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Hitachi RAS-10HT Aircon Review


For many Filipinos, buying an air conditioner is an investment more than anything else. Staying within budget is, of course, important. But for many households, an air conditioner is an appliance that’s going to see years, if not decades of regular use. As such, quality will sometimes trump affordability. In today’s Hitachi aircon review, we’re going to take a look at the Hitachi RAS-10HT. With careful design, powerful cooling, and tip-top energy efficiency, you’ll see below why it just might be worth the buy.

Hitachi RAS-10HT Pros and Cons

The current lineup of Hitachi Philippines products is the result of a merger between Johnson Controls and Hitachi Air Conditioning Philippines, Inc. With the linkage between the two companies, Hitachi aircon units now have the opportunity to be introduced to a wider market both locally and abroad. Now, Hitachi products are shipped to countries all over the world, including Europe, the Middle East, East Asia, Oceania, and more.

Priced for Quality

With locally grown talent in engineering, design, and manufacturing, Hitachi aircon units are specially attuned to the Filipino consumer’s needs. The company promises quality at par with international brands, and as you’ll see below in this review, the specs hold up. However, that level of quality comes with a price, and one that might not be within budget for all households.

Inverter Energy

Still, despite the steep price the Hitachi RAS-10HT holds up energy efficiency-wise. With the Philippines having some of the highest electricity rates in the region, it’s understandable that Filipino households are looking to save a little upfront. However, the inverter aircon technology of the RAS-10HT is enough to prove that the unit is well worth the investment in terms of energy efficiency.

As a split type inverter aircon, the RAS-10HT has built-in energy saving technology that will help keep running costs down. Inverter technology allows aircon compressors to speed up or slow down according to the temperature needs of the room. This means that your unit won’t have to run at full power if the room is cool enough, allowing you to save on consumption costs over time.

Hitachi RAS-10HT Specs

The Hitachi RAS-10HT has an impressive range of specs, even for a split type aircon inverter unit. This Hitachi inverter aircon, like all split types, comes in two separate units: the indoor unit, or RAS-10HT, and the outdoor compressor unit, RAC-10HTP. The indoor unit is connected to the outdoor compressor unit via a series of pipes, which allows greater flexibility in terms of location for both.

Eco-friendly Energy Saver

Right off the bat, the RAS-10HT is a win in terms of energy saving. As a Hitachi inverter aircon, consumers already know that they’re going to net big savings compared with a non-inverter type. However, the RAS-10HT goes above and beyond by including energy saving R410A refrigerant. R410A refrigerant cools more efficiently, lessening power consumption and reducing harm to the ozone layer.

The Hitachi RAS-10HT also has the numbers to prove its energy efficiency. With a cooling capacity of 11500 kJ/h and power consumption coming in at around 833 Watts, the RAS-10HT has an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of a whopping 13.80. That’s far higher than many other aircon units out on the market, making it one of the top choices for energy efficiency.

Comfortable Nights

One thing that can put buyers off an air conditioner is noise level. After all, we usually put aircons in areas of the house that need to be kept cool and comfortable. In many cases, those are rest and relaxation areas like the bedroom. The RAS-10HT already has an advantage by being a split type aircon, which means that the noisy compressor unit is usually kept outside the home. However, it goes one step further by having a Quiet Operation Mode. This mode allows you to reap all the benefits of cool air without unnecessary disturbances.

It also has the Sleep-Mode Eco-Scan, which not only leads to quiet operation, but also helps you sleep better by maintaining a comfortable ideal temperature. As you sleep, it gauges the ambient temperature and adjusts compressor speed as necessary. This allows you to sleep comfortably without worrying about the room getting too hot or too cold.

Filter Out

Sensitive to dust and other allergens? The RAS-10HT has got you covered. It comes with an anti-allergen filter that helps block out common airborne allergens including dust, pollen, and pet dander. Not only that, the RAS-10HT also comes with a nanotitanium and photocatalyst filter. This filters out germs and bacteria, lowering the risk of airborne illnesses and helping you keep your family and loved ones safe. It also has a third, PM 2.5 filter for filtering out minute (2.5 microns) airborne particles that could be harmful to your health.

Low Humidity

A huge concern for households with air conditioning is that the tropical weather can often be detrimental to aircon use. In particular, Filipino buyers sometimes have to struggle with condensation and water collection, which can damage both the internals of the unit and other parts of the home. That’s why the RAS-10HT is designed with an in-built dehumidification device.

The dehumidification device reduces the moisture in the air by alternately setting cooling and fan modes. This is done to reduce the build up of moisture without decreasing room temperature. Thus, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your home in cool comfort without having to worry about too much humidity.

Top of the Line Cooling

At a little under Php 40,000, the Hitachi RAS-10HT can be a bit tough on the wallet compared to other, more affordable air conditioners. However, the unit comes with a ton of features that benefit both quality of life and your electricity bill. With a fantastic EER of 13.80, you can rest assured that your aircon usage is going to be good for the environment and your monthly power consumption.

Plus, features like sleep mode and multiple filters will keep your home healthy and happy in the long run. If long-term savings in energy consumption is what you’re looking for, then the Hitachi RAS-10HT is the unit for you.

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Thanks to sleek design and fantastic engineering, the Sharp AH-XS5VF 1.5 HP split type inverter is a great cooling option for any household. Energy efficient and affordably-priced, it's a top choice for quality air conditioning.

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