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10 Advantages of Split Type Aircon


While many people still prefer a window air conditioner, a good number of them are slowly switching to modern AC units because of the added convenience. One of these ideal air condition systems is the split-type aircon. Due to it being divided into an indoor and an outdoor unit, it has a compressor and condenser, as well as an air handler, and these are connected with a copper tube. Each of these two is responsible for maintaining a cool and comfortable household. 

With its present-day design and functions, the split air conditioning system has captured the interests of many buyers. But what makes the split system air conditioners good? Here are the 10 advantages of split-type aircon.

Stress-free Installation

Split systems are known for their quick and easy installation. Unlike window units, installing a split system air conditioner does not require ductwork. This means that additional labor work is no longer required, which makes it more affordable. Only a small space on the top or center part of the wall is needed to place the indoor unit. 

As for the outdoor unit, its distance to the inside component will only matter depending on the length of the copper tubing. But the standard height between the two is 100 ft. All that’s left to do is ensure a hole of 3 inches in diameter to fit the copper tube and connect the two units.

Easy Maintenance

10 Advantages of Split Type Aircon

Cleaning split system air conditioners seems quite tedious, but the process is simple. A split air conditioner has washable filters, and an expert is no longer needed when removing these from the indoor unit. On the other hand, the outdoor unit is sturdy and most of the time, it only requires sweeping off the accumulated dust and dirt on its casing. 

Additionally, if an internal malfunction happens, most split systems are equipped with sensors that signal the users. This commonly calls for a technician to properly maintain the AC unit.


Aside from its lower installation cost, split air conditioning systems also use less electricity. Unlike AC units that rely on ductwork systems, the split air conditioner is modeled to distribute cool air without the need to install ductwork. Not only will this increase monthly energy savings, but it will also reduce the need to maintain the ductwork in case a leak occurs. 

Remember that uninsulated ductwork can cause surges in the electricity bill because leaky ducts are a gateway to losing at least 30% of cooling power. Since the cooling system of split systems is modernized, it can reduce heating costs. Moreover, it has a greater Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) than a traditional window unit because of its low energy consumption.

Covers More Area

Unlike installed traditional air conditioners, most split system air conditioning units can cover more area in the household by dividing it into zones. The split system air conditioner works by zoning the areas and each of these can be controlled with its own thermostat. The advantage of this feature is it gives you more freedom to control the temperature of a specific location in your house, which saves more cooling power and electricity.

A Split System Air Conditioner Runs Quietly

10 Advantages of Split Type Aircon

Many of the traditional systems are noisy and tend to bring discomfort when someone wants to relax. However, a split air conditioner is divided into an indoor and outdoor unit. This type of innovation produces less noise because the condenser and the fan are separated. Usually, the air conditioning unit is bigger because it houses the aforementioned AC parts, which then generate noise from a single position. 

On the other hand, split system air conditioning systems are significantly quiet because the AC parts, such as the condenser, that produce noise are found in the outdoor units. Hence, split air conditioners can maintain a peaceful and cool place to rest.

Improved Security

Another good thing about a split air conditioner is it provides more security from potential intruders unlike a window or central AC. The connection between the outdoor component and the indoor one only requires a small hole for the copper tubing to pass through. In comparison to other air conditioning units, potential burglars cannot remove the AC to enter the house much like removing the window type to gain illegal access.

Acts as an Air Purifier

Aside from providing cold air, the split air conditioning unit also purifies the air entering the house to remove allergens brought by dust, moisture, and other viruses and bacteria. Air conditioning is much more enjoyable because the users will no longer be worried about a potential throat or eye irritation. 

Air Conditioning Customization

To save more energy bills, most split-type air conditioning units are equipped with an option to set the cooling experience that will fit the needs of the users. It can enable them to set it to either fast cooling or low energy consumption. Saving money becomes more efficient because the split AC ensures no energy loss during the cooling process. It also has an automatic detector that can sense whether or not a person needs intensive cooling. This mostly occurs when the users go to sleep, which then helps them save money.

Compact Size

As discussed earlier, a split AC only requires a small space for installation. The inside unit is rectangular and can be installed on a wall, which can cover a wide area to cool the room. Meanwhile, the outdoor unit does not take up big space and is easy to move around when necessary.

Blends with the Interior Design

Split system units can go with any household layout or interior design. Whether it is a big house or a small apartment, this split AC system will not be an eyesore, unlike some window ACs. In some cases, manufacturers offer sophisticated designs for the casing of the inside unit. However, the unit cost may become higher compared to its original price if the buyers ought to have it customized to fit the interior design of their apartment wall or house.

Final Word

10 Advantages of Split Type Aircon

Investing in a modern AC unit is the right option nowadays, considering that the energy cost per appliance increases as time goes by. A split system air conditioner is a good choice because of its advanced features like less energy consumption, greater heating capacity, and easy installation, among other advantages. Thus, it will be a great asset in saving more time and money because it requires less maintenance compared to traditional air conditioners.

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