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Condura 6X Plus Aircon Review


Filipinos know their air conditioner models. In a tropical country like the Philippines, picking the right kind of air conditioner is about more than just preference— it’s about necessity. In today’s Condura 6X Plus aircon review, we take a look at a powerful window type aircon from one of the most popular aircon brands in the Philippines. Take a look below, and see if this 1.0 HP machine is up your alley.

Condura 6X Plus Pros and Cons

If there’s one thing that most people agree on it’s that you should go with what’s tried and tested. There’s a reason why certain brands are popular: it’s because they offer consistent performance and excellent quality that lasts for years. Condura is one of those brands: a top name in the appliance industry in the Philippines, they’re a favorite option for aircons, and we’ll tell you why below.

Condura Quality

Condura is a favorite brand for Filipinos who are on the lookout for a good air conditioner. Why? Buying any kind of appliance is an investment, and any smart consumer wants to make sure that that investment lasts them years. There’s no point in buying an aircon if you can’t trust it’ll hold up to daily wear and tear.

Luckily, Filipino buyers don’t have to worry about durability when it comes to Condura. The brand has been multi-awarded for its quality, efficiency, and durability— so you can be sure you’re getting years of great performance out of your unit.

Simple is Best

A window type aircon is one of the most popular options for aircon buyers, and it’s not hard to see why. Window type aircons are more compact, allowing for easier installation in most homes. Plus, newer units in condominiums often come with a slot for window air conditioners, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility and space when you buy yours.

Condura 6X Plus Specs

With such a quality pedigree, how does the Condura 6X Plus hold up to the rest of the brand’s models? Newer aircon purchasers who might not have the budget for split type or inverter type units can trust in a good performance from the 6X Plus.

Built to Last

One thing that sets the Condura 6X Plus apart from other typical window type aircon units is that it’s built to last. Not only is it manufactured according to the patented Condura standards, but its parts are all designed to hold up to the test of time. It has Durakote protective coating against rust and corrosion on five major parts: the evaporator coil, condenser coil, fan motor, compressor, and piping.

This is especially important in the humid weather of the Philippines. To stay cool, many households keep their aircon units running for long hours. With the Durakote coating, you can rest assured that rain or shine, your Condura 6X Plus is built to withstand the pressure of daily use.

Energy Saver

Rising electricity costs means that electricity consumption is a pretty important factor for air conditioners. Buyers will often choose to invest in more expensive inverter type units, as they come with energy saving features that can save a few pesos in the long run.

However, inverters aren’t the only option, as the 6X Plus proves. Despite being a non inverter type window aircon, it has an exclusive Energy Savings Plug that works in tandem with the built-in timer. This ensures that your machine isn’t wasting energy when it doesn’t have to, especially when it’s timed to turn off as you sleep. This can help you save on electricity cost, without having to pay through the nose for an inverter type.

Flexible Cooling

While the Condura 6X Plus doesn’t have the widest range of features, it’s still a solid enough unit to make your home cooler and more comfortable. It comes with 4 Airway Flow Cooling so you can improve the efficiency of air circulation.

This means that your cool air is getting where it should, without undue strain on your compressor. It’s also operational via remote control, so you don’t have to worry about getting up to adjust the temperature. It’s the little details that count, after all.

Quality is Quality

Condura is known for their quality appliances, and the 6X Plus is no different. With a cooling capacity of 9250 kJ/h and power consumption at 935 W, it comes out to a decent Energy Efficency Ratio of 9.9. That’s far better than many other non-inverter window type units, and with R410A remains pretty energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Your unit is built to last, and you can go to the bank on that. It comes with a 5 year warranty on the compressor, plus a 2 year warranty on parts and an additional 5 year warranty for system failure in case the Durakote protection fails. That’s pretty great assurance for such a simple setup.

Get the Job Done

Although it’s not the most efficient or most advanced air conditioner out there, the Condura 6X Plus still has quite a few points to commend it. While it can be a little pricey at around Php 20,000, you’re paying for durability that will last you and your household years. It’s a simple machine, but it gets the job done, and that’s really all you need sometimes with an aircon.

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Although simply designed, the Condura 6X Plus still has that patented Condura quality. It's not the cheapest or most efficient machine on the market, but if you need a simple cooling solution that's built to last, the 6X Plus might just be it.

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