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NexFan 3X Ultra Air Cooler Review


What’s better than looking for cool air on a standard desk fan for relief on scorching days? The answer lies in the innovation of a highly affordable portable AC. A portable cooling product can deliver fresh, cold air, and some even allow for the infusion of ice cubes or essential oils to enhance the cooling experience. 

Joining the ranks of other portable coolers is the NexFan Ultra-portable cooler powered by USB charging, a portable AC poised to redefine your perception of cool comfort.

In a market where innovation is critical, the NexFan Ultra sets itself apart with its triple cooling technology, promising an efficient and refreshing airflow. Gone are the days of relying solely on standard fans or other portable air conditioners – this mini portable air cooler is designed to elevate your summer experience. 

So, what makes the NexFan Ultra stand out? Let’s delve into this honest NexFan Ultra review and discuss its unique features and performance.

About the NexFan 3X Ultra Air Cooler



Model NumberTV358
ColorWhite, Black
Product Dimensions14.4 × 16.1 × 15.9 cm
Weight0.2 kg
Power10 watts
Voltage100 – 240V, 50-60 Hz
Product AccessoriesUSB Charging Line
Built-in ice box

Introducing the NexFan Ultra-portable air cooler, a cutting-edge cooling solution combining sleek design and powerful functionality. This portable device operates at a mere 10w, striking the perfect balance between energy efficiency and effective cooling. Available in chic black or pristine white, the NexFan Ultra-portable air cooler boasts a tank capacity of 500ml, allowing for sustained cooling without constant refilling.

With three adjustable fan gears and a wind speed of 80 cubic feet per minute (CFM) at 2.4-3 meters per second, the NexFan Ultra air cooler ensures a customized and refreshing airflow tailored to your preferences. You can enjoy a suitable micro-climate, natural air, and cold wind with the smell of essential oil in this cooler. You can add water, ice cubes, and oil in very unscientific measurements without worrying about the cooling.  

Conveniently powered through a Micro USB interface, this air cooler is not just a functional cooling device; it’s a stylish, targeted home office air conditioner, promising cool comfort in the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing way. Additional wet curtains are not included.

In this NexFan Ultra review, we’ll discuss its features, cooling systems, and more. 

NexFan 3X Ultra Air Cooler Features

NexFan 3X Ultra Air Cooler Review

The NexFan Ultra cooler is designed to not only beat the heat but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space; it introduces a new era of cool comfort. Let’s delve into the standout features that make this air cooler a game-changer.

Aesthetic Appeal

The NexFan 3X Ultra-portable air cooler is not just a cooling device; it’s a statement piece. With a sleek and modern design available in black and white options, it effortlessly integrates into your surroundings, adding a touch of sophistication to any room. 

Beyond its cooling capabilities, the NexFan Ultra air cooler complements your decor, making functionality a stylish affair. It has seven LED lights to choose from, the outside has a minimalistic power indicator (you can choose from high to low fan power), and inside, it has a hidden foam pad and a tray to put in the water, oil, and ice cubes in.

Triple Cooling Technology

The NexFan Ultra-portable air cooler uses triple cooling technology and the thermoelectric cooling principle. It uses both the DC or direct current and cooler current. With three adjustable wind speed modes, this device ensures optimal airflow, delivering efficient and widespread cooling within 5 feet of the unit. 

The adjustable fan speeds cater to individual preferences, providing a personalized cooling experience that differentiates it from conventional cooling solutions. 

However, remember it doesn’t have the same cooling power as a real air conditioning system. It’s best to use this on a small targeted space alongside your home office air conditioner for better cold and fresh surroundings.

UVC Sterilization

Health-conscious consumers will appreciate the UVC sterilization feature that is claimed to be integrated into the NexFan Ultra-portable air cooler. Utilizing UVC light, known for its bacteria and virus elimination properties. 

This device claims that it not only cools the air but also contributes to a cleaner and healthier environment, helping you breathe fresh air. They also claim that NexFan Ultra can filter dust particles. The NexFan Ultra-portable air cooler prioritizes both comfort and well-being.

