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Kolin KAG-110RSINV Aircon Review


In a country like the Philippines, where temperatures in the summer can blast past the 40° C mark, purchasing an aircon is serious business. When the summer months roll around, beating the heat rises to the top of every household’s priority. However, fitting that into the budget can be easier said than done, and many Filipinos are on the lookout for air conditioner units that can keep you cool without decimating your budget. The Kolin KAG-110RSINV aims to do just that, and you’ll find out just how in this Kolin aircon review below.

Kolin KAG-110RSINV Pros and Cons

Kolin Country of Origin

If you’re asking Kolin made from what country, it is from the Czech Republic. But now, there is a Kolin subsidiary in the Philippines.

Since Kolin Philippines was first established in 1995, it’s quickly become a force to be reckoned with This homegrown company pioneered the no rust, no drip aircon units in the 1990s, and within a few short decades has climbed to the top of the local aircon industry. Kolin has received numerous awards, including the Asia-Pacific Excellence Awards 2018 and the National Shoppers’ Choice Annual Awards.

Because it’s a company that’s born and bred in the Philippines, Kolin is uniquely equipped to address the needs of Filipino customers. Chief among these needs is the energy problem. While there’s more than enough reason to purchase an aircon in the tropical heat, Filipinos also have to contend with cost.

The Filipino Context

Thanks to a lack of competition in the market and a reliance on imported fuel sources, the Philippines has among the highest electricity prices in Southeast Asia. As of December 2019, electricity in the country costs about Php 10 per kWh for households. This can mean pretty steep monthly electric bills, especially during the summer.

While Filipinos are looking to stay cool, they also want to cut down on costs. Air conditioners are notorious for bringing up the monthly power bill, and despite their necessity many families are thus forced to do without.

What Inverters Can Do For You

The problem of energy consumption has plagued the aircon industry for decades, but recent improvements in technology have led to a new approach. These new units are called inverter aircon meaning they make use of DC inverter technology, and involve advanced electronics, higher refrigerant pressures, higher voltages, and more complex circuitry.

Inverter air conditioners have compressors that run on DC current. Unlike conventional aircons, these compressors don’t cycle on and off once the room gets cool. Instead, they slow down or speed up according to the temperature needs. This means that, unlike conventional units, they don’t use extra electricity when cycling on and off.

Inverter units have drives that convert incoming AC current to DC current, which is then modulated to produce the desired frequency. At the same time, inverters have a microcontroller that can sample the air temperature and adjust the speed of the compressor accordingly. Thanks to this complex set up, inverter air conditioners are said to have increased energy efficiency and air filtration process, and an extended life thanks to the lack of sharp fluctuations in the load.

The absence of regular on-and-off cycling means that inverter units also tend to be quieter, and keep consistent energy loads. This means that they have a lower operating cost, and lower energy bills eventually balance out the steep upfront price. In fact, according to some manufacturers you could see savings as early as two years in of regular use.

In a country where high power supply bills can eat up a huge chunk of the household budget, an air conditioner that promises energy savings is like the Holy Grail. Inverter air conditioners have thus grown in popularity over the last decade, and are now freely seen alongside conventional units and portable aircons.

Kolin KAG-110RSINV Specs

Kolin’s KAG-110RSINV is an inverter window type aircon that combines the energy savings of an inverter-type unit with the convenience and affordability of a window air conditioner. The S-Series Inverter air conditioners, of which the KAG-110RSINV is part, promise superior performance with great savings.

Faster, More Efficient Cooling

According to Kolin, the Kolin inverter KAG-110RSINV can cool down your area in a shorter amount of time. Its inverter technology allows you to maximize this cooling performance without having to worry about the cost. In some cases, this window type aircon inverter can bring in as much as 60% savings in energy consumption— an attractive prospect indeed.

While these promises may seem too good to be true, the technology is there to back it up. The KAG-110RSINV Kolin inverter aircon has an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of up to 14.9, a staggering rating when compared with other, similarly-priced window type inverters. The EER is the ratio of the cooling capacity (given in British thermal units, or Btu per hour) to the power input (given in watts). A higher EER rating equals higher efficiency, and in the Philippines that’s an important concern indeed.

Energy-Efficient Refrigerant

The inevitably higher energy consumption that comes from using an air conditioner can understandably lead to concerns about impact on the environment. After all, more electricity consumption equals more burning of fossil fuels, and in an age where climate change is an undeniable reality, that can be a point of concern.

Luckily, the KAG-110RSINV is more than just energy-efficient— it’s also eco-friendly. It makes use of R32 refrigerant, also known as difluoromethane. R32 refrigerant is quickly becoming the preferred choice of aircon manufacturers due to its higher heat efficiency and reusability. This means you can cool down without the guilt.

Lower Noise

Some users may be concerned about the noise level of the KAG-110RSINV, which can often be a problem in window type air conditioners. Luckily for light sleepers, the KAG-110RSINV has a cooling sound operation that can go as lo as 45dBA at low speed (1 HP), making it one of the quietest window type air conditioners on the market.

Precision Cooling

When it comes to cooling, the technology behind the KAG-110RSINV is as simple as it is efficient. It has precise temperature control that helps cool the area more efficiently, and its high power compressor allows it to cool more quickly. Its Soft Start-Up feature protects the compressor and ensures your unit’s longevity, and is aided by the aircon’s remote control function.

Designed for Efficiency

The Kolin 1hp non inverter window type KAG-110RSINV also comes with a smart controller and Pre Filter Clean Indicator that automatically notifies the user after 250 hours of cooling operation that filters are ready for cleaning. Filter cleaning is easy to do, with a simple catechin filter removal system that ensures the least hassle. Finally, it also has a wide voltage range from 190V to 240V, protecting the compressor from power disruptions or surges.

In addition to all this, the KAG-110RSINV is also larger, with window type aircon dimension measurements at 22 x 28 x 15 inches. This enables the unit to house its complex components while ensuring the most efficient cooling capacity and air quality for your budget.

On the whole, if you’re looking for a window-type inverter aircon that’s energy efficient, eco-friendly, and quiet, then the Kolin KAG-110RSINV might be exactly what you need.

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Energy Efficiency
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Thanks to a top-tier EER, tons of quality of life functions, and powerful cooling capacity, the Kolin KAG-110RSINV is one of the best window type units around. If energy savings and comfort is what you're looking for, definitely check this one out.

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