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Everest ET10PORM-HF 1.0 Hp Portable Aircon Review


When it comes to air conditioning, one of the most important factors to consider before purchase is the model’s energy efficiency. Air conditioners have high power consumption due to their mechanism, and while it can’t be avoided that your electricity might spike once you’ve had one installed, you can avoid tripling your usual bill.

Among the best portable aircon units that are energy efficient and still offer great air quality, the Everest ET10PORM-HF 1.0 Hp Portable Aircon stands out the most. Built with a high-quality compressor and other functions, this unit can provide you with a comfortable aircon-chilled room without burning a hole in your pocket. Read below for more insights about this unit.

About the Everest ET10PORM-HF 1.0 Hp Portable Aircon

Everest ET10PORM-HF 1.0 Hp Portable Aircon Review


Model Name

1.0 Hp Portable Aircon

Model NumberET10PORM-HF 1.0
Product Dimensions345 x 355 x 703
Weight22.5 kg
Energy Efficiency Ratio5 Stars
Cooling Capacity9,500 kj/h
Product AccessoriesExhaust hose
Remote control

With an elongated cubic shape and smooth edges, the ET10PORM-HF can be placed at the edges of your desired room without taking up too much space. Its white color offers flexibility in terms of design; you can place this unit in any room without it conflicting with the interior decor. While it doesn’t have wheels for easy transport, it makes up for its slim build.

Everest ET10PORM-HF 1.0 Hp Portable Aircon Features

Everest ET10PORM-HF

Aside from its great exterior design and build, the ET10PORM-HF provides other features that make it a worthwhile investment.

Energy Efficiency

The ET10PORM-HF comes out on top in terms of energy efficiency with its high Energy Efficiency Star rating. The energy star ratings are a standard measure of the system’s heating and cooling efficiency, known as the Co-efficient Of Performance (COP) for heating and the Energy Efficient Ratio (EER) for cooling.

This rating enables customers to determine how much a model will cost to operate, as well as how energy efficient it is in relation to similar models. When comparing aircon units of the same size or capacity, the more energy-efficient unit will consume less electricity to attain the same level of performance. In short, the more energy-efficient a model is, the less energy it consumes and the less money it will cost you to operate.

With a 5-star rating, this unit offers you all the comforts a portable air conditioner can give without it consuming too much power.

Great Air Quality

Aside from cooling, an air conditioner also filters out unwanted bad smells, pollutants, and other allergy-inducing irritants, provided of course that you have a high-quality air conditioner to cool your room. With the healthy air filter of ET10PORM-HF, you get to enjoy these perks without having to worry about paying additional installation fees. If you suffer from bad allergies or you live somewhere near a road, this aircon unit will do wonders for your home’s air quality.

Silent Mode

Aircon units can be noisy, particularly portable air conditioners. If you’re looking for a unit with little noise but your place doesn’t allow split-type aircon installation, then the ET10PORM-HF can be the next best option. The unit comes with a silent mode function that allows you to minimize the noise it’s making. This is ideal if you’re a light sleeper or if you don’t like the noise that comes with a portable aircon.

Pros and Cons of the Everest ET10PORM-HF 1.0 Hp Portable Aircon

✔️ Great exterior design
✔️ Highly efficient
✔️ LED Display
✔️ Healthy air filter
✔️ High-quality compressor
✖️ Air vents need to be adjusted manually
✖️ Not ideal for large rooms

What People Are Saying About It

The Everest ET10PORM-HF 1.0 Hp Portable Aircon has a stylish exterior you can fit with any interior design, and its high-quality compressor allows for fast cooling. Its healthy filter provides the room with exceptional air quality, free from pollutants and allergy-inducing dirt. Its biggest strength, however, is its high energy efficiency rating. Consumers get the same quality from similar 1.0 HP aircon units but with lesser power consumption.

“This portable aircon has a high-quality compressor that can cool your room in no time. It is designed to be energy-saving so you don’t have to worry about your electricity bill. “

Nicole – Best Prices Philippines

Where to Buy the Everest ET10PORM-HF 1.0 Hp Portable Aircon

If you want a portable aircon that can save energy and can still provide fast cooling, then the Everest ET10PORM-HF 1.0 Hp Portable Aircon is the unit for you! Check out the best deals and prices on Lazada.

Want more insights before making a purchase? Read through our aircon reviews and guides for more information.

Everest ET10PORM-HF 1.0 Hp Portable Aircon Review

Everest ET10PORM-HF

The Everest ET10PORM-HF 1.0 Hp Portable Aircon stands out with its appealing exterior design, adding a touch of elegance to any space. This air conditioner excels in efficiency, providing powerful cooling while consuming minimal energy.

The LED display offers a user-friendly interface for convenient control and monitoring of settings. With a healthy air filter, this aircon ensures improved air quality by capturing dust and other particles. Additionally, the high-quality compressor guarantees reliable performance and long-lasting durability.



The Everest ET10PORM-HF 1.0 Hp Portable Aircon is the go-to model if you want a unit that can successfully chill an entire room without consuming too much electricity. While a bit expensive compared to other 1.0 HP air conditioner models, you'll save more money long-term.

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