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TCL TAC 06CWM/F 0.6HP Aircon Review


While selecting the right aircon unit may take a lot of time and research, at the end of the day the process is fairly simple. Users want to buy a unit that will ultimately give them great cooling performance at the best value and energy efficiency. The rest— whether to get a window type aircon, split type aircon, or portable aircon— is all up to individual situation and preference.

TCL TAC 06CWM/F Pros and Cons

Budget obviously plays a huge role in the aircon selection process, and it’s not hard to see why. When you buy an air conditioner, you aren’t just making a one-time payment. You’re also setting yourself up for continuous expenses in the future. This is precisely why most people will want to maintain a balance between keeping upfront costs low while investing in energy efficiency.

Buyers will also want to look at how prospective units match up with their own lifestyles and habits. When you’re a small or single-person household, for example, you probably won’t need huge units with high horsepower. Certain units might also need complicated installation processes, which can take time and add to your expenses.

Window Type: A Filipino Favorite

Typically, the first choice for most Filipino buyers when it comes to purchasing an air conditioner is the window type aircon. A window type aircon price is usually more affordable when compared with other models, and can offer energy efficiency at par with other, more expensive units.

Window type aircon dimension and locations are also usually accounted for in many prebuilt units like condominiums. For the most part, developers set aside a specific space on the wall where a window type unit may fit. On the occasions where this isn’t possible, you can easily set aside space in your actual window for your air conditioning unit to fit through.

Although the technology behind air conditioning is constantly changing and improving, there’s a reason why window type aircon inverter and non-inverter units are so popular. In fact, despite the emergence of the split type aircon and the portable aircon, window type units remain top sellers all over the Philippines.

Cost Effective

A large part of what makes window type air conditioners so beloved is their cost-effectiveness. Whether you have an inverter window type aircon or a regular non-inverter, you’ll find that on a whole they’re relatively inexpensive to purchase and run. There’s also a ton of options on the market, so wherever you’ll go you’re sure to find a unit that hits just the right spot between affordability and efficiency.

In fact, although the typical assumption with air conditioners is that they take up a lot of energy, modern window type air conditioners are generally energy efficient. While you’ll of course get top energy savings with an inverter window type aircon, even a non-inverter can come with a high Energy Efficiency Rating (EER). That means less wasted electricity and lower costs for you over the long run, which is an attractive concept for anyone.

A window type is also one of the most convenient options because of how easy it is to install. Inserting the unit into your allotted space is usually fairly simple, and can quickly be accomplished by a technician. If you prefer handling it on your own, your window unit comes with all the parts and instructions needed for installation. Unlike the more complicated split type, you don’t need to worry about meters of tubing and whatnot. Simply pop it into your designated space near the appropriate outlet, follow simple instructions, and you’ll be set.


When it comes to picking the right kind of window unit, sometimes simple is best. Of course, your first instinct might be to go for a well-known brand. A Carrier window type aircon might offer a range of benefits, for example, not least of which is the parts and post-purchasing services. Or you might want to go for an LG window type aircon, which has features that are right up your alley.

While picking a popular brand may be your first option, it won’t always be the smartest one. After all, even a great brand may have a few options that just aren’t meeting your needs. That’s why you need to take a look at even the lesser known options like a TCL aircon.

TCL is a Chinese company that was founded in 1981. While the company was first concerned with the production of recording tapes, the business soon expanded to include telephones, television sets, home appliances, and air conditioners. The company’s air conditioner division was founded in 1991. Today, TCL produces millions of air conditioning units per year.

Affordability in Just the Right Size

In today’s TCL aircon review, we’ll be talking about one unit in particular: the TCL TAC 06CWM/F 0.6 HP. Coming in at around a little over Php 10,000, this is one of the more affordable window type units on the market. At 0.6 HP, it may not be the best option if you’re looking for something that can cool your whole house, but it’s just the right size for smaller areas like condominiums.

Energy Efficient and Long-Lasting

With its in-built inverter technology, you can look forward to great savings on your electricity bill. However, that’s not all that the AH-XS15VF has going for it. It’s also got a 12-hour on and off timer, allowing you to keep your home cooler throughout the day more conveniently.

Solid Performance

Although the overall set up of the TAC 06CWM/F is fairly simple, it does come with features that can offer a solid performance over years. The unit doesn’t come with a remote, but it does offer fast cooling and auto restart, which can go a ways in ensuring better, more efficient performance despite the unit’s manual settings.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

In terms of maintenance, this air conditioner has an easy to clean filter mesh, with parts that are treated for anti-mildew. It also comes with a 5-in-1 health filter that filters out pollutants and dust that might otherwise negatively affect your health. Additionally, the TAC 06CWM/F has hydrophilic coated fins, which allow for a faster and more even spread of condensate, which in turn increases cooling efficiency.

Solid, Affordable Choice

Although it’s certainly not the most technologically advanced or efficient unit on the market, if you’re looking for a combination of efficiency and price the TCL TAC 06CWM/F 0.6 HP aircon is certainly a good enough choice. It has a respectable EER, with a price that’s more affordable than other units’ on the market. While it might not be as easy to get your unit serviced, TCL does offer a decent warranty on parts and the compressor.

On the whole, if you’re looking for an air conditioner that can pull its weight in a small area for an affordable price, the TAC 06CWM/F 0.6 HP is a good bet. It’s no frills and gets the job done, and you might even save more on energy costs in the long run. If you’re willing to take a chance on a lesser known brand, then TCL might be the aircon you’re looking for.

Energy Efficiency
Cooling Power


Efficient, affordable, and cool enough to keep any household comfortable. The TCL TAC 06WM/F 0.6 HP puts in a solid performance for a window type aircon. While there may be better options out there, this one holds its own as a pretty good choice.

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JP Reyes

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