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Why Your Air Conditioner Sounds Like a Jet Engine


Your air conditioner is one of the most important pieces of equipment for your home’s comfort and security. Air conditioners provide a cooling effect when you turn them on, and help protect your home from wild weather conditions. 

It is normal that you may hear a sound of air rushing through a duct from your air conditioning unit. But, what if suddenly the air conditioner sounds like a jet engine? Is the jet sound from your air conditioning unit normal or does it just make too much noise?

If you are wondering what causes your air conditioner to sound like a jet engine, we have created this post to help you fix the issue. Keep reading to learn more!

Does Your Air Conditioner Sound Like a Jet Engine?

Air Conditioner Sounds

Modern air conditioners are created to produce minimal air conditioner noise. Any loud or sudden rattling noise from your AC unit, such as the sound of a jet engine, should receive further attention. To help you distinguish between unusual and normal sounds of your air conditioner, including the central AC unit, here are the typical and normal AC sounds:

Clicking Noise

It is normal for the AC unit to make a sort of clicking sound. Some people describe this AC rattling noise as a low-volume version of an airplane or jet engine taking off. 

Apart from the noise created after turning the AC on, a different clicking noise will be released from your AC a few seconds after turning it off. This only means that the air conditioning system is getting ready to rest.

Smooth Blowing

The smooth blowing function of your AC sounds normal. It is expected for all air conditioning units to make a muffled sound due to the cold air being blown out.

Why Does My Air Conditioner Make Noises?

You may have recently noticed some loud air conditioner noises coming from your AC unit that sounds like a jet engine. If this is the case, you should be on top of it right away! The quicker you contact your HVAC contractor or HVAC technician to identify the source of the AC noise, the better it will be for your AC unit.

Here are several potential causes of your air conditioner sounding like a jet engine and how to initially diagnose them:

Malfunctioning Fan Motor

A jet engine or any hissing noise coming from your AC is actually a common problem if the fan motor is experiencing a defect in some way. This malfunction may signify an electrical problem or debris may be stuck inside the AC unit. If this is your problem, you can remove debris from your AC and check the fan blades for dents or dings.

Faulty Compressor

A noisy split or window air conditioner may be caused by another issue from your compressor. A simple tune-up by an AC expert can help you solve the faulty air conditioner compressor.

Frozen Condenser Coil

The jet engine sound from your AC unit may possibly accumulate in a frozen condenser coil. This problem is likely to be caused by leakage in the refrigerant due to insufficient air circulation, a damaged expansion valve, or faulty refrigerant piping or condensate pump.

Refrigerant Leakage

Loud noises from your air conditioner may be from a refrigerant leak. When the AC refrigerant lines rub against something, it can cause an increased noise level that would lead to the emission of a jet engine-like sound.

What are the Strange Air Conditioning Sounds To Look Out For?

The air conditioner makes noises in a low humming sound, which means there is some vibration coming inside the unit. This sound isn’t really an issue, but a squealing noise means that something else is going wrong.

Here are some of the common noises you should know to check up on your air conditioner at home:

Hissing Sounds

A sizzling or hissing noise can indicate a problem with the electrical system. If you hear this type of noise from your AC, immediately turn off the unit and call a professional right away.

Rattling Sounds

A rattling noise from your AC is usually caused by loose parts or panels. If this is the case, you can screw the components yourself. However, if you are not confident in adjusting your own unit, you can always call a technician to help you out.

Loud Humming Noise

A buzzing sound or a humming noise from your AC is usually normal and nothing to be concerned about. However, there are a number of components in your AC that can make a loud noise. In some cases, you may need to call a professional to inspect the concerned part and reduce the noise level.

Whistling Sound 

A whistling sound can mean low airflow due to blocked ducts, air vents, seals, or dirty filters. If you find a loose or damaged seal, vent, and filter that’s beyond your expertise, you can contact your HVAC technician as soon as possible.

How To Fix a Noisy Air Conditioning Unit?

If you’re hearing other unusual noises from your air conditioner and it’s causing you problems, here are some of the ways to fix your noisy air conditioning system:

Check the Outdoor Unit

If there are any leaves or debris caught in the fan, that could be causing the noise from your air conditioner. To reduce AC noise inside, just simply remove the debris. Restart your AC to check what your air conditioner sounds like.

Check the Screws

Another potential cause of the noise is loose parts. Over time, the screws that hold the unit together can become loose. These sounds can be caused by loose components inside the AC, such as the fan blades. Just tighten up the loose screws and see if that does the trick. 

Lubricate the Moving Parts 

If your AC unit is still making noise after checking for debris and tightening up the screws, it’s likely that the moving parts need to be lubricated. 

If you are still encountering unusual sounds and mechanical issues from your AC, you should contact your local HVAC technician or any HVAC professional for necessary repairs and avoid further damage.

Final Thoughts

air conditioner

An air conditioner is one of the most efficient machines you can have in your home. It helps you manage the temperature of your house, especially during the summer season. That being said, you may notice that your AC is making some noise.

When it comes to aircon units, most people think that they should make no noise at all. However, air conditioners make noises when they are running for a variety of reasons. Some air conditioners are designed to make a bit of noise when they are switched on. However, if your air conditioner is making a loud and unusual noise, it could be a sign that something is wrong.

If your air conditioner sounds like a jet engine when plugged in and isn’t cooling as well as it’s supposed to (or even not cooling at all), then it might be time to call an AC expert.

To avoid having further problems with your unit, it is advised to get a regular check-up with the local technician. We advise you not to dig yourself in a hole by not making sure your AC is running correctly. Always check the health of your AC, and start by checking its sound.

JP Reyes

JP has been in the aircon industry for almost as long as he has been alive. As a child JP would help his tatay fix aircon units at their junk shop in Cavite. After graduating UP in the early 2000's, JP then started his own Aircon servicing business and within 5 years had 10 shops in 8 different cities. Fast forward to today and JP brings all his experience and expertise online to give readers trustworthy advice and reviews about Air-conditioning buying, servicing, cleaning and repair in the Philippines.

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