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Carrier PDCAR009CO Aircon Review


In a tropical country like the Philippines, where temperatures can climb past 40°C and humidity is a constant concern, staying cool is a top priority. While average temperatures can change depending on what region of the country you’re living in, more urbanized areas might find that purchasing an air conditioner is a necessary expense. In this Carrier aircon review, you’ll find information about a slightly uncommon but no less useful cooling unit: the Carrier PDCAR009CO.

Carrier PDCAR009CO Pros and Cons

With there being such a huge market for air conditioning units in the Philippines, customers looking to buy their first unit are spoiled for choice. You can pick between a window type aircon, split type aircon, or portable aircon. There’s also the option of an inverter window type aircon, or you can look into the split type aircon inverter price Philippines.

Many Filipinos may choose to live a more transient lifestyle for whatever reason, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t also deserve a cooler home. For users who foresee a need to move around, who desire flexibility, or who simply don’t want a permanent fixture in their homes, the portable aircon is the most attractive option.

Less Energy Efficient

When searching for a portable aircon, you’ll notice that it has its own pros and cons. A portable aircon Philippines will generally be less energy efficient, for one thing. This is because, unlike window type or split type aircons, their waste heat is generated indoors. This means that they have to work harder at cooling the same space, taking up more British Thermal Units (BTUs) and electricity.

The second downside is that a portable air conditioner can get pretty loud. Unlike a split type inverter, for example, which has half of its machinery outside, the machinery of a floor standing aircon is inside your home. This unfortunately means that you may have to deal with some noise inside the room that you’re cooling.

Energy Efficient Inverter Technology

However, portable aircons also have their benefits. The first is that they free up window space, especially in smaller apartment sor condo units. Rather than losing a whole window panel to your aircon, you have the freedom to move your unit as you wish. This also helps you keep the natural light in your room and unit.

If heat is an issue, most portable aircon units come with exhaust hoses. You can divert the warm waste air from the unit to the outside by making use of a ventilation system and window kit. Simply attach the system to your cooling unit at one end, and the window kit with the hose at the other.

Portable air conditioners are also quick and easy to set up. You can literally start using them out of the box— no complicated assembly and installation required. Simply follow the instructions and attach your window kit and you can start cooling your area as soon as possible.

Looking for portable aircon will bring up a range of different models that all have their strengths and weaknesses. However, if you’re looking to invest in a portable air conditioner, it’s best to go with a trusted brand. Anyone looking for a cooling unit will know that they’re in good hands with Carrier aircon Philippines.

Carrier PDCAR009CO Specs

A Carrier aircon is reliable, affordable, and more energy efficient than other brands. The Carrier PDCAR009CO is a Carrier portable aircon that comes in two models: the 1.0 HP and the 1.5 HP. While both units are non-inverter, you can still count on Carrier to give you reliable, consistent performance over years of use.

Easy to Learn Installation

The PDCAR009CO comes with an installation kit to help you integrate it seamlessly into your home. The installation kit includes an exhaust hose, window slider, and window seal. Installing the kit allows you to divert warm waste air outside your home, while preventing cool air from going out. It’s quick and easy to install, and can be done completely at your convenience. No more waiting for technicians to come and do the setting up for you.

The included exhaust hose has a diameter of 150mm and a length of 500mm when compressed, and up to 1.5mm when extended. Water does need to be drained out of the 1.0 HP unit. An indicator will flash to alert you when it needs to be drained. However, the 1.5 HP unit does not need to be manually drained, and comes with a water pump features that does it for you automatically.

Spot Cooling

A Carrier floor standing aircon Philippines works as a spot cooler. This means that only specific areas of the room will feel maximum cooling. The cool air can be distributed by means of a fan or other air circulation device. This does mean, however, that there are factors to consider (i.e. room size, heat load, number of people, etc.) in determining the best position for your portable aircon.

Check Your Room Size

In general, Carrier air conditioner Philippines recommends that the 1.0 HP unit be used for rooms up to 13 sq. meters. The 1.5 HP can be used for rooms up to 18 sq. meters. While overall cooling will of course vary according to different factors, that information can be helpful in determining which unit to invest in.

Electrical Tips

The PDCAR009CO doesn’t require a special socket for use. It comes with a regular three-pronged plug, similar to the plug of your laptop. While use of an AVR or circuit breaker is not mandatory, it is recommended to extend the life of your unit.

The electricity consumption of the 1.0 HP unit stands at a cooling capacity of 9500 kj/h, 1300 input (W), and 5.7 current (A). The 1.5 HP unit, in comparison, has 12600 kj/h, 1345 input (W), and 5.9 current (A). Compared to a standard Carrier window type aircon, the PDCAR009CO has a higher cooling capacity and higher input.

Good for Smaller Spaces

A Carrier standing aircon price is more or less comparable to a split type aircon inverter price Philippines. It has a lower Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER), and may take more energy to cool a room when compared with other aircon types. However, a portable aircon can be a great investment for Filipinos in smaller apartment spaces, or those who might move more often than usual.

Investing in a portable air conditioner isn’t the standard choice, but it can be beneficial depending on your situation. If you’re particularly mobile and live in a smaller space, then looking into a portable aircon might be the right choice for you. Check the best prices for the Carrier PDCAR009CO Aircon on Lazada.

Energy Efficiency
Cooling Power


With a somewhat lower EER and a steeper price than most units, the Carrier PDCAR009CO might not be the most efficient model on the market. However, it promises powerful cooling for a portable air conditioner, as well as flexibility and convenience.

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