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Chigo CHG-PR150A 1.5HP Portable Type Air Conditioner Review


During warm summers when the heat is almost unbearable, having an air conditioner unit can do wonders for your comfort and efficiency. Consumers that live in a building where a split-type or window-type aircon can’t be installed can still enjoy a chilled room by purchasing a portable air conditioner. However, while a portable aircon unit has plenty of benefits, such as saving you money in terms of installation fees, most models are prone to spot-cooling. This happens when an aircon unit doesn’t have enough cooling power to fully remove heat from a room.

If you want to avoid this and want to purchase the best portable aircon unit with strong cooling power, you might want to check out Chigo CHG-PR150A 1.5HP Portable Type Air Conditioner. Read below for more details.

About the Chigo CHG-PR150A 1.5HP Portable Type Air Conditioner

Chigo CHG-PR150A 1.5HP Portable Type Air Conditioner


Model Name

1.5HP Portable Type Air Conditioner

Model Number


Product Dimensions43.8 x 37.8 x 71.8
Weight30 kg
Energy Efficiency Ratio10
Cooling Capacity12,600 kJ/h
Product AccessoriesExhaust hose
Remote control

Featuring a simple black and white exterior, the CHG-PR150A offers a clean look and a slim build ideal for most apartments or dorms. The upper portion contains easy-to-read menu buttons and an LCD screen. Its built-in wheels let you roll the unit in your desired area, and its overall build makes it easy for you to install this unit yourself.

Chigo CHG-PR150A 1.5HP Portable Type Air Conditioner Features

Chigo CHG-PR150A 1.5HP Portable Type Air Conditioner

Aside from its simple yet pristine design, the CHG-PR150A has other desirable features that made it a worthwhile investment.

Strong and Fast Cooling

Aside from being portable, this unit is also capable of fast cooling. If you want to get rid of that scorching heat quickly, you can turn on the unit and it will cool you down in seconds. Additionally, this unit being a portable aircon with a smaller build doesn’t necessarily mean you can only use it in smaller rooms.

With a cooling power of 12,600 kJ/h and 1.5 horsepower, the CHG-PR150A can be placed in rooms of up to 25 square meters. Coupled with an airflow of 350 m3/hr, you can enjoy a cool and comfortable environment that’s comparable to what a window-type aircon unit can provide.

Omni-Directional Casters

A strong cooling power, while extremely useful to have in an aircon unit, wouldn’t do much if your unit doesn’t properly distribute the air. All the cool air would go to one specific area in your home, resulting in what they call spot-cooling.

It certainly wouldn’t be ideal to sit in a semi-warm room with one spot practically freezing, would it? The CHG-PR150A prevents this with the use of its built-in Omni-directional casters, which allows the unit to evenly disperse the air it cools all throughout the room.

High EER

Aircon units generally have high power consumption, and as such it’s important to purchase a unit with a high EER rating to save on future expenses. With an EER of 10, the CHG-PR150A doesn’t consume as much electricity compared to most models, allowing you to enjoy your aircon-chilled room without worrying about your bills skyrocketing.

Pros and Cons of the Chigo CHG-PR150A 1.5HP Portable Type Air Conditioner

✔️ Sleep Mode
✔️ Self Diagnosis function
✔️ Cool rooms faster with Turbo Cooling
✖️ A bit expensive

What People Are Saying About It

The CHG-PR150A offers great cooling capacity, evenly distributed cool air, efficiency, and great value for its price. While it definitely can cool a small room, it is also suitable for larger rooms. It is easy to install and can be used without too much fuss.

The Chigo AC is strikingly suitable for air conditioning a room or a specific area of a home.

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Where to Buy the Chigo CHG-PR150A 1.5HP Portable Type Air Conditioner

Chigo CHG-PR150A 1.5HP Portable Type Air Conditioner

With a powerful cooling capacity and high-performance functions, the Chigo CHG-PR150A 1.5HP Portable Type Air Conditioner can definitely help you beat the heat during any season. If you want to have one in your home, you can head out to Lazada to see the best prices and deals!

Want a window or split-type unit instead? Check out our aircon reviews and guides to figure out which aircon unit best fits your home.

Chigo CHG-PR150A 1.5HP Portable Type Air Conditioner

Chigo CHG-PR150A

The Chigo CHG-PR150A 1.5HP Portable Type Air Conditioner offers a range of features that enhance its functionality and convenience. With the Sleep Mode feature, this air conditioner provides a comfortable and peaceful sleep environment by adjusting the temperature and fan speed accordingly.

The Self Diagnosis function allows the unit to detect and diagnose any operational issues, enabling prompt troubleshooting and maintenance. The Turbo Cooling feature is designed to cool rooms faster, delivering a rapid and efficient cooling experience.

JP Reyes

JP has been in the aircon industry for almost as long as he has been alive. As a child JP would help his tatay fix aircon units at their junk shop in Cavite. After graduating UP in the early 2000's, JP then started his own Aircon servicing business and within 5 years had 10 shops in 8 different cities. Fast forward to today and JP brings all his experience and expertise online to give readers trustworthy advice and reviews about Air-conditioning buying, servicing, cleaning and repair in the Philippines.

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