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Whirlpool SIA120B IN Aircon Review


It’s a pretty well-known fact that Filipinos are family-oriented. While many people, like young professionals working in the city, may choose to live alone, the fact of the matter is that the majority of Filipinos live in bigger households. And when that happens, a regular air conditioner won’t cut it. Philippine consumers dealing with this issue will want a cooling solution that’s powerful yet efficient enough to cool their homes while keeping energy expenses low. And if there’s one aircon that’s up for the task, it’s the Whirlpool SIA120B IN 1.5 HP.

When you’re shopping around for aircon review Philippines options, it can be difficult to find an air conditioner that promises powerful cooling and means it. Coupled with one of the highest electricity rates in the region, Filipino consumers often have to choose between powerful cooling and energy efficiency.

While a powerful compressor and multi-purpose operation are always a plus, at the end of the day consumers are looking for one thing: energy efficiency. There’s no point in buying an air conditioner if it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg in monthly electricity expenses. Plus, with growing concerns over the state of the climate, Filipino buyers are looking for more than just a cooling solution.

Inverter technology is far and beyond the most popular energy efficiency option, and it’s not hard to see why. Available in window-type inverter aircon form or split-type inverter aircon form, inverters allow compressors to adjust their speed depending on the temperature of the room. That means a split-type inverter aircon won’t waste energy cooling down an already cool room, saving you on electricity expenses in the long run.

The Whirlpool SIA120B IN 1.5 HP does away with that choice. Instead of forcing buyers to pick a side, it instead provides all of the above and more, with a range of features that any user would love to have in their home. Not convinced? Take a look at the rest of our Whirlpool SIA120B IN 1.5 HP review below for more information.

About the Whirlpool SIA120B IN

Whirlpool SIA120B IN Specs

It’s true that the Whirlpool SIA120B IN might have a bit of a steep price compared to other non-inverter and non-split type units. Split-type inverter aircon price ranges tend to skew high, but buyers will find that the upfront expense often evens out into energy savings over the years. If you’re willing to invest in a unit that will bring you better returns as time passes, then the price of a SIA120B IN might not be so bad.

Benefits of the Whirlpool SIA120B IN

Top-Tier Energy Efficiency

Of course, one of the things that makes the SIA120B IN stand out from the crowd is its incredible energy efficiency. Not only does the SIA120B IN come with the latest InverterPlus technology, but it also uses energy-efficient R410a refrigerant. Not only that, it also has an incredible 1 W standby function, which keeps your aircon ready to use without wasting electricity.

With a cooling capacity of 12000 Btu/h and a rated input of 1138 W, it has an incredible Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) of 11.26— far higher than many other 1.5 HP models on the market. All of these total a whopping 60% higher energy savings, which is definitely worth the investment.

Maximum Temperature Control

The Whirlpool SIA120B IN doesn’t just promise incredible energy savings, it also allows a more accurate and efficient cooling experience. It comes with AccuTemp Control, which enables your unit to cool to the precise degree that you set it to. Although the “real feel” of an air conditioner can vary according to the room— higher ceilings, sunny windows, and other heating sources can affect your aircon performance, for example— the Whirlpool SIA120B IN allows for a more accurate and efficient cooling process.

Clean Living

Modern air conditioners often perform a variety of functions in the household, and the SIA120B IN is no different. It comes with a dehumidifier function and a 3-in-1 filter (formaldehyde filter, silver ion filter, acarus filter). This filter protects you and your household from harmful formaldehyde, which can poison our cells, as well as dust mites and much more. This ensures that you’re breathing in safe, clean air whenever your aircon is turned on.

Hands-Free Management

The Whirlpool SIA120B IN comes with a remote control, which makes managing your settings much easier. That’s not the only thing it has going for it, however. It also comes with its own auto-clean function and self-diagnosis function. This means that your aircon can detect when it needs to self-clean, so you don’t need to constantly hire professionals to do it for you.

Pros and Cons of Whirlpool SIA120B IN

✔️EER of 11.26 Btu/h
✔️Tons of cooling features
✔️Quality make and manufacturing
✖️ Pricier than many other aircon units
✖️ Requires professional installation

What People Are Saying About It

The Whirlpool SIA120B IN air conditioner offers reliable cooling performance, user-friendly controls, and energy-saving features. It is designed for small to medium-sized rooms and provides efficient cooling for a comfortable indoor environment.

“Fast and efficient cooling. Although its a bit pricey”


Where to Buy the Whirlpool SIA120B IN

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Whirlpool SIA120B IN

Whirlpool always promises quality, and the SIA120B IN is no different. Not only does it come with the most advanced inverter technology, but it’s also got a gold fin condenser.

A gold fin condenser does not rust, which protects the coils in your condenser from acids, water, rust, and much more. This ensures that your unit is longer lasting, with no more fears about having to replace parts within a year or two even in Philippine humidity.

If you’re looking to cool a bigger room or have a larger household, then the Whirlpool SIA120B IN is absolutely worth the investment. Although the upfront cost can be pretty steep at almost Php 40,000, the range of features, incredible energy savings, and quality parts make it a purchase that’s worthwhile.

Energy Efficiency
Cooling Power


With an incredible range of features and top-notch energy efficiency, the powerful Whirlpool SIA120B IN 1.5 HP split type inverter aircon is a great choice for bigger households and rooms. The rather steep upfront price is balanced out thanks to technology and manufacturing that promises up to 60% in energy savings. Definitely worth the investment.

Total Rating

JP Reyes

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