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Mabe MMI09CDBWCCAX8 Aircon Review


Making the decision to purchase a new air conditioning unit isn’t always easy. As with any home appliance, air conditioners are an investment. Filipino customers want to put their money into something that’ll not only last for years but save on electricity consumption as well. This can be a tall order, but certain aircon manufacturers are able to meet the challenge.

Picking an air conditioner model isn’t easy. The market is flooded with competition, especially in the Philippines. There are about as many aircon models as there are preferences, and learning to wade through all of these options can take time and research.

Consumers in the Philippines are looking for more than just an aircon that can cool. They’re looking for long-lasting solutions that are efficient and reliable. In today’s review, we’ll attempt to prove why the Mabe MMI09CDBWCCAX8 can rise to the challenge.

Mabe began as a simple dream over 65 years ago in its founder’s garage. Today, it’s become a global brand with products available in over 80 countries around the world. From its humble origins in Mexico City to a worldwide reach that includes 8 manufacturing plants in the Americas and hundreds of skilled specialists in its production team, Mabe is proof that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Consumers can expect that go-getter attitude from the products. While the brand is up against some tough competition in the region, its popularity, and quality are certainly evident in other parts of the world. More than enough reason for Filipinos to give Mabe a try.

About the Mabe MMI09CDBWCCAX8 Aircon


In the Philippines, which has some of the highest electricity rates in the world, energy efficiency is a top priority with any appliance. That definitely holds true for air conditioners, which can be some of the heaviest weights on a household’s electricity bill.

That’s why more and more consumers are opting to go for inverter air conditioners. While this new technology makes aircon models a little more expensive than non-inverter types, they actually save you a lot more money in the long run.

An inverter allows your air conditioner to adjust its coolness according to the temperature of the room, slowing down your compressor instead of shutting down when the room has reached appropriate coolness. This allows you to save more on electricity consumption and unit maintenance.

Taking a chance on an unknown brand can be a bit of a leap of faith. Filipino consumers tend to be cautious and stick with brands they know, which is fair enough. However, one look at the Mabe MMI09CDBWCCAX8’s specs shows that this unit is more than capable of holding it’s own next to branded heavyweights.

Benefits of the Mabe MMI09CDBWCCAX8 Aircon


Tecinverter Efficiency

The Mabe MMIO9CDBWCCAX8 makes use of Tecinverter technology that allows it to maximize energy efficiency while minimizing strain on your unit. Inverter technology is especially important if you use your air conditioner regularly, as it reduces energy costs overall. If you leave your aircon on during the night, Tecinverter allows for extended use without exorbitant energy costs.

The MMI09CDBWCCAX8 also comes with eco-friendly refrigerant R410, which increases your air conditioner’s energy efficiency while lessening your carbon footprint.

Personalized Experience

The Mabe MMI09CDBWCCAX8 has several features that allow for a more personalized cooking experience. These include the My Temp function, which allows you to set your preferred temperature in certain areas, as well as several modes including Quick Cooling Mode and Sleep Mode.

This allows for a cooling experience that’s set to your preferences— faster cooling on a hot day, for example, or more efficient energy use when you’re sleeping.

Multi-purpose Tool

Mabe doesn’t just see air conditioners as cooling appliances— the company sees them as part of our daily lives. Thus, air conditioners shouldn’t just fulfill a single function, but many. The MMI09CDBWCCAX8 steps up to the challenge by providing consumers with more than just cooling solutions.

If you live in a smaller unit like a condominium, you can take advantage of the MMI09CDBWCCAX8’s dehumidifier mode to quickly dry out your clothes or room during humid days. The unit also has a high-density nano filter that filters out harmful dust, bacteria, and other particulates, so you can breathe easy no matter what the weather.

Built for Longevity

Most Filipinos opt for trusted brands because these brands are more likely to have durable products and more accessible service centers. While Mabe is still growing in the region, you can rest assured that the MMI09CDBWCCAX8 is built to last. The model is built with Blue Fin technology, which is a blue coating on the condenser that allows for extended use without damaging the unit’s internals.

This means that you can look forward to a longer-lasting condenser, with fewer chances of needing repair or other maintenance. In a country like the Philippines, where regular air conditioner use is normalized, this can be especially useful.

Pros and Cons of Mabe MMI09CDBWCCAX8

✔️ EER up to 11.44
✔️ Affordable compared to other split type inverters
✔️ Trusted brand Multiple features for personalized cooling
✖️ May not have enough service centers in the country
✖️ Relatively unknown in the region

What People Are Saying About It

The Mabe MMI09CDBWCCAX8 is a reliable and efficient air conditioner suitable for small to medium-sized rooms. With its compact design, cooling performance, energy efficiency, and user-friendly controls, it provides an affordable and convenient cooling solution.

“Cools the room efficiently and its not noisy”


Where to Buy the Mabe MMI09CDBWCCAX8

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Visit our website too to learn more about air conditioners.


Although Mabe isn’t quite so well known in Asia, it’s a force to be reckoned with in the Americas. Taking a look at the unit’s specs and price, it holds its own against some of the more popular brands and models quite well.

And with a cooling capacity that can go as high as 11880 kJ/h, power consumption that ranges from 480 to 1450 W, and EER that can reach up to 11.44, you can be sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Energy Efficiency
Cooling Power


Despite going up against bigger brands in Asia, Mabe's MMI09CDBWCCAX8 holds its own when it comes to specs and performance. With several features that improve quality of life and the potential for high EER, this is a good contender if you're on the market for a split type inverter aircon.

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