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Midea FP-54APT010HENV-N5 Aircon Review


Although we all deal with the same temperature and pollution concerns, every Filipino looking to buy a cooling or air conditioning unit has a different purpose. Some may be buying their first air cooler, while others may be looking for another air conditioner to supplement their home set up.

Still others may not be looking for a permanent, primary air conditioning unit, but instead might be on the market for a portable aircon that they can use at will. For those users, the Midea FP-54APT010HENV-N5 might be just the solution, as you’ll see in this portable aircon review.

Midea FP-54APT010HENV-N5 Pros and Cons

When it comes to picking out a type of air conditioner, portable aircon Philippines isn’t always the first choice. Given the expense of using and maintaining an air conditioning unit, many Filipino buyers would rather invest in a single, wall-mounted unit that can power most of their cooling needs. However, portable aircons can be useful depending on needs and context.

Midea Group is a Chinese electrical appliance manufacturer that aims to bring affordable, reliable appliances to the Philippine market. Philippines offers a wide range of home appliances, ranging from kitchen use to business essentials. While not necessarily one of the biggest aircon brands in the country, they do offer friendly cooling solutions to Filipinos. The Midea FP-54APT010HENV-N5 portable air conditioner Philippines is one such item.

Going Portable

Perhaps the biggest benefit to investing in a portable aircon is the flexibility. While window type aircon units are certainly the most popular option in the Philippine context, followed by split type aircon, they do come with their own downsides.

Window type units need to be inserted into the wall, with half of the unit on the outside. This is so that hotter waste air can be filtered outside of the space, increasing energy efficiency. However, this can often pose limitations, especially when it comes to sunlight and space.

Split type aircon units offer more options in that the compressor unit is usually placed outside the living area, and is connected to the cooling unit via a pipe or tube. This method does mean that installation can be costly, most of the time requiring the help of a professional.

Portable air conditioner units offer a good compromise between the two styles, as they can be connected to a window via a window kit, but that kit can also be transferred depending on need. The cooling unit itself can also be moved around according to the needs of the user, and most portable air cooler units are ready to use right out of the box.

Portable Limits

Despite the benefits, portable aircons also have their flaws. One main issue is that given the unit’s smaller size and lower location, the cooling area may be limited. This also means that a portable aircon is generally less efficient, requiring more power to cool the same area that a window type or split type would.

Another issue is one of volume. Aircon compressors are generally the loudest part of the unit, and can be disruptive in certain contexts. Window type units try to avoid this by keeping the compressor part on the half of the unit that’s outside the cooling area, while split types have a completely separate unit for the compressor. For portable aircons, the compressor is in the same body as the cooling unit, usually within the cooling area. This can be adjusted through fan speeds or location, but is definitely something to consider when buying.

Midea FP-54APT010HENV-N5 Specs

Despite some downsides, there are many households that may prefer a portable air conditioner anyway. They’re much easier to set up, requiring little to no professional assistance. This is great for households that don’t always have flexible schedules for installation. Another benefit is that they can be moved from room to room more easily, as long as there’s adequate space and room for the window kit and exhaust pipe.

Portable air conditioners are great choices for households or areas with lots of limitations. These limitations can include limited or inconvenient windows, restrictive residence rules, or the simple need for cooling in only one area of the house. Portable aircons also play a role in dehumidifying a space, which is not always offered by window type or split type units. In the Philippines, where humidity can climb to 100%, this can offer several benefits.

Power Cooling

While many portable aircons may struggle with cooling larger areas compared with wall-mounted units, the Midea FP-54APT010HENV-N5 rises to the challenge. The unit is rated for 9000 BTU/h cooling capacity, which is good enough to cover an area from 12 to 18 sqm. Although the Energy Efficiency Ratio is at a rather low 8.7, the FP-54APT010HENV-N5 is a powerful alternative to many other portable air conditioners currently on the market.

Clean Inside and Out

One of the biggest benefits to portable air conditioners is that they can pull double duty as an air cooler and air purifier or dehumidifier. The Midea FP-54APT010HENV-N5 is no different. Not only does it cool your home or work area, it also has a special Silver Ion Filter. The Silver Ion Filter releases silver ions to kill bacteria and germs in the air, preventing them from multiplying and keeping your area constantly clean and cool.

Convenient Design

Another concern that many users have with portable air conditioners is water dripping. Nearly every cooling unit has to deal with condensation issues, and for portable aircons this can be especially tricky. Luckily, the Midea FP-54APT010HENV-N5 comes with a self-evaporative system. Rather than allowing condensed water to simply drip out of the unit, it collects and recycles the waste water for maximum efficiency. No more having to worry about drips or leaks— you can get your cooling experience with none of the hassle.

Tuned Cooling

If you have concerns about how the FP-54APT010HENV-N5 performs at night, then there’s nothing to fear. It automatically adjusts to suit your needs, allowing you to run it while still conserving power and keeping your sleeping area cool. With its 24-hour timer, which allows you to preset the cooling program to your liking for up to 24 hours, you’ve got a unit attuned to your habits and lifestyle.

Cool Convenience

While the Midea FP-54APT010HENV-N5 comes with all of the quirks of portable air conditioners, on the whole it’s a fairly good unit. Taking into consideration concerns about energy efficiency and price, it still manages to put in a decent performance. Its cooling capacity is especially notable, given that this can be something that many portable aircon units struggle with. At over Php 16,000, it’s a little on the high side for a portable aircon price. But if you’re willing to invest a little bit more in flexible cooling, this is a good option.

Energy Efficiency
Cooling Power


With powerful cooling and a design that prioritizes convenience, the Midea FP-54APT010HENV-N5 is not a bad choice for a portable air conditioner. The price may be a little on the high side, but it's worth the investment if you're looking for convenience.

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