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HAILANG Portable Mobile Air Conditioner Review


The HAILANG Portable Mobile Air Conditioner is perhaps one of the most advanced cooling devices on the market today. Despite its relatively small design, it possesses a strong motor that is capable of continuous cooling. In addition, it is a mobile portable AC unit that is perfect for any type of space and environment.

If you think this AC unit appeals to your preferences, then this review is for you.

About the HAILANG Portable Mobile Air Conditioner

HAILANG Portable Mobile Air Conditioner
Model Name

Portable Mobile Air Conditioner

Model Number1.25HP
Product Dimensions330x280x680 mm
Weight18 kg
Energy Efficiency Ratio8.7 kJ/Wh
Cooling Capacity11,000 BTUs
Product AccessoriesExternal exhaust pipe
Remote control

Lightweight yet powerful. The HAILANG Portable Mobile Air Conditioner offers a practical design for people who wants to feel the cool air on the go. It also has a decent EER number, which makes energy saving more achievable. But what separates this portable mobile AC is its four-core rapid cooling technology. Designed to have a penetrating ice effect, your once hot steamy days will finally be resolved!

Let’s check what the HAILANG brand has in store for us.

HAILANG Portable Mobile Air Conditioner Features

HAILANG Portable Mobile Air Conditioner

Multipurpose Cooling Capacity

With HAILANG Portable Mobile Air Conditioner, you will no longer have to worry about buying multiple appliances to do your everyday work. It can act as a fan, a dehumidifier, a dryer, and a refrigerant. Rainy seasons will no longer be a problem because this portable mobile AC can repel the dampness of your clothes while keeping them fresh and free of bad odor.

HAILANG’s company technology allows us to solve six common problems immediately and hassle-free. As a portable mobile AC, you experience staying cool anywhere and anytime. You can also manually or remotely control it, place it on one corner or hang it like a hang-up air conditioner.

Ergonomic and Practical Design

One of the best things about HAILANG’s portable mobile AC is the practical design that is incorporated into the unit. Aside from being a mobile aircon, its wind guide plate can be freely adjusted from up and down. The air inlet is also large and has a built-in filter screen. The wide area makes the air filtration process more efficient.

Since it’s lightweight, you can place this portable mobile AC anywhere in your house. It can manage the ventilation in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, and even your garage! It also has a 360-degree universal wheel, which is perfect for moving it from one place to another. It’s made from high-quality rubber that won’t damage the surface of your floor.

Free Control of Refrigeration

HAILANG Portable Mobile Air Conditioner also offers a bidirectional timing function. This feature allows you to set up the preferred time and schedule of your cooling experience. This works well for working parents, or mothers who have too many house chores to think about. This also helps save more power, because you can set it up to shut down automatically after you sleep. Its shut-down time is four hours after you fall asleep.

Four Core Technologies Rapid Cooling

The powerful cooling capacity of this portable mobile aircon comes from its high-quality compressor. The performance motor is capable of producing at least 11,000 BTUs! This is already remarkable, considering it is a portable mobile AC. The structure of the motor also enables it to reduce the humming noise despite being strong. It’s also coiled with pure copper wires, to increase its longevity.

In addition, the portable mobile AC has a two-way converter. Its contact area is large enough to produce a strong cooling effect when refrigeration mode is turned on. Its evaporator is made of silver foil, with a U-shaped three-layer arc surface, that is capable of maintaining a stable performance despite the large heat exchange.

In addition, its condenser is made of a double-layer titanium foil that is gold coated. It has good hydrophilicity, oil stain, corrosion, and dust resistance that optimizes its refrigeration and improves its cooling speed.

Pros and Cons of the HAILANG Portable Mobile Air Conditioner

✔️Small and compact size
✔️Four Core Technologies
✔️Fast Cooling
✖️ Not suitable for bigger rooms

What People Are Saying About It

The features of HAILANG Portable Mobile Air Conditioner really deliver the needs and wants of the consumer. Its rotary compressor allows you to experience a cooling capacity of 11,000 BTU with an 8.7 kJ/Wh EER number. Without a doubt, many are thrilled to bring this unit to their lovely homes. Let’s see how this portable mobile AC fares in the market.

“The HAILANG Portable Mobile Air Conditioner is a versatile machine that can operate in any setting. It comes with the latest rotary compressor technology and a powerful dehumidification system to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable no matter what environment you’re in. “

Kimz – Kimz House

Where to Buy the HAILANG Portable Mobile Air Conditioner

HAILANG Portable Mobile Air Conditioner

If you want an AC that offers more than cooling your home, check out HAILANG Portable Mobile Air Conditioner on Lazada for the latest deals and prices!

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HAILANG Portable Mobile Air Conditioner

HAILANG Portable Mobile Air Conditioner

The HAILANG Portable Mobile Air Conditioner is a compact and lightweight cooling solution that offers exceptional performance. It incorporates four core technologies that enhance its functionality and effectiveness.

With its fast cooling capability, this air conditioner provides quick relief from the heat and creates a comfortable environment.

Despite its small and compact size, the HAILANG Portable Mobile Air Conditioner delivers impressive cooling power. It utilizes advanced technologies to ensure efficient and effective cooling performance.

With its ability to cool rapidly, this air conditioner is a reliable choice for individuals seeking immediate relief from hot temperatures.



The age when air conditioners are simply for cooling specific places has long gone. With HAILANG Portable Mobile Air Conditioner, you can experience continuous rapid cooling, strong dehumidification, and powerful motor fans in one portable mobile AC!

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