other hand, the FDT60V can also restart its own, after a sudden power interruption. With its inverter technology, the fan speeds will automatically adjust to the current room temperature, and gradually follows the programmed setting for the week. The unit also has low ambient control that maintains the standard pressure of the condenser fans, especially during the intensive cooling process.

Pros and Cons of the Mitsubishi FDT60V Aircon

✔️ Programmable timer
✔️ High Coefficient of Performance (COP)
✔️ Improved cassette design
✔️ Economic technology
✔️ Decent energy-saver
✖️ Expensive
✖️ Not fit for small apartment or house

What People Are Saying About It

Expensive yet worth the money. The reviews on the Mitsubishi FDT60V Aircon mostly circulates the thought of spending too much money on a ceiling-type AC, but later on, it turns out to be one of the best decision they have ever made.

“Once we extended the house we had to move this aircon so our electrician suggested the ceiling cassette Mitsubishi at 10kW and above. This was a little overkill for what we needed but my goodness! The house is cool through Summer & warm as toast when we need it. I love it!”

Nay – Product reviewer

Where to Buy the Mitsubishi FDT60V Aircon

Mitsubishi FDT60V Aircon

You can check out the Mitsubishi FDT60V Aircon on Lazada to get the latest deals and prices.

On the other hand, you can visit our website to read more aircon reviews and guides that can help you in choosing the right AC unit for your home.

Mitsubishi FDT60V Aircon

Mitsubishi FDT60V

The Mitsubishi FDT60V is equipped with a programmable timer, allowing users to conveniently schedule their cooling preferences. With its high Coefficient of Performance (COP), this air conditioner ensures efficient and effective cooling while minimizing energy consumption.

The improved cassette design enhances airflow distribution, optimizing comfort in any space. Powered by economic technology, the Mitsubishi FDT60V operates with energy-saving capabilities, providing both comfort and cost-efficiency.

This air conditioner offers a reliable and programmable solution with its advanced features, impressive COP, improved design, and economical technology, making it a solid choice for those seeking both performance and energy savings.



Ceiling-type AC units bring a whole new cooling experience to their users, unlike the typical split-type aircon. With the Mitsubishi FDT60V Aircon, you can enjoy a 7-day programmable timer to go with your cooling preference every day. It also has a built-in low ambient control, on top of its economic and inverter technology. However, this ceiling-type cassette unit is only preferable for big open plan areas, hence the reason it's very expensive.

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