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Haier HW-05MCQ13 Manual Aircon Review


As one of the top 10 most innovative companies in the world, Haier added another entry to its growing number of cutting-edge air conditioners. Their latest Haier HW-05MCQ13 Manual Aircon offers a manual window-type inverter that is capable of chilling small spaces for a long period of time. It’s perfect for people who can’t afford expensive cooling appliances but are keen to buy a budget-friendly aircon with decent specifications.

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About the Haier HW-05MCQ13 Manual Aircon

Haier HW-05MCQ13 Manual Aircon Review


Model Name

Manual Window Type Aircon

Model NumberHW-05MCQ13
Product Dimensions425mm x 324mm x 319mm
Weight17.1 kg
Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)10.0 kJ/Wh
Cooling Capacity5,000 BTUs
Product AccessoriesN/A

Haier Aircon is a good brand for those who are looking for value for money. It comes with a wide range of products that cater to different needs and budgets. Plus, the company offers excellent customer service, helping customers choose the right home product.

The Haier aircon 1hp inverter is without a doubt consumer-friendly. Many people assume that manual air conditioning units are at a disadvantage in this time and age, but the beauty of it lies in the idea of being able to control your cooling experience whenever you desire it. Most aircon brands nowadays are thermostatically controlled, which allows you to automatically set the on and off time for aircon usage. However, a manual aircon gives you free rein of its power button which saves more energy and money on electrical bills.

Let’s see what other features the HW-05MCQ13 can provide, on top of its economic design.

Haier HW-05MCQ13 Manual Aircon Features

Haier HW-05MCQ13 Manual Aircon

4-Way Airflow

The Haier HW-05MCQ13 Manual Aircon has air deflectors that can be manually adjusted, horizontally or vertically, to your liking. This feature is good if you want to either focus the cooling in one particular area or the entirety of a room. It has an air circulation of 210 m3/h, which makes the ventilation bearable and breathable. It also has a whirlwind design to allow better air intake, while letting the heat and humidity flow out of your space.

Economic Design

With an estimated electricity cost of Php. 2.20/hr, the HW-05MCQ13 is with no doubt consumer-friendly. It also has an inverter grade of R410A, which means its refrigerant is least harmful to the ozone layer. It will give you the advantage of experiencing a cool environment, without spending too much money on electrical bills and damaging the stability of the ecosystem.

Improved Cooling Capacity

The power input cooling technology behind the HW-05MCQ13 Manual Aircon’s cooling capacity lies in its copper pipes. Unlike aluminum, the HW-05MCQ13 is more durable and has more capacity to heat exchange up to 30-50%. The evaporator and condenser are also coated with Blue Fin paint, which decreases the chances of being infected with corrosion from years of continuous use. In addition, the air filters can be washed easily to maintain the desired temperature and ventilation of your room.

Pros and Cons of the Haier HW-05MCQ13 Manual Aircon

✔️ Improved cooling experience
✔️ Economic Design
✔️ Inverter Grade R410A Refrigerant
✔️ Coated with anti-corrosion paint
✔️ Durable
✔️ Improved ventilation
✔️ Energy-efficient
✖️ Covers small floor space only

What People Are Saying About It

The Haier HW-05MCQ13 Manual Aircon is a must-have window-type AC unit if you don’t mind adjusting the controls manually. Besides, manual adjustments are good, since you can turn it on and off whenever you feel like doing it.

“Haier designs solutions to enhance consumers’ enjoyment of home at every stage of life — from university to the first apartment to all shapes of family living.”


Where to Buy the Haier Air Conditioner HW-05MCQ13

Haier HW-05MCQ13 Manual Aircon

Enjoy an energy-efficient manual aircon now, and check the Haier HW-05MCQ13 Manual Aircon on Lazada to get the best deals.

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Haier HW-05MCQ13 Manual Aircon

Haier HW-05MCQ13 Manual Aircon

The Haier HW-05MCQ13 Manual Aircon offers an enhanced cooling experience with its advanced features. Its economic design ensures optimal performance while being cost-effective.

With the utilization of inverter grade R410A refrigerant, this air conditioner provides efficient cooling while minimizing energy consumption.

The aircon is coated with anti-corrosion paint, enhancing its durability and longevity. Its improved ventilation system ensures proper airflow, contributing to a comfortable environment. Additionally, the Haier HW-05MCQ13 is highly energy-efficient, promoting energy savings.



If you want a budget-friendly window air conditioner, check out the Haier HW-05MCQ13 Manual Aircon because it offers one of the best deals in the market nowadays. It has an improved cooling capacity, durable and economic design, and energy-efficient features to help you stay cool and save money at the same time.

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