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Fujidenzo WAM 55 I Aircon Review


With temperatures rising all over the globe and a new working culture that allows for more freelance and remote work opportunities, it’s no wonder that Filipinos are looking for cooling solutions. Life in the tropics isn’t always easy, and it’s even harder if you don’t have an air conditioner that you can rely on. In today’s Fujidenzo WAM 55 I aircon review, we’re going to look at a homegrown window type aircon that promises cool air and top energy savings for the average Filipino.

Fujidenzo WAM 55 I Pros and Cons

Fujidenzo WAM 55 I Pros and Cons

While an air conditioning unit may now be considered a necessity in Filipino households, getting the right one is another story. There are hundreds, if not thousands of aircon models out on the market right now. Budget aircons, inverter aircon units, split type aircon options, and so much more are now available to the Filipino buyer.

Wading through the list of different types of aircon and their benefits is easier said than done, however. It’s not hard to see why the choice is often so difficult: buyers in the Philippines not only have to grapple with upfront costs of the unit, but with maintenance and running costs as well. Given the fact that the Philippines holds one of the highest electricity rates in the region, energy efficiency is often a top concern for Filipino consumers.

Managing Efficiency

The precise efficiency of an aircon unit is often hard to determine, as it can be reliant on several factors. These factors include unit location, room layout, actual room temperature, number of occupants, number of obstacles, heat sources, and more. But although determining the energy efficiency of air conditioning is not an easy task, it’s not impossible. You can actually use several factors to determine whether an air conditioner’s performance can match up to your needs and budget.

Chief among these factors is, of course, the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). The EER is the ratio of your unit’s cooling capacity with its power consumption. The more efficient units usually score above 10, but anything within that range is likely to put in a good performance. While there are tons of different aircon types and models on the market, the EER is the first thing you need to look at if energy efficiency is a concern for you.

Inverter: True or False?

The next trait that can often be a determinant of energy efficiency is whether your air conditioning unit is an inverter type or not. Inverter technology is a recent development in aircon technology, but has already become an integral part of the energy-saving journey. With an inverter, an air conditioner’s compressor speed can adapt to ambient temperatures, speeding up and slowing down according to the current temperature.

While inverter technology does mean that your unit consumes less power and saves more energy in the long run, it’s not always the right choice for every household. This new technology often comes at a price, and an inverter aircon price can be way above budget for the average Filipino household.

This is why many other air conditioner manufacturers offer what’s called “inverter grade” units, of which the Fujidenzo WAM 55 I is one. Inverter grade, while lacking the actual inverter technology, means that the unit has other elements that help it match up to inverter energy-saving performance. This element is typically the refrigerant, which we’ll get into later on in this review.

Fujidenzo WAM 55 I Specs

Fujidenzo WAM 55 I Specs

Fujidenzo promises quality and reliable home appliances at par with Japanese standards, using state-of-the-art Japanese technology to design and produce their products. The company is popular for the Fujidenzo chiller and Fujidenzo chest freezer, which are staples in places like convenience stores, restaurants, and some supermarkets.

However, standing chillers aren’t the only area where Fujidenzo excels. The company is also home to several different Fujidenzo aircon models. These aircon models include the Heavy Duty (HD) Premium Inverter Air Conditioner and, of course, the Fujidenzo WAM 55 I— the features of which we’ll talk about in depth below.

Energy and Environment-friendly

One of the chief selling points of the Fujidenzo WAM 55 I, and one of the top concerns of Filipino buyers, is its energy efficiency. The WAM 55 I is not a window type inverter aircon; instead, it’s what many in the industry call “inverter grade.” Inverter grade means that the unit, while lacking the machinery of an actual inverter, uses the same refrigerant as inverter types.

This refrigerant, R410a, allows regular air conditioners to put in energy-saving performances at par with many inverter types. R410a is more energy efficient and reliable than the R22 refrigerant, and causes less damage to the ozone.

Convenient Operation

While many 0.6 HP window type aircons tend to be bare bones affair, the Fujidenzo WAM 55 I doesn’t skimp on features. It comes with a remote control and auto-on timer which makes turning the unit on and off easy and convenient from anywhere in the house. Plus, if you want your room to stay at a consistent temperature but deal with power interruptions or other problems, the WAM 55 I comes with an auto restart function.

Four-Mode Operation

Finding the right cooling mode that fits your lifestyle can be pretty hard with limited features. While the WAM 55 I may not be the most versatile air conditioner around, it’s got enough options to keep most users comfortable. It comes with four modes of operation: Auto, Cool, Dry, and Fan, which can help keep you cool the way you like best.

More Than Just Cooling

Even as a 0.6 HP unit, the Fujidenzo WAM 55 I offers more than just cooling. It’s got a dehumidifier feature that can be a lifesaver in smaller units, as well as an anti-bacterial filter and dust and pollution filter for keeping the air clean and healthy. Comfort is never a problem with its quiet operation, making it a great choice for units on the smaller side.

Quality Cooling for Smaller Areas

On the whole, the Fujidenzo WAM 55 I is a great choice if you’re looking for an air conditioner for a smaller room area. At 0.6 HP, it’s best suited to rooms around 12 to 16 square meters. However, just because it’s on the smaller side doesn’t mean that it can’t put in a good performance. With inverter grade cooling and quiet operation, this is one of the better options for smaller units on a budget. At a little under Php 10,000, it can be pricier than other 0.6 HP units on the market, but the extra perks make up for it.

Energy Efficiency
Cooling Power


With inverter grade cooling, great energy savings, and a fair amount of features, the Fujidenzo WAM 55 I is a great option for users looking for affordable yet quality air conditioners for smaller room sizes.

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