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Haier HSU09VHJ Aircon Review


One of the rising models of a wall-mounted DC inverter air conditioner is the Haier HSU09VHJ Aircon. One of its defining features is that it has many functions, such as 3D airflow, auto restart, easy-clean design, anti-mold filter, and many more. This enables you to control your cooling experience whenever you feel like it. In addition, it caters to working parents with its child lock feature on its remote control. This prevents your children from accidentally changing the settings of your wall-mounted AC.

Much like other wall-mounted ACs, the Haier HSU09VHJ Aircon also has indoor and outdoor units which separate the main parts of an air conditioner. The indoor unit contains the evaporator coil and filter while the outdoor unit has the condenser, cooling fans, and compressor. These two are usually connected by a pipe.

If you think the Haier HSU09VHJ Aircon fits your air conditioning preference, check out more on its other capabilities below!

About the Haier HSU09VHJ Aircon

Haier HSU09VHJ Aircon


Model NameDC Inverter Wall-mounted Aircon
Model NumberHSU09VHJ
Product DimensionsIndoor Unit: 36 15/16 x 7 3/8 x 10 7/16
Outdoor Unit: 21 3/8 x 30 13/16 x 10 1/16
WeightIndoor Unit: 52.98 lbs
Outdoor Unit: 72.75 lbs
Energy Efficiency Ratio13.1 kJ/Wh
Cooling Capacity9,270 kJ/h BTUs
Product Accessoriesremote control w/ AAA battery (2)
mounting plate
plastic cap
drain hose
drain elbow
pipe supporting plate

As a DC inverter, the Haier HSU09VHJ Aircon is more energy-efficient than other older versions of AC units. The DC inverter feature of the indoor unit is capable of controlling the fan motors to optimize the temperature of the room. On the other hand, the outdoor unit is R410A Inverter Grade which means it consumes less power while maintaining the cool temperature of your house.

Haier HSU09VHJ Aircon Features

Haier HSU09VHJ Aircon

Considering its generous product accessories, how much more can the HSU09VHJ go toe-to-toe with the other wall-mounted aircon?

Smart Temperature Control

The automatic running feature of Haier HSU09VHJ Aircon will match the unit’s air conditioning mode based on the current temperature of your room. This enables you to turn on your AC without manually adjusting its temperature. This saves more time, effort, and energy because it also automatically switches to fan, cooling, or heating mode based on your preference.

The motor fans also have four settings, which include low, medium, high, and auto. With this feature, you utilize the powerful cooling capacity of your AC once the compressor starts rolling. The heating or frost removing mode makes your room less uncomfortable during cold weather. When this feature is turned on, the outdoor unit will not be receiving any signal from the indoor one, because you’re setting the HSU09VHJ Aircon to provide the right amount of humidity.

Moreover, the powerful mode is what enables the quick cooling or heating experience in your room.

Silent 3D Airflow

The Haier HSU09VHJ Aircon has motor fans that can produce air horizontally or vertically. As a wall-mounted AC, you will usually place it in the center of the room where it can cover many floor spaces. The 3D airflow feature will make sure the AC unit can cool down a wider range of areas, especially every corner of your space. The single blade technology also adjusts the airflow to avoid direct blowing to you.

In addition, the HSU09VHJ Aircon has a soft, and sleep mode. The soft mode feature lowers the fan noise during the operation period. Meanwhile, the sleep mode adjusts the motor noise to a much more comfortable level every time you decide to sleep at night.

Optimal Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit of Haier HSU09VHJ Aircon works hand-in-hand with the indoor unit when it comes to cooling your home. One of the special features of the outdoor unit is forced cooling. It activates when you set your indoor unit to quickly cool down the place, which then sends out humidity to the condenser in the outdoor unit. The latter will then sync with the cooling mode of the indoor unit, to make sure the hot air will be dispersed outside while maintaining the cold air inside your home.

Moreover, thanks to the alarm indicator lamp of the outdoor unit you will know if something is wrong with it. It will blink continuously, which signals you if it needs immediate attention from an HVAC expert or technician.

Efficient Filters and Dehumidifier

The Haier HSU09VHJ Aircon also features three types of filter modes. The anti-mold filter ensures that all the unpleasant odors that can potentially lead to molds will be filtered out effectively. The negative ion filter will make sure your room will be filled with negative ions to fight against harmful pollens and other airborne allergens. Moreover, the Extended Service Filter (ESF) traps all the dust particles inside the compressor, which are then transported outside via the pipe that connects the indoor and the outdoor units.

On the other hand, the dehumidifier can constantly keep the room fresh and cool despite having different types of cooling options.

Pros and Cons of the Haier HSU09VHJ Aircon

✔️ R410 DC Inverter
✔️ Energy-efficient
✔️ Many cooling features
✔️ 24 hrs timer
✔️ Intelligent airflow feature
✔️ Efficient filtration system
✔️ Optimized temperature control
✔️ Child-friendly
✖️ Expensive
✖️ Needs more than two manpower during installation

What People Are Saying About It

With its 24 hrs timer, you can set the Haier HSU09VHJ Aircon to automatically turn on and off, especially during times when you can’t afford to operate it manually. Its auto restart feature is capable of going back to the set cooling option and features, before a power interruption. This saves you more electricity and time to adjust everything back to how you preferred it. In addition, its exterior panels are easy to clean and install.

“Unlike traditional ducted systems, Haier Ductless Air Conditioner systems give you the flexibility to transform any room into an oasis of comfort.”

Reviewer – Hvac deal

Where to Buy the Haier HSU09VHJ Aircon

Haier HSU09VHJ Aircon

Can’t wait to install the Haier HSU09VHJ Aircon in your home? Check it out on Lazada to discover the latest deals and prices it can offer.

On another note, check out our website to see what type of air conditioning unit best fits your place.

Haier HSU09VHJ Aircon

Haier HSU09VHJ

The Haier HSU09VHJ Aircon is a highly commendable cooling solution that incorporates advanced features to provide optimal comfort while being energy-efficient.

Equipped with R410 DC Inverter technology, this air conditioner ensures efficient cooling performance while consuming minimal power. It boasts a plethora of cooling features, offering users various options to customize their cooling experience according to their preferences.

With its 24-hour timer, the Haier HSU09VHJ allows users to conveniently schedule cooling operations, enabling efficient energy management. The intelligent airflow feature ensures uniform distribution of cool air throughout the room, creating a comfortable environment.

Moreover, this air conditioner is equipped with an efficient filtration system that effectively removes dust, allergens, and pollutants, improving indoor air quality.

The optimized temperature control of the Haier HSU09VHJ Aircon allows users to set and maintain their desired temperature effortlessly. Additionally, it is designed to be child-friendly, ensuring safety for families with young children.



It's such a fever dream to have an air conditioning unit with so many features and cooling options to choose from. With the Haier HSU09VHJ Aircon, you can manually or automatically control your AC system whenever your feel like it. It comes with both an indoor and outdoor unit, which is connected with an exhaust pipe, to effectively disperse the humidity outside of your house. Its 24 hrs timer is also a feature to reckon with because it lets you leave the AC unattended and it automatically turns itself on or off.

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