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Sharp AH-XS15VF Aircon Review


Making the decision to purchase a new air conditioning unit isn’t always easy. As with any home appliance, air conditioners are an investment. Filipino customers want to put their money into something that’ll not only last for years but save on electricity consumption as well. This can be a tall order, but certain aircon manufacturers are able to meet the challenge.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why buying an aircon can be such a complex decision is the cost. We’re not just talking about upfront cost, which can be steep, but also the daily running costs that you’ll incur for as long as you use your unit.

The Philippines has one of the highest electricity rates in the region, and those rates are further compounded by aircon use. It’s a sad truth that air conditioner usage is often the biggest single appliance load on monthly electricity bills. Estimates from Meralco have air conditioner use costing about Php 4 to Php 20 per hour, depending on the unit’s energy efficiency. This is quite the cost, especially compared with a desk fan that comes in at Php 0.30 per hour.

If air conditioners take such a toll on the energy bill, then why use them? Unfortunately, with temperatures on the rise year after year thanks to climate change, having an aircon Philippines has now become a modern necessity. In order to stay comfortable in the heat and improve their quality of life, more and more households are buying air conditioner units of all kinds.

Since keeping cool is so important, it’s become even more essential that you choose the unit that gives you the best value for money. There are certain factors that every buyer needs to take into account when selecting the best energy-saving air conditioner Philippines, and we’ll go through a few of them today.

The first and most important thing is your unit’s Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). The higher, the better of course— this is the metric that will ensure greater and better energy savings for your household. While there’s a lot of variety in EER among air conditioner types— a non-inverter window type aircon will obviously have a lower EER than an inverter window type aircon— generally a rating of 10.5 or higher is preferred.

About the Sharp AH-XS15VF Aircon

Sharp AH-XS15VF Specs

The next thing you might want to look into is whether or not your unit has inverter technology. Inverter air conditioner tech has been around for a few years now and is slowly becoming the more popular choice thanks to the higher energy savings. Basically, this is a “smarter” air conditioner that speeds up or slows down your compressor according to ambient temperature, instead of maintaining a constant speed. This leads to less energy consumed and better energy efficiency.

However, despite the benefits of inverter technology, it does come with its downsides. The biggest deterrent is, of course, the price. A split-type aircon price, for example, might already be a bit of an investment. A split-type aircon inverter price Philippines, however, is undoubtedly going to be higher. Thus, many buyers might struggle with the age-old question: is it possible to get the energy-saving benefits at an affordable price?

The answer to that is: yes, of course. Sharp proves it perfectly with their Sharp AH-XS15VF split-type inverter. Sharp appliances are already well known for their affordability and quality, so it’s only natural that the same standards apply to their air conditioner line. We’ll go into depth in this Sharp AH-XS15VF aircon review today.

The AH-XS15VF is a split-type inverter that comes with a range of features and benefits. At 1.5 HP, it’s able to comfortably cool a room that’s up to 27 square meters in size. It has a cooling capacity of 12,700, standing head and shoulders above standard window type and non-inverter split type units. This makes it a perfect choice for tropical weather, as it can cool a room faster and more efficiently than other models.

Benefits of the Sharp AH-XS15VF Aircon

Cooler than Cool

Its minimum temperature setting is at a fantastically cool 14°C, lower than the standard 16°C. This means you’re guaranteed a cooler room. If you’re worried about whether this cooler minimum temperature is a waste of money or energy, you don’t have to be. The AH-XS15VF has an EER of 11.87, making it more energy efficient than many comparable units on the market.

Convenient Comfort

With its in-built inverter technology, you can look forward to great savings on your electricity bill. However, that’s not all that the AH-XS15VF has going for it. It’s also got a 12-hour on-and-off timer, allowing you to keep your home cooler throughout the day more conveniently.

Efficient Design

The AH-XS15VF is also designed to cool rooms using the Coanda effect. The Coanda effect increases airflow length by streaming cool air upwards along the ceiling, rather than at the ground. Aiming cool air at the far wall and along the ceiling allows your unit to cool without obstructions like furniture or people, increasing cooling efficiency and temperature distribution simply and cleanly.

More Savings, More Time

That’s not all the AH-XS15VF has up its sleeve. To increase your energy efficiency even more, it also offers an Eco Mode. This Eco Mode lessens the strain on your compressor by choosing a temperature 2°C higher than what you set, but increasing fan speed. The end result is a temperature that feels the same, but keeps your energy use lower and increases your compressor’s longevity.

Quiet and Efficient

If you’re planning on setting up your unit in your bedroom, you can look forward to a good night’s rest. The AH-XS15VF also comes with a Baby Mode and a Best Sleep Mode. These modes are low-noise, and timed to give you the best and most restful sleep possible. Conversely, it’s also got a Powerful Jet Mode, which allows you to cool your room as fast as possible.

Pros and Cons of Sharp AH-XS15VF 1.5 HP

✔️ Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 11.87
✔️ Tons of energy-saving features
✔️ Baby Mode and Best Sleep Mode for restful nights
✖️ Pricier than standard window or non-inverter split types
✖️ Installation can be an extra expense

What People Are Saying About It

The Sharp AH-XS15VF 1.5 HP air conditioner is a powerful and efficient cooling solution for medium-sized rooms. Its robust cooling performance, user-friendly controls, and convenient features make it a practical choice. Whether you need to cool a living room, bedroom, or office space, the AH-XS15VF offers reliable cooling while providing comfort and convenience.

“Efficient and reliable.”


Where to Buy the Sharp AH-XS15VF 1.5 HP

Interested in Sharp AH-XS15VF 1.5 HP? Check out Lazada to get the latest deals and prices.

Visit our website too to learn more about air conditioners.

Sharp AH-XS15VF 1.5 HP split-type inverter aircon

The Sharp AH-XS15VF 1.5 HP split-type inverter aircon offers great savings and long-term energy efficiency for a price that’s more than reasonable.

In fact, with all of the available settings and energy-saving features, you’re actually getting a better performance than with many other models in the same price range.

While this unit is certainly more expensive than, say, a typical non-inverter window type aircon, the benefits make it well worth the investment.

Energy Efficiency
Cooling Power


Thanks to sleek design and fantastic engineering, the Sharp AH-XS5VF 1.5 HP split type inverter is a great cooling option for any household. Energy efficient and affordably-priced, it's a top choice for quality air conditioning.

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