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ROWA 09RCP-P 1.0HP Portable Aircon Review


ROWA is one of the best brands in terms of high-specification yet affordable home appliances nowadays. With the summer heat slowly taking over, we’ll always look for ways to keep ourselves comfortable and fresh. If you want a cooling device that’s easy to set, then the new ROWA 09RCP-P 1.0HP Portable Aircon is the AC unit that’s right up to your alley.

Consumers are eager to own the ROWA 09RCP-P because of its compact features and portability. Unlike other portable ACs, this unit’s accessories are specifically designed for hassle-free installations. In addition, you can remotely control its cooling capacity and power consumption anywhere in your home. While its size may take up a decent amount of floor space, it’s definitely worth the money.

But what makes the ROWA 09RCP-P 1.0HP Portable Aircon a competitive AC unit? Here’s what we think about it.

About the ROWA 09RCP-P 1.0HP Portable Aircon

ROWA 09RCP-P 1.0HP Portable Aircon


Model Name1.0HP Portable Aircon
Model Number09RCP-P
Product Dimensions320x320x670 mm
Weight22 kg
Energy Efficiency Ratio11.59 kJ/Wh
Cooling Capacity9,000 kj/h BTUs
Product AccessoriesRemote control
Hose inlet
Exhaust hose
Hose outlet
Drainage hose
Window slider kit

The energy consumption capacity of the ROWA 09RCP-P 1.0HP Portable Aircon is 820 watts. For more effective dehumidification, you can store up to 400 mL of water in its water tank. Moreover, it can cover at most 10-18 sq. meters of room space without sacrificing its cooling capacity. But what other features does the ROWA 09RCP-P offer?

ROWA 09RCP-P 1.0HP Portable Aircon Features

ROWA 09RCP-P 1.0HP Portable Aircon

When we talk about portable aircon, it needs to be compact, have fast cooling, and be able to blend with the interior layout of your house. Needless to say, the ROWA 09RCP-P fits the description but if you have a small apartment, this portable AC might make your room look even smaller. Let’s see its other defining features.

Convenient Control Panel

The ROWA 09RCP-P 1.0HP Portable Aircon has a smart and convenient control panel. The design makes it easy for people to operate it, without having to consult the user’s manual so often. You can manually control the fan speed, the cooling mode, and the power button, and even set the timer with its consumer-friendly control panel installed on top of the AC unit. It also has a display screen that lets you see the temperature and the timer you set up.

On the other hand, it also comes with remote control for more convenient accessibility and a control panel. It comes with multifunctional buttons, that caters to your everyday preferences.

Hassle-Free Installation

The ROWA 09RCP-P 1.0HP Portable Aircon also features easy-to-connect product accessories. You no longer have to modify the exhaust hose just to fit with the other pipes. Plus, these hoses come with a portable AC unit, which saves you the trouble and money of looking for a compatible one. The ROWA 09RCP-P also has inlet and outlet hoses that can be connected to a window slider kit. The window slider has a pre-made hole so it will save you the time and effort of hiring a professional to piece together the exhaust pipes.

In addition, the user’s guide is easy to understand and is available in a wide array of languages. If you’re having difficulty understanding it, their help desks and centers are always available for any type of concern.

Effective Cooling with Low Noise Fan Speed

The compact design of the ROWA 09RCP-P 1.0HP Portable Aircon also makes up for its efficient cooling experience. Much like other AC units, it also has three different cooling modes. These include cool, dry, and fan. It can also act as a dehumidifier if you want the excess moisture and humidity removed from your home. The ROWA 09 RCP-P also features a low-noise fan and omnidirectional fan motors. It’s equipped with a dual fan which increases the ventilation area of the system while keeping the noise level at a minimum. It’s perfect for families with a newly born child because it can keep your baby fresh without disrupting its good night’s sleep.

Easy Cleaning Filters

Much like other AC units, the ROWA 09RCP-P needs proper maintenance so that you can always enjoy a refreshing environment every day. This portable aircon comes with an easy-to-remove filter mesh, that lets you clean all the accumulated dust directly. You no longer have to take the extra mile of hiring an AC technician to clean the whole unit. Moreover, a typical AC maintenance for this type of aircon is every two to three weeks since it can accumulate dust and moisture faster.

Pros and Cons of the ROWA 09RCP-P 1.0HP Portable Aircon

✔️Quiet operation
✔️Best value
✔️Energy efficient
✔️Self-cleaning feature
✖️ Less cooling power
✖️ Not ideal for large rooms

What People Are Saying About It

Compact and comfortable! Many users are enjoying the cooling experience with the ROWA 09RCP-P 1.0HP Portable Aircon. Its fast and powerful fan motors make up for its compact size. Let’s see what the others think about this AC unit.

“In terms of fan speed, the ROWA 09RCP-P 1.0 HP Portable Aircon is in line with its leading competitors like Hanabishi.”

Reviewer – Tungir

Where to Buy the ROWA 09RCP-P 1.0HP Portable Aircon

ROWA 09RCP-P 1.0HP Portable Aircon

If you think the ROWA 09RCP-P fits your home, then check Lazada to see the latest deals and prices.

Still trying to figure out the best AC unit for your family? Visit our website to get more insights.

ROWA 09RCP-P 1.0HP Portable Aircon


The ROWA 09RCP-P 1.0HP Portable Aircon is a remarkable cooling solution that offers a range of features and benefits. With its quiet operation, it ensures a peaceful and comfortable environment without disturbing noise levels.

This portable air conditioner is considered the best value for money, providing high-quality cooling performance at an affordable price. It offers excellent features and functionality without compromising performance.

Energy efficiency is a standout feature of the ROWA 09RCP-P. It is designed to minimize energy consumption, resulting in lower electricity bills while providing optimal cooling performance.

One notable feature of this aircon is its self-cleaning functionality. It incorporates a self-cleaning feature that helps maintain a clean and hygienic unit. This ensures that the air conditioner operates efficiently and improves the overall indoor air quality.



The beauty of portable air conditioning units is the ability to give us the best and optimum cooling experience with a hassle-free installation procedure. Likewise, the ROWA 09RCP-P 1.0HP Portable offers some of the best features of a portable AC. Its product accessories are quick to connect and have well-built fan motors. Moreover, it can keep the noise level at a minimum so that you can sleep continuously while staying fresh.

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