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Hanabishi 1HP HPORTAC-10HP Portable Aircon Review


One of the most important factors to consider when buying a new aircon is determining if the unit’s cooling capacity is suited for your room size. This can be particularly important when you’re planning on buying a portable aircon unit. Of course, having a very powerful model is ideal. If you have a small room, however, that can be counterproductive. Remember that you want your room to be comfortable, not freezing. Not to mention that you might end up spending more on your electricity bills due to the higher electric consumption of bigger units.

Living in a rented dorm or a small apartment and wanting a portable aircon unit you can easily install? The Hanabishi 1HP HPORTAC-10HP Portable Aircon might be exactly what you need. With an ideal build and exceptional functions, this unit is possibly your best bet if you just don’t have the space. Read below for more insights.

About the Hanabishi 1HP HPORTAC-10HP Portable Aircon

Hanabishi 1HP HPORTAC-10HP


Model Name

1.0 HP Portable Aircon

Model NumberHPORTAC-10HP
Product Dimensions355 x 345 x 703mm
Energy Efficiency Ratio13 / 5 Stars
Cooling Capacity9,000 BTUs
Product AccessoriesExhaust hose
Remote control

One of the best defining features of the HPORTAC-10HP is its build. You can place it at a corner of your house or room without it taking too much of your limited space, and its simple white color won’t clash with your room’s interior design. It comes with three modes (cool, fan, dry) that allow you to control how cool you want the air to be, a self-evaporative function, and easy-to-clean filters. It’s not as powerful as some high-end air-conditioners, so this model is best suited for a bedroom or a small dorm.

Hanabishi 1HP HPORTAC-10HP Portable Aircon Features

Hanabishi 1HP HPORTAC-10HP

This Hanabishi aircon has so much more features to boot, including:

Ease of Usage

Isn’t it annoying when you only want a certain product but you end up having to scour through Google just to figure out how it works? If simplicity is what you need, this unit is the ideal match. From installation to actual usage, the HPORTAC-10HP is easy to use. There’s no need to pay for extra installation fees, and while you do need to read the manual, it won’t take all of your brainpower to understand. The unit also comes with a digital LED screen that displays the current mode of your unit.

Low Noise

Portable air conditioners are notorious for being extremely noisy when in use, and that can be off-putting for some people. This is particularly true for people that are only renting or are living in a crowded neighborhood. After all, it wouldn’t be ideal to have your neighbors or dormmates complain about the unit’s sound. While getting a completely noise-less unit is impossible, you can still settle for one that won’t disturb your sleep and has so little noise it can easily be ignored.

The HPORTAC-10HP is made with a low noise design that minimizes the sound of its compressor as it sucks the heat out of your room. While not completely noiseless, the unit’s sound can easily be pushed to the background.

High EER

Of course, when it comes to appliances with high energy consumption, you’d be worried about how much the unit will add to your monthly expenses. A cool and comfortable environment to laze or work in certainly wouldn’t be worth it when you have to pay double or even triple your usual bill. Fortunately, highly efficient portable aircon units are available within the market, and this includes the HPORTAC-10HP.

With a high EER of 13 and a star rating of 5, you can be assured that the unit will cool your room without skyrocketing your power consumption. Compared to a unit with a lower EER, the HPORTAC-10HP can produce the same cooling power while using less electricity. If comfort is just something you can’t let go of — which is understandable considering how hot summer days can be — this unit is your go-to.

Pros and Cons of the Hanabishi 1HP HPORTAC-10HP Portable Aircon

✔️Auto-restart function
✔️Low noise
✔️3 cooling modes
✔️Evaporative system
✖️ Less cooling capacity

What People Are Saying About It

The Hanabishi 1HP HPORTAC-10HP Portable Aircon is an ideal portable aircon for individuals that live in dorms or small apartments due to its compact build, easy installation, and low noise. It has easy-to-clean filters, so there’s no need to hire professional maintenance just so you can continuously enjoy cold, clean air. Since it’s extremely portable, you can place it in any area of your room. With its self-evaporative function, users don’t have to constantly drain the unit of water. This in turn means less work for its users.

“Proud to have an easy cleaning filter, this product means that it’s going to save your time and effort of having to clean the filters all the time by yourself. Moreover, one of its most admirable features is low noise design and manual swing function which make sure that natural rest without disturbances will never go away from you due to any type of disruptions outside. “

Kimz – Kimz House

Where to Buy the Hanabishi 1HP HPORTAC-10HP Portable Aircon

Hanabishi 1HP HPORTAC-10HP Portable Aircon

Need to add the Hanabishi 1HP HPORTAC-10HP Portable Aircon to your household so you can finally beat the heat? You can head to Lazada and check out the best deals and prices available there!

Want a unit with more cooling power? You can browse through our aircon reviews and guides for more information.

Hanabishi 1HP HPORTAC-10HP

Hanabishi 1HP HPORTAC-10HP

The Hanabishi 1HP HPORTAC-10HP Portable Aircon offers an array of convenient features that enhance its overall performance. The auto-restart function ensures that the air conditioner automatically resumes operation after a power interruption, eliminating the need for manual restarts.

This portable aircon operates with low noise levels, providing a quiet and comfortable environment for your living or working space. With three cooling modes to choose from, you have the flexibility to select the ideal cooling setting based on your preferences and needs.

Additionally, the evaporative system employed by this air conditioner helps cool the air efficiently while also reducing energy consumption.



In terms of energy efficiency, design, and ease of use, the HPORTAC-10HP is possibly the most ideal unit to have for small rooms or a small apartment. It can be a little on the expensive side, but compared to other similar models, this unit is well worth it in quality alone.

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