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Dowell Portable Aircon PA-412K20 1.5HP Review


While nothing beats an aircon-chilled room during hot summer days where the weather is just too much to handle, you really don’t want to relax in a space that’s filled with pollutants and other irritants. Most high-end air conditioners come with filters that allow you to enjoy both clean and cold air, but what about portable air conditioners? Given that they’re smaller, wouldn’t that make them less efficient in terms of providing clean air?

Not necessarily. Take the Dowell Portable Aircon PA-412K20 1.5HP for example. Packed with high-performance functions, this unit has all the things you need and want in a portable aircon unit. Read below for more details.

About the Dowell Portable Aircon PA-412K20 1.5HP

Dowell Portable Aircon PA-412K20 1.5HP Air Conditioner


Model Name

Portable Aircon 1.5HP Air Conditioner

Model NumberPA-412K20
Product Dimensions34 x 38 x 70
Weight22.5 kg
Energy Efficiency Ratio13
Cooling Capacity12000 BTU
Product AccessoriesExhaust hose
Remote control

Built with a simple design, the Dowell 1.5 hp Portable Aircon PA-412K20 can be placed in any room inside your home. Its small size is ideal for small to medium-sized rooms like a bedroom, a guest room, or even a living room. It comes with an automatic up-and-down air swing function that properly circulates the chilled air across the chilled area, preventing “cold spots”. For easy transportation, the unit comes with 4 sets of wheels. This makes it easy for you to bring the aircon unit to any area near a window.

Dowell Portable Aircon PA-412K20 1.5HP Review Features

Dowell Portable Aircon PA-412K20 1.5HP

From a simple yet pristine design to its portability, the Dowell Portable Aircon PA-412K20 1.5HP Air Conditioner has all the features you need to have that comfortable environment to work or relax in. These functions include:

Excellent Air Quality

What use is a cool room when you can barely last a minute before sneezing? Filters are an important feature of an aircon as it continuously filters out all the dirt floating around in your room. However, replacing these filters every now and then can be expensive in the long run. Units with filters that have to be removed by a professional aren’t ideal as well, considering you’ll need to clean the filter at least once a week.

If you’re worried about mold that can potentially grow in a low-temperature environment, the PA-412K20 will be the ideal aircon unit for you. Built with washable filters you can clean every now and then and a floater sensor, the unit prevents mold and mildew build-up. This leaves you with fresher air that’s free from allergens.

Strong Cooling Capacity

Portable aircon units have a reputation for providing less cool air compared to split-type or window-type units, and for most models, this could be true. The PA-412K20, however, comes with a powerful 1.5 horsepower and 12,000 BTUs. This makes it strong enough to cool a 12 sqm room size.

The unit also comes with 4 modes, which are cool, dry, fan, and auto. This lets you choose how strong you want the cooling power to be. If the temperature is somewhat warm outside, you can put the unit in dry fan mode. If it’s too unbearably hot, you can simply crank it up to cool mode.

Energy Efficient

A portable aircon unit with excellent cooling power and great air quality is definitely a great find. However, all this can be marred by the unit’s power consumption. Paying twice or even thrice your power consumption just for one appliance can be too much, after all. With an EER of 13, the PA-412K20 can provide both features without being too heavy on your electricity bills.

Its 24-hour shut-off timer automatically turns off the unit depending on your desired time, which means you can set the timer before sleeping and have the unit turn itself off come morning.

Pros and Cons of the Dowell Portable Aircon PA-412K20 1.5HP Review

✔️ 4 cooling modes
✔️ Auto swing function
✔️ Eco-Pro Technology
✔️ Washable pre-filters
✔️ 3 fan speeds
✖️Not as energy efficient as other models

What People Are Saying About It

The Dowell Portable Aircon PA-412K20 1.5HP has a very simple design and a lightweight build that you can carry to any part of your room. Coupled with built-in wheels, carting this unit from room to room is a piece of cake. With its high-performance functions and energy efficiency, this unit is a definite must-have for a household looking to own a powerful portable air conditioner.

“‘If you’re not careful, portable air conditioners can raise your electric bill, but not so with this model from Dowell. It has a 24-hour timer that shuts off automatically, so you don’t have to spend more than you should.”

Stephanie Asi De Castro – The asian parent

Where to Buy the Dowell Portable Aircon PA-412K20 1.5HP Air Conditioner

Dowell Portable Aircon PA-412K20 1.5HP

If the features above convinced you and you’re ready to make the Dowell Portable Aircon PA-412K20 1.5HP a part of your home, head out to Lazada and see the best deals and prices!

Not quite what you’re looking for? Read our comprehensive best portable aircon guide for more insights about other models.

Dowell Portable Aircon PA-412K20 1.5HP Air Conditioner

Dowell Portable Aircon PA-412K20 1.5HP

The Dowell Portable Aircon PA-412K20 1.5HP Air Conditioner offers a range of features that enhance its versatility and performance. With four cooling modes, you have the flexibility to select the optimal cooling setting based on your preferences and needs. The auto swing function ensures that the cool air is distributed evenly throughout the room, enhancing comfort and airflow.

The Eco-Pro Technology employed by this air conditioner promotes energy efficiency, allowing you to cool your space while minimizing energy consumption. The washable pre-filters are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring the air conditioner operates efficiently and helps maintain good indoor air quality.

Additionally, the Dowell Portable Aircon PA-412K20 provides three fan speeds, giving you control over the airflow intensity. With its range of cooling modes, auto swing function, Eco-Pro Technology, washable pre-filters, and adjustable fan speeds, this portable air conditioner offers a reliable and customizable cooling solution for your space.



Both powerful and energy-efficient, the PA-412K20 is the ideal portable air conditioner unit. Coupled with its washable filters and a floater sensor, the unit ensures you'll have cool and clean air all throughout your room.

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