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Samsung AR12TYHYEWKNTC Aircon Review


When you live in a tropical country like the Philippines, figuring out what aircon to buy is one of the earliest financial decisions you’re likely to make. Keeping cool when temperatures can go up as high as 40°C or more is always a top priority. However, finding the right kind of air conditioner is easier said than done, and the journey towards making that decision can be a long one.

An aircon is more than just a one-time investment. It’s an appliance that will see almost daily use for the next several years, and sometimes even longer. When researching on what model to buy, Filipino consumers are looking for more than just an affordable air conditioner price. They’re also looking for energy efficiency, convenience, volume, and more.

There are as many air conditioner types as there are types of Filipino households. Some are built for single units, others for families on a budget, and still others for users who don’t want the hassle of lengthy installations. The technology is also constantly improving, with new models out on the market that promise higher energy efficiency and quieter usage experiences.

About the Samsung AR12TYHYEWKNTC

Samsung AR12TYHYEWKNTC Specs

Shopping for aircon is an elusive search for the best value for money. But if you have the budget for it, why not invest in something that can last forever? You’ll want an aircon that can help reduce energy costs while providing a comfortable, reliable cooling experience in your home.

That’s where the inverter aircon comes in. Aircon inverter technology is the latest evolution in compressor technology. The compressor motor is controlled by the inverter and is thus able to continuously regulate the temperature. Included in the inverter aircon price is an internal variable-frequency drive that is able to convert incoming AC current to DC, and then through modulation produce the desired current.

Inverter aircon also comes with microcontrollers that can sample the ambient air temperature, which then sends a signal to the compressor to increase or reduce speed accordingly. This allows increased efficiency in terms of cooling while reducing load fluctuations and extending the life of the machinery.

Inverter technology is available in both window-type aircon units and split-type aircon units. Both offer their own pros and cons. In particular, however, an aircon split type is quieter due to the compressor being separated from the cooling unit. While a split-type aircon price may be higher than a window unit’s, the lower volume on a split-type allows you to comfortably sleep, relax, and socialize with no interruptions.

When it comes to home appliances, Filipinos know they can trust Samsung. Samsung offers a range of different appliances and gadgets that are all geared towards improving the quality of life. That same principle applies to Samsung aircon units, specifically the Samsung AR12TYHYEWKNTC.

The AR12TYHYEWKNTC is a Samsung aircon inverter split-type unit with Digital Inverter Boost technology. This Digital Inverter Boost technology can help reduce noise and energy consumption by up to 73% compared with conventional Samsung aircon models.

Deciding on the ART12TYHYEWKNTC might give some pause, as a Samsung aircon price, let alone for a split-type inverter, is sure to be higher than an unknown brand’s offerings. However, the benefit of going with a well-known manufacturer like Samsung is the access to post-purchase support like the Samsung aircon service center.

Benefits of the Samsung AR12TYYEWKNTC

Efficiently Engineered

While a standard air conditioner price might set you back a bit in terms of unit price and installation fees, you’ll find that the AR12TYHYEWKNTC will save you more money in the long run. It has neodymium magnets and a Twin Tube Muffler that help it work more efficiently, more quietly, and for longer than your average air conditioner unit.

Thanks to its Digital Inverter Boost technology and new, state-of-the-art design, the Samsung AR12TYHYEWKNTC is able to cool your rooms faster and more efficiently. This model is designed to have a fan that’s 15% wider, an inlet that’s 18% wider, and a blade that’s 31% larger. These elements allow for cool air to be distributed up to 43% faster, reaching up to 15 meters in distance easily.

Hands-Off Cleaning

Split-type inverter aircon units tend to be a bit of an investment, so it’s understandable that Filipino consumers have concerns about longevity and maintenance. The Samsung AR12TYHYEWKNTC lets users rest easy, however, as it’s specially designed to keep in use for longer. While the inverter technology already allows for a longer life than conventional aircon designs, this unit in particular comes with an Auto Clean function.

The Auto Clean function runs immediately once the aircon is powered off. It uses a fan to remove the build-up of dust and moisture on the heat exchanger, allowing the mechanism to stay clean and dry. This is especially important in a tropical country like the Philippines, which has high humidity and a regular monsoon season. The Auto Clean function allows your air conditioner to stay clean regularly, preventing the growth of bacteria and mildew.

Safe and Healthy

The AR12TYHYEWKNTC also comes with an anti-bacterial Easy Plus filter on the top of the unit. The Easy Plus filter is easy to remove and clean and has a dense mesh that protects the Heat Exchanger from dust and dangerous airborne contaminants. This double protection allows your unit to keep working efficiently with minimal interruptions.


This air conditioner also holds up to the tropical lifestyle and is designed for durability. It has better heat exchanger performance thanks to the denser, thicker DuraFin. DuraFin has an improved, corrosion-resistant coating that is able to pass the accelerated Sea Water Acetic Acid Test (SWAAT) for corrosion over 100 days— perfect for an archipelago. It’s also got Triple Protector Plus technology that protects your unit from power surges and fluctuating electricity.

Pros and Cons of Samsung AR12TYYEWKNTC

✔️ Inverter system
✔️ Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 10.94
✔️ Eco-friendly
✔️ Has Remote control
✔️ Quiet mode
✖️ Higher unit price than window type/non-inverter

What People Are Saying About It

The Samsung AR12TYYEWKNTC is a powerful and feature-packed air conditioner suitable for cooling larger spaces. Its exceptional cooling performance, smart capabilities, user-friendly design, and convenient features make it a top choice. With this unit, you can enjoy a comfortable and connected living space while benefitting from Samsung’s reliable craftsmanship.

“Fast cooling and energy efficient”


Where to Buy the Samsung AR12TYYEWKNTC

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If concerns about energy and the environment are a top priority for you, you can rest easy. The AR12TYHYEWKNTC comes with an Eco Mode, which uses less compressor capacity when compared with Normal Mode.

This means you can cool more efficiently on cooler days, and save on electricity bills even more. It also uses environmentally-friendly R32 refrigerant, which is more ozone-friendly than conventional R22 or R410A options.

If you’re looking for an affordable split-type inverter aircon from a reliable brand, it’s hard to go wrong with the Samsung AR12TYYEWKNTC. For the price, you get a ton of different energy- and money-saving features that help ensure a longer life for your unit.

You also get the added benefit of quieter nights, with the aircon noise level going as low as 21 dBA for the indoor unit. All in all, if you’re in the market for a good split-type aircon, this might be the one for you.

Energy Efficiency
Cooling Power


With a quiet, understated performance that nonetheless brings in great energy savings, the Samsung AR12TYYEWKNTC is a great choice for a powerful aircon. It has tons of features and great longevity so you can be sure it's worth the investment.

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JP Reyes

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