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Split Type Aircon Installation Price in the Philippines


Uncontrollable heat and humidity in the Philippines can be unbearable to some, so we need the most convenient way to ventilate our rooms. Since we all want to be safe from all sorts of indoor air pollution, purchasing an air conditioning unit can contribute to a healthier living environment. 

The installation of a split-type unit can be dangerous, so paying a visit to a professional will get you exactly what you need — a qualified expert who knows how to install your split-type AC unit perfectly.

How to Install a Split-Type Air Conditioner?

installation price

After buying an air conditioning unit, the installation process is the next thing to prepare for. 

Installing an air conditioning unit requires hard work because of its intricacy and weight, so people opt to pay the price of hiring a service provider. But if you are curious about the installation process of split-type AC units in your home, here’s the step-by-step procedure:

  • Position the evaporator unit of the air conditioner in the desired wall inside your home
  • Mount the bracket and find a location for the compressor unit outside your home. Next, make a wall penetration for the refrigeration and water condensate lines.
  • After that, connect the refrigeration line using a spanner.
  • Connect the vacuum pump through the compressor and open the low-pressure gauge valve. 
  • Run the vacuum pull for 30 minutes to evacuate all the water vapor from the copper lines of the unit. 
  • Braze the mechanical connection with solder to guarantee zero leaks to the floor.
  • At this point, the valve for the low-pressure gauge must be closed.
  • Gas the valve to open the gauge fully. After it registers the pressure, you can now remove the vacuum pump.
  • Disconnect the manifold from the compressor unit since the refrigerant will spurt out. 
  • Power up the air conditioning unit to cool your home.

Average Installation Cost of Split-Type Air Conditioner

Split-type air conditioning units are generally more cost-effective than other types of air conditioners. These units can help you save money on your electricity bill and limit your carbon footprint since most of them are now environment-friendly. 

The price range for installing a split-type AC unit in the Philippines ranges from Php 8,000 to Php 20,000. The pricing of split units can also determine if the service is free. However, there are different factors that will influence the difference in pricing.

Here are the key things that affect the price of the service in installing your split-type air conditioner:

Number of Units

A regular home requires one unit per room, so more indoor units can make a difference in the installation costs.

Generally, the service has a one-year warranty with a free site visit to check the number of units of your air conditioner and the ventilation of your room. Technicians will also give you a new circuit breaker for your air conditioner. 

Type of Components

Most manufacturers of split-type air conditioners have a standard outdoor condenser for each system. However, several options are available on where and how the condenser is mounted. This will make a difference in terms of installation price.

In addition, different models of indoor units may be more or less expensive. You can also get a free installation service depending on the aircon manufacturer.

Unit Size

Split-type air conditioners are rated in tons or BTUs based on how much air they can cool the room in an hour. For example, one ton stands for every 500 to 600 square feet.

Can I Get a Free Installation Service?

Some split-type air conditioner brands are offering free installation to consumers. However, the masonry, electrical works, and materials are not included in the package.

Apart from the free installation, some manufacturers offer free delivery within the Philippines. However, please note that delivery and installation dates will be scheduled separately. The store will send you a notice for the expected schedules.

Final Thoughts

Split-type air conditioner units have higher capacities than other types of air conditioners. They can easily make the room cool and is cost-effective. In addition, users can sleep well throughout the night because of their easy and quiet operation. The unique functions and convenience of split-type units make them the best bet for homeowners. 

Contact your local manufacturer for the prices of split-type air conditioners and request a free installation if possible. 

For easier and more accessible guides, just visit our website, Aircon Experts.

JP Reyes

JP has been in the aircon industry for almost as long as he has been alive. As a child JP would help his tatay fix aircon units at their junk shop in Cavite. After graduating UP in the early 2000's, JP then started his own Aircon servicing business and within 5 years had 10 shops in 8 different cities. Fast forward to today and JP brings all his experience and expertise online to give readers trustworthy advice and reviews about Air-conditioning buying, servicing, cleaning and repair in the Philippines.

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