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What is an Aircon Thermostat and How Does It Work?


Air conditioning systems are becoming increasingly popular, as they allow people to remain comfortable during hot weather. Air conditioners work by exchanging heat between the inside and outside of a building, taking in warm air from inside the building, cooling it down, and then pumping out the cold air into the room.

To regulate the temperature inside the room, an air conditioning unit is equipped with a thermostat. Learn all about the air conditioning thermostat in this article.

What Is a Thermostat in AC?

In an air conditioning system, the temperature is set using the thermostat. The thermostat works by signaling your AC to produce the desired temperature in the area. Your thermostat works with the other components in an air conditioner in order to provide you with cool or warm air. It does this by automatically switching the supply of heat or cool air on and off to retain the previously set temperature value.

Traditional thermostats used to contain mercury as they worked with a coil and a mercury switch to activate the temperature adjustment lever. These days, however, modern thermostats now use bimetallic strips to adjust the room temperature. The strips connect to circuit boards, and the boards relay the settings information to the rest of the air conditioning system.

Where Is the Thermostat Located in an Air Conditioner?

The thermostat is located behind the control panel of an indoor unit. You can access it by removing the grille and control panel. Your thermostat should also have a temperature sensor, which is a critical part of the thermostat as it’s responsible for the temperature regulation process of the system.

What’s the Function of a Thermostat in AC?

Every AC on the market is equipped with some form of thermostat. It is a very important part of the system as it is there for users to control the temperature and maintain the desired temp in a room or area. A thermostat can be either manual or automatic. 

What Do the Numbers on My Thermostat Mean?

The thermostat’s meaning can vary depending on what kind of controls you have. If there’s a manual dial, the numbers can indicate the minimum to maximum cold air the AC can put out. If there’s a digital display with buttons, the numbers can indicate the current set temp or it could also be the temp that you or the automatic setting set. The digital display may also include the room’s ambient air temp.

What Should I Set My AC Thermostat To?

A lot of manufacturers recommend setting the AC temperature to 24 degrees in order to get the most restful sleep. However, depending on a number of factors like the climate, room size, and the time the AC is used, this setting is not enough. You can always set the temperature of your AC according to your own preference. 

How Do I Adjust My AC Thermostat?

Adjusting your temp settings largely depends on what type of AC and thermostat you have. There is a high chance the unit you have in your home has more than just an on-and-off switch. It can be confusing figuring out how to work and adjust the settings, but it can be very helpful to take time to familiarize yourself with them.

Your unit may be equipped with a warm-to-cold dial or a digital display. First, you can check the fan options, then you can redirect the vents and position them to where you want the air to hit. You may also make use of the different functions equipped in your unit.

What’s the Normal Thermostat Setting for AC?

One of the most common misconceptions individuals have is that the lower the temperature is, there will be colder air circulating inside a room. This is technically untrue as in reality, no matter what the temp of the unit is set on, heat is removed from the indoor supply in constant increments of 15 to 20 degrees, depending on the humidity level and the outdoor temperature. 

The normal thermostat setting of the unit largely depends on a lot of factors such as the size of your room, the area you live in, the time that you use your unit, and of course, your personal preference.

How Do I Know If My Aircon Thermostat Is Working?

If the thermostat of a system is working, then you will have no problems adjusting the temp to your desire. You will also most likely hear a quiet clicking sound followed by air moving through the ducts. If possible, you may also put your hand on a vent to feel the hot or cold air.

How Do I Know If My AC Thermostat Is Bad?

A telltale sign of faulty temp control is when the AC itself isn’t turning on. If you notice that your unit isn’t responding well to the commands you set, this is also another sign that your AC’s temp regulator may be faulty.

Another way to know is by listening to the AC while you adjust the temperature and other settings on your remote as the thermostat should make clicking sounds when being changed. If there is no sound coming from the AC, chances are it is broken and it needs to be repaired or replaced.

What Happens When an AC Thermostat Goes Bad?

If the thermostat goes bad, your AC unit will most likely fail to turn on. In fact, one of the easiest ways to find out if you have a broken thermostat is if your unit doesn’t start or doesn’t respond to any commands. 

Final Note

During the hottest part of the day, many people retreat inside their homes to enjoy the cooling sensation of the AC. Understanding the type of AC and knowing how to work the thermostat can help cool your home more efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 1 or 10 colder on AC?

These numbers indicate the amount of cold air. The higher the number, the more the compressor will run to create a cooler room temp. For example, if you’re using your unit during the day and you feel very warm, you can turn the dial up to 5 or 6, depending on how cold you want the area to be.

What number is the coldest on AC?

For most units, the coldest temp is 16 degrees Celsius or 60 degrees Fahrenheit. 

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