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Mabe MEV18VQ 2.0 HP Aircon Review


Deciding on an air conditioner unit is never an easy choice. Because these appliances are pricy to own and run, the typical Filipino consumer is cautious about which aircon to purchase. High electricity rates and maintenance fees can be a huge factor in determining whether an aircon is worth the buy or not. With so much on the line, it’s no wonder that Filipinos tend to turn to well-known brands for their cooling needs. In this Mabe MEV18VQ aircon review, however, we’re going to show you why sometimes going out on a limb can be a good idea.

Mabe MEV18VQ 2.0 HP Pros and Cons

The chief concerns of Filipinos when it comes to buying an aircon are affordability, energy efficiency, and reliability. That last point is especially important, because there’s no point to investing so much into an appliance only for it to conk out on you in a few years. Buying any household appliance is an investment that should last you years.

Following that line of thought, then the logical choice to pick a brand that’s well-known and widely distributed, right? Not quite. While there’s certainly a reason for why popular brands are popular, sometimes the greatest satisfaction comes in an the most surprising package. It’s that kind of philosophy that’s behind this Mabe aircon review today.

Mabe With Excellence

Mabe’s not a brand that every Filipino would know, but even so, it has much to commend itself. While it’s not necessarily familiar to many Asian audiences, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have the stats and reliability to back itself up. Established in 1946 by two Spanish immigrants in Mexico City, it’s since grown into a global brand, with products available in over 80 countries all over the world.

It’s one of the top appliance brands in the Americas, with 8 manufacturing plants in that region alone. It has over 2300 years of accumulated experience from its more than 500 specialists in its research and development center in Queretaro, Mexico. Plus, in 1987 it partnered up with well known appliance brand General Electric to make products for the U.S. market. So although it might be a relative unknown in Asia, Mabe’s proven it’s got staying power.

Simple Solutions

Picking an aircon is about more than just brand, though. Sometimes what it boils down to is what works for your home and what doesn’t. Most Filipino homes are fitted out for one type of aircon only: the window type aircon. The Mabe MEV18VQ is a 2.0 HP window type that’s both perfectly within budget and size for the Filipino family. Below, we’ll talk a little bit more about why this air conditioner is just so good.

Mabe MEV18VQ Specs

At 2.0 HP, the Mabe MEV18VQ is surprisingly powerful for its small size. This makes it the ideal window type for larger rooms, or rooms that may require a little more work cooling down. At around Php 20,000, it’s fairly priced for such a powerful machine, and is a great deal if you’re looking for a window type that’s strong enough to cool your home but not expensive enough to break the bank.

Great Savings

Not only does the Mabe MEV18VQ have a 2.0 HP compressor, it’s also got a cooling capacity of a whopping 19,300 kJ/h. That’s much stronger than typical window type aircons, and for the price is an extremely good buy. Not only that, thanks to its rated power input of around 1700 W, the MEV18VQ’s Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) rating comes out to around 11. Those are great specs for a window type, and especially for one with such a friendly price.

Four-Way Versatility

The MEV18VQ is a fairly simple machine, with not a lot of settings going for it. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t get to fiddle around with your cooling options. It has four-way directional louvers that range from 0.8 HP to 2.5 HP, Louvers are a simple but effective way to adjust your aircon’s cooling power, allowing you to minimize or maximize the effect as needed. While they definitely aren’t as efficient as, say, actual eco cool settings, they’re a quick and easy way to switch up your cooling settings.

Quick Cleaning

Maintenance is another important part of aircon ownership, and one that often gets overlooked when making a purchasing decision. Luckily, the Mabe MEV18VQ has you covered. With a slide out washable and removable filter, it ensures that keeping your unit clean and in tiptop shape is a piece of cake. No need to pay for an expensive cleaning service— maintaining your unit is easy, simple, and most importantly, free.

Three Speeds

If you’re looking for an air conditioner that can switch up fan speeds at the click of a button, the MEV18VQ unfortunately may not be for you. The mechanical controls on this unit help keep it low cost, and a remote control may be the price you pay for affordable yet powerful cooling. Still, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have the basics covered. The MEV18VQ still has three fan speeds that you can adjust according to your preference, so you’re still getting the kind of cooling you want and need.

Big Things in Small Packages

Overall, the Mabe MEV18VQ boils down to two things: simplicity and effectiveness. Sure, it’s not the most advanced unit on the market. If you’re looking for smart cooling options and versatility at the touch of a finger, this might not be the unit for you. But with its powerful cooling, great energy efficiency, and incredibly friendly price, this is still a great option for Filipino consumers who just want to stay cool and comfortable. If you don’t mind the mechanical controls and are willing to take a chance on a brand that’s not as familiar to the Asian market, then this is the unit for you.

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Although Mabe is a relatively unknown brand in Asia, the Mabe MEV18VQ is proof enough that it's worth looking at. With powerful cooling, a relatively affordable price, and good energy efficiency, this is a simple yet effective cooling solution that could be the right one for you.

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