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Baseus Portable Air Conditioner Review


With its brand slogan, “Base on User”, Baseus presents another aesthetically practical product in its latest air conditioner innovation. Their insistence on thinking from the perspective of the users has brought them to manufacture the Baseus Portable Air Conditioner. It’s a personal mini air cooler, designed to deliver smart cooling anytime and anywhere.

It’s also built with three fan speed settings which can be adjusted using a faux rotary encoder. If you like retro designs, then this mini air cooler is for you with its old-fashioned radio look that’s a perfect fit in any type of interior aesthetic in the house, dormitory, office, and even in the car. But what exactly can a Baseus Portable Air Conditioner do? Here’s what we know.

About the Baseus Portable Air Conditioner

Baseus Portable Air Conditioner


Model NumberTW-Sony Xperia E4g
Color‎White + Black
Product Dimensions18 x 16.4 x 15.8 cm
Weight960 g
Energy Efficiency Ratio4.2 watts
Cooling Capacity3000 RMP fan speed
Product AccessoriesUSB cable

For 8 years, Baseus has become the leading electronic enterprise in China. Their secret is adhering to their philosophy of giving consumers the best products when it comes to both aesthetics and practicality. With their radio-like portable AC, it can be placed anywhere since it has a compact size and bearable weight.

Baseus Portable Air Conditioner Features

Baseus Portable Air Conditioner

The main feature of the Baseus Portable Air Conditioner is technical and quality strength, which features smart cooling while integrating fashion elements into the product. It’s an eye-catcher for all types of ages since it’s always been mistaken as either a radio or television. But as a portable mini AC, here are its main selling points.

Smart Cooling Technology

Like many mini air coolers, the Baseus Portable Air Conditioner uses evaporative technology to produce cold air. However, its cooling capability does not end in keeping your personal space fresh, but it also serves as a humidifier to help keep your skin moisturized all day. You can relax, work, or enjoy leisure time without worrying too much about getting dry skin and sweating a lot.

Ice cubes can also be added to its 320 mL water tank for instant cooling. It also features a spray humidification feature by giving its users the choice of adding essential oils to the water for a healthier and more comfortable chilling sensation.

Three Direction Air Supply

The Baseus Portable Air Conditioner has quiet fans which are a whole lot better than a stand fan or other electric fans. It supplies air in three different directions, which the users can control and choose from. Its movable transverse grille design allows you to change the flow of cold air up, down, and sideways. With its wide-angle air supply, you will no longer be stressed about feeling fresh and comfortable anywhere and anytime.

Its fan speed can also be adjusted to low, medium, and high with the faux rotary encoder. It was specifically made to look like an old radio or television knob to add more fun and nostalgic feeling every time you use the mini air cooler.

Smart and Practical Design

Aside from its retro vibe aesthetic, the Baseus Portable Air Conditioner places practicality above everything else. Its water tank is easily refillable since its antenna-like cover acts as a mini handle and can be removed without much of a hassle. It has a water level bar that shows real-time changes in the water. It also has a removable water curtain or filter for easier maintenance.

Its plug-and-play feature has various forms of power supply. It can be plugged directly into an outlet, into a computer, a power bank, or into a vehicle USB port. With this design, the mini air cooler can be used as a desktop cooler, bedside chiller, or a car back seat portable mini AC.

Pros and Cons of the Baseus Portable Air Conditioner

✔️ Aesthetically pleasing design
✔️ Can be used as a humidifier
✔️ Adjustable vents
✖️ Water capacity is only 320ml

What People Are Saying About It

Aesthetically pleasing and very easy to use. The Baseus Portable Air Conditioner is easily one of the most enjoyable mini air coolers today. However, many of the users wish it has a large water tank for a longer period of use.

“I have this plugged in by my desk where I spend most of the day. Can be plugged into a USB port on my laptop or into an outlet with an adapter. The three speeds and the ability to tilt the direction of the breeze are very handy. I’ve knocked this off my desk several times already without damage.”

Petre Baliton – My Best

Where to Buy the Baseus Portable Air Conditioner

Baseus Portable Air Conditioner

Check out Lazada to get the latest deals and prices on the Baseus Portable Air Conditioner.

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Baseus Portable Air Conditioner

Baseus Portable Air Conditioner

The Baseus Portable Air Conditioner presents an aesthetically pleasing design that adds a touch of elegance to any space. It boasts the unique functionality of doubling as a humidifier, providing added comfort and moisture control.

The adjustable vents offer versatility in directing airflow to suit individual preferences. With its attractive design, multi-functionality, and customizable airflow, the Baseus Portable Air Conditioner stands as a sophisticated and practical cooling solution for various settings.



In its eight years of giving quality innovation to its users, Baseus continuously prioritizes aesthetic design and user-friendly features in its products. As such, the Baseus Portable Air Conditioner boasts a user-friendly design and retro vibe aesthetic that many users can enjoy. It uses evaporative cooling technology while keeping everyone's skin moisturized. Its fans are quiet which adds more comfort to every type of activity. Ice cubes and essential oils can also be added to enhance the chilling sensation of the user's personal space.

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