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Panasonic CW-XS108VPH Aircon Review


When you’re going up against the heat and humidity of a tropical country, you need a cooling solution that’s up to the task. Filipinos aren’t looking for short term solutions to the heat— we’re looking for lasting investments that will keep our lives and homes cool and comfortable for years to come.

To achieve that, sometimes you have to look beyond price and go for a brand that can promise you durability and energy savings far into the future. If that’s what you’re looking for, then the Panasonic CW-XS108VPH might just be the answer.

If there’s one type of air conditioner that epitomizes “aircon,” it’s probably the window type. Window type aircons have long been a staple in Philippine homes, and even today remain a top choice despite the availability of split types and portable types in the market.

Window type aircons are popular for a variety of reasons. For one, they tend to be more affordable than split type air conditioner units. They’re also far easier to set up, and don’t require the expensive installation fees and complex wiring of split types. They don’t take up floor space, unlike portable air conditioners, and are easier to maintain and service given their popularity.

The market is filled with window types, so when it comes to choosing an aircon it’s pretty understandable that the average Filipino consumer wouldn’t know where to begin. Sometimes the route to the best option is also the simplest one, however. That’s why many Filipinos opt to go for trusted brands like Panasonic for their cooling needs.

Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines Corporation is a manufacturer and importer of electronic appliances, mechanical and electronic parts, batteries, and so much more. With a portfolio that spans nearly every kind of electricity or power-related item or appliance, it’s not hard to see why the average consumer would be impressed. The company slogan is “A Better Life, A Better World,” and a look at their award-winning products proves that they’re able to achieve it.

About the Panasonic CW-XS108VPH

Panasonic CW-XS108VPH Specs

There are several different Panasonic aircon types, but today in particular we’ll be talking about the Panasonic CW-XS108VPH. This is a window-type inverter aircon with a host of different features, promising top-tier performance and durability. While an inverter aircon price can tend to score a little high, many Filipinos looking for quality appliances know that these are lifelong investments. The rest of this Panasonic aircon review sets out to prove just that.

Given the high electricity rates in the country and the dozens of other expenses a household has to think of, it’s understandable that Filipinos might shy away from high prices. The technology in an inverter aircon, however, is only proof that when you buy an aircon you should be looking at the long term. The Panasonic inverter aircon CW-XS108VPH is built for durability and energy savings, meaning that you’re meant to get your investment back slowly through the years.

Benefits of the Panasonic CW-XS108VPH

Pure Power Saver

The main reason why anyone would want to invest in an inverter aircon is, of course, the energy savings. The Panasonic CW-XS108VPH rises to the challenge with its Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 11.8. While perhaps not the most energy efficient window-type inverter aircon out there, it’s a very good score, and more than enough to satisfy the standard aircon user.

The company also promises energy savings of up to Php 1000 per month when compared to non-inverter aircons— an attractive prospect for anyone. With its eco-friendly R410A refrigerant, you can look forward to efficient energy use for the rest of your days.

Sleep in Comfort

Worried that the compressor is going to be too loud for you to get a good night’s sleep? No need to fret, because the CW-XS108VPH has a noise level that goes as low as 46 dBA. That’s a volume that’s much softer than many of the typical window-type air conditioners that you see out on the market. The CW-XS108VPH’s Sleep Mode is also energy-saving and can turn off at a set time for easier, more comfortable sleep.

Intensify Cooling

Not satisfied with the cooling that you’re getting? The CW-XS108VPH stands out because, unlike other air conditioner models, it can definitely amp up the power. With its Powerful Mode, the CW-XS108VPH can speed up its compressor, ensuring that you get the quality results you want even on the hottest days of the year.

The downside of this setting is that your aircon will, of course, consume more power. But if you’ve ever found yourself sweating on a summer day and wishing your air conditioner could be just that little bit stronger, then this setting might be what you need.

Healthy and Safe

When you buy an appliance that you’re going to be using for the foreseeable future, you’re going to want it to fulfill more than just a single purpose. You’re getting more than just cooling with the Panasonic CW-XS108VPH. You’re also getting an air filter that will keep harmful bacteria out of your home. With its anti-bacterial filter, the CW-XS108VPH makes sure that you have the healthier air and lifestyle that you deserve.

Pros and Cons of Panasonic CW-XS108VPH

✔️EER of 11.8
✔️Eco-friendly refrigerant
✔️Versatile modes
✖️ Pricier compared to other window types
✖️ Powerful Mode may consume more electricity

What People Are Saying About It

The Panasonic CW-XS108VPH air conditioner is a powerful and energy-efficient cooling unit designed to provide effective cooling for larger rooms or open spaces. With its advanced features and reliable performance, it offers a practical cooling solution for your home or office.

“Satisfied customer. Product was handled carefully and was working great after installation.”


Where to Buy the Panasonic CW-XS108VPH

Does the Panasonic CW-XS108VPH aircon suit your needs? Check out Lazada to get the latest deals and prices.

Visit our website too to learn more about air conditioners.

Panasonic CW-XS108VPH

The Panasonic CW-XS108VPH is a Panasonic aircon that ticks all the boxes. Durable, energy-efficient, and top quality, it’s got all a Filipino household could need and more.

With versatile settings like Sleep Mode and Powerful Mode, as well as a Blue Find Condenser that helps it withstand even the toughest conditions, this is an aircon that isn’t playing around.

The CW-XS108VPH Panasonic aircon price is a little steep at Php 31,998, so it might not be the right choice for everyone, especially if you’re only looking to cover a 1.0 HP room.

Still, with its range of features and powerful cooling, it can be a good fit for a lot of households. If you want an aircon that does more, then the Panasonic CW-XS108VPH could be the right fit for you.

Energy Efficiency
Cooling Power


With versatile operation modes, energy-saving inverter technology, and a quality make, the Panasonic CW-XS108VPH is a great addition to any household. Although its price may put some off, if you're willing to invest this aircon is not a bad choice.

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JP Reyes

JP has been in the aircon industry for almost as long as he has been alive. As a child JP would help his tatay fix aircon units at their junk shop in Cavite. After graduating UP in the early 2000's, JP then started his own Aircon servicing business and within 5 years had 10 shops in 8 different cities. Fast forward to today and JP brings all his experience and expertise online to give readers trustworthy advice and reviews about Air-conditioning buying, servicing, cleaning and repair in the Philippines.

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