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Samsung AR09TYHYEWKNTC Aircon Review


Choosing to buy an air conditioning unit is a big decision and not one that people come to easily. While there are tons of different factors that make the Philippines especially conducive for aircon use, each household’s approach to making that final decision is different. If you’re in the process of researching what kind of air conditioner to buy, then read this Samsung AR09TYHYEWKNTC review below and see if it’s the one for you.

The window-type air conditioning unit is well known to Filipinos. It’s an eminently familiar sight and probably the first thing you think of when you think of an air conditioner. However, time and improvements in technology have led to a range of other air conditioner types, ones that might actually end up saving you more time and money.

While we’ll get into the specifics of the technology later, we can’t discount the role that form plays in determining price and efficiency. Doing research on the internals of an aircon is undeniably important, especially if your concern is energy efficiency and long-term use. However, there are also other, more prosaic considerations that you might want to take a look into as well.

One of these considerations is the installation. Budget and energy efficiency are definitely important, but how are you going to get that quick cooling feature if you aren’t sure where to put your unit? Window-type aircon units are popular because they’re easy to install— you literally just have to find a hole in your wall that’s big enough, and that’s usually where it goes. However, installation can be inefficient and expensive, especially when you don’t have a space ready. What are other alternatives?

If concerns about “leakage” of cool air are important to you, then you might want to reconsider investing in a window type. While they’re usually more affordable initially, if you don’t have a prepared area for them then creating one could lead to additional costs. This often involves taking out the panels of an actual window and can be time-consuming, expensive, and a bit of an eyesore.

Plus, with window-type aircon installation, a bad installation job is something you’re going to be feeling for a while. There’s no sense in doing research on and investing in energy-efficient units if you’re just going to be suffering leakage of cool air from poor installation. So what’s a unit owner to do?

About the Samsung AR09TYHYEWKNTC

Samsung AR09TYHYEWKNTC Specs

You can start by looking into the split type. Split-type air conditioner units are so-called because when you buy one, you’re actually buying two units— in a manner of speaking. The entire air conditioner is split into two parts, one that goes inside the house and performs the cooling functions as well as houses the filter, and one that goes outside and houses the compressor and condenser components.

When compared with central air conditioning, which is not often an option in the Philippines due to its cost, window type, and split type aircon are much more affordable. However, besides cost split type air conditioners also have several other advantages when compared to windows.

The two units are connected through the means of copper tubing, which is flexible. This flexible tubing can be coursed through a minor hole in your wall, often not exceeding ten to twelve inches in diameter, if that. The benefit of this is also that multiple tubes with multiple interior units can all lead to one communal outdoor unit, saving money in the long run.

This type of installation allows for increased flexibility. Unlike window units, which obviously need to be connected to the outside, you can put a split-type aircon against an indoor wall. This also reduces the chances of you blocking out the natural light that went into your home design.

Using a split-type air conditioner in the Philippines can mean a much quieter air conditioning experience. The compressor component of the aircon can be pretty noisy, and that noise is part of the package with a window type. However, because the compressor of a split type is outside, sensitive sleepers can find themselves resting much easier.

Samsung brings all the benefits of a split-type air conditioner to your home and more. While Samsung is perhaps most known for their mobile phones, their air conditioner technology is nothing to sneeze at.

The Samsung AR09TYHYEWKNTC is a Samsung aircon that takes the form of a split type, with additional inverter technology. Inverter technology allows air conditioners to achieve high power and high efficiency. This technology allows compressors to maintain temperature consistency without having to shut down, increasing energy savings in the long run.

Benefits of the Samsung AR09TYHYEWKNTC

Better Cooling, Faster

The AR09TYHYEWKNTC is designed to cool your rooms faster and more efficiently. With its Digital Inverter Boost, it’s able to cool the air up to 43% times faster when compared with other models. It also has a fan that’s 15% larger, with a blade that’s 31% wider. This larger fan size allows cool air to be distributed faster up to a whopping 15 meters.

Quiet and Comfortable

If your question is performance, the Samsung AR09TYHYEWKNTC is the answer. This unit is definitely quiet, with a noise level that can go as low as 21 dBA— welcome news for light sleepers. Plus, you don’t have to worry about long-term performance. The AR09TYHYEWKNTC comes with an Easy Filter Plus on the top, which has a dense mesh that protects against dust and contaminants. It’s also able to clean itself automatically with its Auto Clean function, preventing the growth of bacteria and mildew.

Master Energy Saving

Worried about energy efficiency? While there’s no data yet on the AR09TYHYEWKNTC’s exact Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER), Samsung promises that it’s able to reduce noise and energy use by up to 73% thanks to its neodymium magnets and Twin Tube Muffler. It also has a better Heat Exchanger performance thanks to its DuraFin. The DuraFin is made of denser material with a thicker design and passed the accelerated Sea Water Acetic Acid Test (SWAAT) for corrosion over 100 days. Great news for a tropical country.

Stable and Reliable

Concerns about energy surges bringing you down? Don’t worry, the AR09TYHYEWKNTC has you covered. Its Triple Protector Plus technology protects the internals from damage from energy surges and power fluctuations. The outdoor unit is also coated to prevent corrosion and protect the internals, ensuring better performance for many more years. It also makes use of the eco-friendly R32 refrigerant, lowering your impact on global warming.

Worth the Buy

Finally, its next benefit is price. For a split-type inverter, the Samsung AR09TYHYEWKNTC is pretty affordable. And with a 10-year warranty on the compressor, you can look forward to cool, comfortable use for ages.

Pros and Cons of Samsung AR09TYHYEWKNTC

✔️ Inverter system
✔️ Fast cooling
✔️ Eco-friendly
✔️ Great value for its features
✖️ Improper installation can lead to cool air leakage

What People Are Saying About It

The Samsung AR09TYHYEWKNTC is a top-tier air conditioner that combines powerful cooling, smart functionalities, and an attractive design. Its performance, ease of use, smart capabilities, and energy efficiency make it a standout choice for those seeking a reliable and convenient cooling solution.

So far so good. First, I just ordered this on a Sunday and product was delivered Tuesday. Installation came the next day. This Samsung split really does the job. Reliable. Hopefully the unit will last a lifetime. Loving it.


Where to Buy the Samsung AR09TYHYEWKNTC

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The Samsung AR09TYHYEWKNTC is equipped with an efficient inverter system, delivering powerful cooling while minimizing energy consumption. It excels in fast cooling, quickly bringing down the temperature to create a comfortable indoor environment.

With its eco-friendly design, it utilizes refrigerants with a lower impact on the environment, reducing its carbon footprint. The Samsung AR09TYHYEWKNTC offers great value for its features, combining high-quality performance and energy efficiency at a competitive price.

Overall, it is a reliable and environmentally conscious choice that provides excellent cooling performance and value for money.

Energy Efficiency
Cooling Power


Thanks to sleek design and fantastic engineering, the Sharp AH-XS5VF 1.5 HP split type inverter is a great cooling option for any household. Energy efficient and affordably-priced, it's a top choice for quality air conditioning.

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