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About Us

We at Aircon Experts believe that the Filipino buyer should be an informed buyer.

Investing in household appliances can take a big chunk out of anyone’s budget, so it’s important that you know exactly what to expect. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a first time aircon buyer or looking to upgrade your unit. Every Filipino deserves to have the right aircon for their lifestyle.

With so many aircon brands, aircon types, and models out on the market, it can be difficult for many buyers to know where to start. To guide the Filipino buyer, we’ve been working hard on producing informative aircon reviews for the Philippine market.

Need more information on the types of aircon? How about a portable aircon review or a look at available units for portable aircon Philippines? From Panasonic aircon to Condura aircon models, to notes on the latest offerings from Carrier Philippines— we’ve got it all.

Why Are Aircon Reviews So Important?

With rising temperatures and a quickly changing climate, staying cool has become more important than ever. Even with the typical tropical heat in the Philippines, summers have been getting hotter and hotter each year.

Filipinos aren’t just concerned about temperature, either— air pollution is always a concern, and air conditioning units now come with specialized filters to protect against that.

In addition to the above, the Philippines has some of the highest electricity rates in the region. Thus, investing in an appliance like an air conditioner that takes up so much energy to run can be a big decision. For Filipino buyers, upfront costs aren’t the only concern. We also have to think about running and maintenance costs far into the future.

Thus, buying an air conditioner isn’t as simple as checking the price and dimensions. Buyers deserve to know information like cooling capacity, energy efficiency, power consumption, and much more. Only then can buyers be able to make the right decisions for themselves and their households.

Every Filipino deserves to feel cool. Good air conditioning improves quality of life, making living and working spaces more comfortable for all. And making sure Filipinos have access to that is our duty here at Aircon Experts.

The Aircon Experts Team

JP Reyes Author Photo


In more ways than one, JP Reyes has dedicated his life to understanding air conditioners. Growing up in Cavite, JP spent his days as a child watching his tatay fix aircon units in their family junk shop.

After graduating from UP, JP decided to continue the family business and start his own aircon servicing center. Thanks to hard work and an innate understanding of the market, the business grew and grew. Within five years, JP was running ten shops in eight different cities in Metro Manila and Cavite.

Today, JP has put on another dimension to managing his aircon service business. With the firm belief that every Filipino should have an understanding of what to look for in a good aircon, JP is now writing for Aircon Experts. You can trust him for advice on buying an air conditioner, as well as aircon service, cleaning, and repair in the Philippines.