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Union UGPAC-12002 Portable Air Conditioner Review


In this day and age, technological advancements are booming, with practically all appliances gaining features that some may call complicated. Air conditioners are no different, and if you live in a place where aircon installation is next to impossible, having the most advance portable air conditioner might sound ideal. However, sometimes sticking to a simple but powerful unit will do.

If what you need is an efficient aircon unit with strong cooling power, then the Union UGPAC-12002 Portable Air Conditioner is a suitable choice. Read below for more details regarding this model.

About the Union UGPAC-12002 Portable Air Conditioner



Model Name

Portable Air Conditioner

Model NumberUGPAC-12002
Product Dimensions454 x 365 x 700 mm
Energy Efficiency Ratio
Cooling Capacity12,000 BTUs
Product AccessoriesExternal exhaust pipe
Remote control

With its simple yet clean design, the Union UGPAC-12002 Portable Air Conditioner offers convenience for small households in terms of space-saving and aesthetic compatibility. It has an automatic sliding panel, a backlit remote control for user convenience, and easy-to-read touch controls located at the top. It also comes with rollers for easy transportation between rooms. Having guests? You can place this unit in the living area and wheel it to the guest room to keep your guests cool when the weather’s too unbearable.

Union UGPAC-12002 Portable Air Conditioner Features

Back of the Union UGPAC-12002 Portable Air Conditioner

Cool and Dry Functions

With the UGPAC-12002, you can switch between dry mode and cool mode depending on what you currently need to make your room comfortable. Unfamiliar with the terms? Simply put, Dry mode manages the humidity levels of the room and is typically indicated in settings by a water drop icon. Cool mode, on the other hand, is the typical mode of air conditioners, cooling the space by eliminating heat rather than moisture from the air.

When your air conditioner is in Dry mode, it isn’t actually releasing cold air. It may not feel much different than the cool setting on your air conditioner, however, the air you’re receiving in Dry mode is just dehumidified air. The effect is more noticeable in rooms with high humidity levels. You can use this mode during humid rainy days or during the cooler seasons to get the optimum cooling you desire without it becoming too cold to your liking

Strong Cooling Capacity

A strong cooling power is an important feature for an air conditioner, much more so for portable aircon units. Considering a portable aircon is smaller than your conventional aircon unit, they usually sacrifice cooling capacity for portability. However, with an efficient 1.5 horsepower and 12,000 BTUs, the UGPAC-12002 is almost on par with window-type units and can quickly cool a small living area or even a medium-sized bedroom.

Efficient To Use

Like most portable aircon units, the UGPAC-12002 can be easily installed and transported into any area in your home. You don’t have to pay for a professional technician for installation, unlike split-type and window-type aircon units. Due to its portability, you can use it during warmer months and store it away once the cooler months start. This allows you to control your usage, preventing your electricity bills from skyrocketing.

Pros and Cons of the Union UGPAC-12002 Portable Air Conditioner

✔️Cool and dry functions
✔️Automatic sliding panel
✔️Touch control panel with LED screen
✖️ Slightly expensive

What People Are Saying About It

With a strong cooling capability, 1.5 horsepower, and efficient features, the Union UGPAC-12002 Portable Air Conditioner is a simple but powerful aircon unit. The automatic sliding panel and rollers add to its convenience. In terms of design, the unit’s exterior can blend in well in any room.

“This has slightly higher horsepower than the other aircons…”

Nicole – ASian PArent

Where to Buy the Union UGPAC-12002 Portable Air Conditioner

Union UGPAC-12002 Portable Air Conditioner

If you’re in the market for a conventional unit that doesn’t feature too many complicated settings and can quickly chill an entire room, then the Union UGPAC-12002 Portable Air Conditioner is the perfect unit to bring home. Head out to Lazada for the best deals and prices!

Looking for something more advanced? Check out air conditioner guides and reviews on our site.

Union UGPAC-12002 Portable Air Conditioner

Union UGPAC-12002 Portable Air Conditioner

The Union UGPAC-12002 Portable Air Conditioner is a versatile cooling solution that offers both cool and dry functions, allowing you to adjust the air to your desired level of comfort.

The automatic sliding panel feature adds convenience and ease of use, as it automatically opens and closes for optimal airflow. The touch control panel, equipped with an LED screen, provides a user-friendly interface for adjusting settings and monitoring the air conditioner’s operation.

With its cool and dry functions, automatic sliding panel, and touch control panel with LED screen, the Union UGPAC-12002 Portable Air Conditioner offers a comprehensive cooling experience with enhanced convenience and intuitive controls.



Simplicity and strong cooling capability are this unit's charm. For individuals or small households that prefer a conventional unit with less complicated features and stronger cooling power, the Union UGPAC-12002 Portable Air Conditioner is an ideal choice.

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