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SmartDevil Portable Air Conditioner Fan Review


What’s better than a standard desk fan is owning a portable mini air cooler. Not only it can provide more fresh and cold air, but you can also add ice cubes or essential oil to enhance its cooling effect. As it becomes an increasingly popular item, a new mini AC comes in the form of the SmartDevil Portable Air Conditioner Fan. It can definitely make your summer more comfortable.

Instead of adding ice cubes directly to the water tank, SmartDevil uses ice trays that you can freeze and insert into the mini cooler. It’s a unique twist to a standard portable AC fan that many consumers may find appealing. But what gives the SmartDevil Portable Aircon Fan an edge over its competitors? Let’s see its other features.

Details About the SmartDevil Portable Air Conditioner Fan

SmartDevil Portable Air Conditioner Fan


Model NumberBL01
Product Dimensions‎9.06 x 6.77 x 6.22 inches
Weight0.71 kg
Energy Efficiency Ratio4.5 watts
Cooling Capacity4.5 hours of chilling
Product AccessoriesUSB cable
Ice box
Wet curtain

The lightweight design of this mini aircon fan makes your refreshing experience possible anywhere you want to stay. You just need to plug it into a sort of power source to enjoy at least 4 hours of comfort, especially during hot days. SmartDevil also provides the ice box or trays and wet curtains for free, however, you have to buy the extra ice pad to go along with the ice tray.

SmartDevil Portable Air Conditioner Fan Features

SmartDevil Portable Air Conditioner Fan

The SmartDevil Portable Air Conditioner Fan has triple refrigeration as one of its core functions. It’s a summer must-have for those who want to experience a cooler sensation than relying on a standard desk or stand fan. But how does this mini AC really work? Here are its defining features.

Triple Refrigeration and Stepless Speed Regulation

Say goodbye to a slow cooling experience with the triple refrigeration technology of the SmartDevil Portable Air Conditioner Fan. The three-layer refrigeration uses a combination of wet curtain and frozen ice tray to achieve faster and more obvious cold air. Unlike your standard desk fan, the chilling sensation is much more powerful and also provides a moisturizing effect on your skin. However, the frozen ice tray can only last up to 15-20 minutes, and it can potentially melt faster during hot seasons.

SmartDevil also incorporated step-less speed regulation technology so the users can have better control of the AC fan’s speed. It optimizes the amount of energy the fans need to use to ensure better performance during the cooling process. Much like other portable mini air coolers, the fan speed can be adjusted to low, medium, and fast.

Eco-Friendly Wet Curtain

The SmartDevil Portable Air Conditioner Fan uses a thickened wet curtain with anti-bacterial effects. Wet curtains are important for portable mini air coolers because it absorbs the heat and converts it into cold air as it passes through the frozen ice tray. Overly used wet curtains can sometimes become a source of bacteria since it also acts as a filter for dust particles in the air. The built-up dirt can also damage the mini AC by reducing the cooling power while having stronger power consumption — a dent in your electricity bills.

With SmartDevil, you can ensure that the mini air conditioning unit can last longer and has more immunity to bacteria accumulation. Its wet curtain is upgraded with honeycomb corrugated wood pulp paper that prevents bad odor from developing through the continuous use of the mini AC. Due to this, the recommended length of replacement for the wet curtain is at least 4-6 months.

User-Friendly Design

With its ambient light mode, the SmartDevil Portable Air Conditioner Fan can set the perfect mood for a good night’s rest. Its cold night light goes well with the cold temperature, which adds more comfort if you want to stay focused on studying, reading, working, or resting. You can also freely change the direction of the wind because its wind shutter can be adjusted up to a 90-degree angle.

It also comes with a handy strap to help you carry it anytime and anywhere. It can be directly plugged into an outlet, a PC, or a car charging point. In this way, a better source of fresh air can be felt even inside your car.

Pros and Cons of the SmartDevil Portable Air Conditioner Fan

✔️ Three-layer cooling function
✔️ Built-in ice tray
✔️ Adjustable fan vents
✖️ Low fan speed
✖️ Slightly pricier than other similar models

What People Are Saying About It

Many find the SmartDevil Portable Air Conditioner Fan to be very comforting, especially during hot sunny weather when you don’t want to inflate your electricity bill. However, they think the quick melting of the frozen ice tray is very limiting and they wish it would last longer.

“This is the perfect desk air conditioner. It will not cool down your entire room BUT it will work amazingly if you keep it on your desk 2-3 ft from you. I also really like that because it uses ice and cold water, I can have it pointing at my face and not get dried out since it adds humidity to the air. “

Reviewer – Best views Reviews

Where to Buy the SmartDevil Portable Air Conditioner Fan

SmartDevil Portable Air Conditioner Fan

Want to experience the icy wind of the SmartDevil Portable Air Conditioner Fan? Check out Lazada to get the latest deals and prices.

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SmartDevil Portable Air Conditioner Fan

SmartDevil Portable Air Conditioner Fan

SmartDevil Portable Air Conditioner Fan offers a remarkable three-tier cooling system, allowing users to enjoy efficient and refreshing air circulation. It is equipped with a convenient built-in ice tray, enabling the enhancement of cooling performance.

Moreover, the adjustable fan vents provide flexibility in directing airflow according to personal preference. This compact and versatile air conditioner fan offers a professional cooling experience, making it a valuable addition to any environment.



The SmartDevil Portable Air Conditioner can truly keep you fresh and comfortable, especially during the summer season. It's a personal air cooler designed to set the mood right with its ambient light mode. It uses triple refrigeration technology to deliver icy wind and keep your skin moisturized all the time. It also incorporates the stepless speed regulation technology, so you can have better control over the speed of its fans.

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