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TCL TAC-12CPA/W Aircon Review


Buying aircon in the Philippines isn’t an easy choice, and it’s not just because of budget limitations. A tropical country like the Philippines, where temperatures can soar into the 40° C range, means that there’s a huge market for air conditioners. Whether you’re looking for a split-type inverter aircon, window-type aircon price, or something a little more portable, you can be sure that somewhere out there is the right aircon for you.

Deciding on what kind of aircon to invest in can be the lengthiest part of the whole process. After all, there must be hundreds of different models available, all at different price points. No two households in the country are exactly alike, which makes it so much harder when trying to collect information on what the right aircon is for your own.

Air conditioner needs can vary from household to household. There are a ton of factors you need to carefully consider, including the size of your desired cooling area and the cooling efficiency of the unit. Things like horsepower, energy efficiency, and quietness are all important factors that can go into determining whether an air conditioner is the right fit for you.

While most people will think of standard window or split-type units when purchasing an aircon, those aren’t the only options available. For users who don’t want to pay hefty installation fees or would simply rather take a DIY approach to set up their units, a portable aircon might be the best option.

Despite the larger market share of window type and split type aircon, the portable air conditioner isn’t actually a recent invention. In fact, one of the earliest air conditioners was a portable, in-window air conditioner invented by Robert Sherman in 1945.

Portable air conditioner units are easily transportable and don’t need to rely on a single fixed installation area. Many portable aircon Philippines models are available in the country, and a portable aircon price can be cheaper when compared to split-type aircon. If installation is what you’re worried about, many units come with simple, easy-to-install window kits. These kits help reduce the waste heat generated in your home and can go a long way in maximizing the cooling efficiency of your portable aircon.

Portable aircon does have its downsides, however, which is why it’s important to research carefully before making your decision. First off, these units have a somewhat limited cooling range due to their small size and closer to the floor location. Thus, you may experience cooling in certain areas only. They can also be noisier than split-type air conditioners, given that their compressors are located within the home instead of outside. If you’re a light sleeper, this might be a particular downside.

About the TCL TAC-12CPA/W

TCL TAC09CPA/W 1.0HP Portable Aircon


Still, there are many advantages to portable aircon. Not least of these advantages is the fact that you can easily install and uninstall them whenever you like. This is great for people who want a bit more flexibility in their cool areas, or who foresee that they’ll be moving households more frequently than usual. They’re also great options for people who occasionally need the extra cooling boost, as they can be easily packed away when not in use.

If you’ve decided that a portable air conditioner is exactly what you need, then the next step is figuring out where to get one. While it’s easy to pick out the big-name brands for split or window-type air conditioners, a portable aircon brand is a little harder to find. Buyers can turn to Dowel portable aircon units, Union portable aircon units, or, as you’ll see in today’s review, TCL portable aircon models.

Trying to find the right portable aircon for sale can be tough if you’re not sure where to start, which is why customers can start off their search with TCL. A TCL portable aircon is readily available at most major appliance stores and can be a great first choice for many buyers for a host of different reasons. We’ll cover a few of those reasons in this TCL portable aircon review today.

One of the most popular TCL air conditioner units available in the Philippine market is the TCL TAC-12CPA/W portable air conditioner. Available at 1.5 HP, this unit is available for around Php 20,000 SRP and comes with a remote control and single-hose exhaust system. The single-hose exhaust system comes with window sliders and an outlet, with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions for installation.

Benefits of the TCL TAC-12CPA/W Portable Air Conditioner

Top Efficiency

The TAC-12CPA/W has a rated cooling capacity of 12,600 kJ/h, making it appropriate for an area of 18-28 meters. Its power consumption comes in at around 1100 Watts, while its Energy Efficiency Ratio scores at 10.9. Overall, it’s one of the more efficient portable air conditioners on the market, so you don’t have to worry about too much-wasted energy.

Efficient Refrigerant

After installation, you’ll have to wait for around 6 hours for the unit’s refrigerant to settle before using it. The TCL TAC-12CPA/W uses R-410A refrigerant, which is a more reliable and energy-efficient option. R-410A is a hydro-fluorocarbon (HFC), which does not contribute to ozone depletion. It absorbs and releases more heat, reducing the chances of your unit compressor succumbing to compressor burnout.

Faster, Quieter, Cleaner

The TAC-12CPA/W promises faster cooling with lower noise. It comes with a 3 in 1 special health filter that includes a HEPA filter, photocatalyst filter, active carbon filter, and silver ion filter. This allows your unit to perform double duty as an air conditioner and an air purifier.

While the TAC-12CPA/W does promise lower noise, it should be noted that the official noise ranges of the unit are around 50-55 dB(A). Specifically, the unit on the high setting scores a 54 dB(A), the medium setting is 52 dB(A), and the lowest setting is 50 dB(A). While this is still well within the range of comfortable noise, light sleepers should take note and compare it with other units before buying.

Easy Peasy

This TCL portable air conditioner offers users efficient dehumidification and comes with a self-evaporation system. This means you don’t have to worry too much about water collecting in your unit. It also has a fan mode, sleep mode, and 24-hour timer, all of which are easily controllable via the included remote control.

Great Performance

Overall, as you can see in this TCL portable air conditioner review, the TCL TAC-12CPA/W offers a solid performance. Although the price may be a little steeper than many air conditioners, in this case, you’ll be investing in efficiency and quality. And while portable aircon may not be for everyone, TCL goes to some lengths to ensure that the user experience for the TAC-12CPA/W is cool and convenient.

Pros and Cons of TCL TAC-12CPA/W Portable Air Conditioner

✔️ Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 10.9
✔️ Self-evaporation system
✔️ 3-in-1 special health filter
✖️ Maximum cooling in specific spots only
✖️ Waiting time before use

What People Are Saying About It

The TCL TAC-12CPA/W is a trustworthy and efficient air conditioner that delivers on its promises. Its cooling performance, energy efficiency, user-friendly design, and convenient features make it a reasonable choice.

“For my kids study room, it was powerful enough to cool the room.”

gigi – ABenson

Where to Buy the TCL TAC-12CPA/W Portable Air Conditioner

TCL TAC09CPA/W 1.0HP Portable Aircon

Check the best prices for the TCL TAC-12CPA/W Portable Air Conditioner on Lazada.

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TCL TAC09CPA/W 1.0HP Portable Aircon

TCL TAC-12CPA/W Portable Air Conditioner

The TCL TAC-12CPA/W is a highly energy-efficient air conditioner with an impressive Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 10.9. It provides maximum cooling in specific areas, allowing you to target and cool specific spots according to your needs. The self-evaporation system eliminates the need for manual draining, making maintenance hassle-free.

While there might be a waiting time before use as the unit powers on, it quickly provides effective cooling once it starts operating. Additionally, the air conditioner features a 3-in-1 special health filter, promoting cleaner and healthier air by removing dust, allergens, and pollutants.

Overall, the TCL TAC-12CPA/W is a reliable and energy-saving choice that ensures spot cooling, convenient operation, and improved indoor air quality.

Energy Efficiency
Cooling Power


One of the most energy efficient portable air conditioners around, the TCL TAC-12CPA/W is a great choice for any household. If you want efficiency and flexibility all in one package, then this is the air conditioner for you.

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