Smart Features and User-Friendly Interface

Elevating user experience, the NexFan Ultra Air Cooler incorporates intelligent features and a user-friendly interface. The control panel and remote control provide easy access to settings, while the LED display offers real-time information. 

Additional features, such as a timer and sleep mode, enhance convenience, making the NexFan Ultra-portable air cooler a seamless and enjoyable cooling companion.

Versatility and Portability

The NexFan Ultra-portable air cooler introduces a new level of versatility and portability. Its compact size makes it easy to move from room to room, ensuring you can enjoy all the cooling inclinations you have and inhale fresh air wherever you need it the most. 

Besides the normal cooling mode and UVC sterilization, it also has a humidification cooling mode. One such cooler like this is so versatile that it hits all your needs, providing a comprehensive solution for various cooling and quality requirements. Although it doesn’t have a rechargeable battery feature, it’s still a good option as a cheap cooler. The NexFan Ultra is not confined to a space; it adapts to your lifestyle, providing cool comfort on demand.

Pros and Cons of the NexFan 3X Ultra Air Cooler

✔️ Triple cooling technology
✔️ Built-in ice tray
✔️ Aesthetically pleasing
✔️ Versatile
✖️ Reports of flimsy material
✖️ There are better models for the same price
✖️ Doesn't have UVC sterilization as advertised
✖️ Some reviews stated it's noisy
✖️ It doesn't cool as advertised

Can NexFan Cool a Room?

The NexFan is designed to cool small spaces and act as a targeted home office air conditioner. It can provide a noticeable cooling effect in a confined or smaller room. However, it may not be as potent in cooling larger spaces as other air coolers designed for that purpose.

Its optimal performance is generally within a limited range, approximately cooling the area up to 5 feet in front of the unit. For users with compact living spaces, targeted cooling needs, or looking for a small home office air conditioner, the NexFan could be a suitable and energy-efficient option to help your room and other environmental factors cooler. 

Some users exclaimed that the hot room temperature diminished in their 60+ square feet of space, while others claimed that it couldn’t even cool 60 square feet of space.

Is NexFan Noisy?

The noise level of the NexFan has sparked mixed reviews among users. While some report minimal noise and find it acceptable, others perceive it as noisy. Despite the unit being advertised to produce sound levels under 68 decibels (dB), individual perceptions of noise can vary. 

Factors such as personal sensitivity to sound, the acoustics of the room, and the chosen fan speed may contribute to differing opinions on the noise level. Potential users should consider their preferences and tolerance for noise when evaluating the NexFan.

Can You Save on Electricity Bills with NexFan Ultra Portable Air Cooler?

Yes. If you need to pay hefty electricity bills during the hot season and you want to resolve electricity consumption, then you might appreciate this USB-charging, cost-saving cooler. Although it’s not a unique battery-powered device, its battery power only consumes 10,000 mAh for 12 hours. 

In the Philippines, we’re paying utility bills on a basis called variable rate energy. We have off-peak hours and months where we pay less; on peak hours, we spend more. You don’t have to think about off-peak hours to avoid increased electricity bills.  Overcome variable rate pricing and enjoy simply a solitary filling with the NexFan Ultra.

What People Are Saying About It

Many users find the NexFan Ultra portable AC comforting in hot weather, prioritizing energy efficiency. However, some users note worries about the device’s durability due to perceived flimsy materials, express dissatisfaction with its cooling capacity, and critique the excessively bright color options. 

Additionally, uncertainties persist about the air purification feature, with users questioning its effectiveness in enhancing the overall air breeze.

“I rate the product 5/10 since it is cheap and it does exhaust cold air, but not what I expected based on their advertisement. Also, for its price of 1000 PHP each, I don’t think it’s that valuable. There are other air coolers cheaper than this that can do the same.”

Reviewer – The Sky’s Corner

Where to Buy the NexFan 3X Ultra Air Cooler

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Visit our website, too, to learn more about air conditioners.

NexFan 3X Ultra Air Cooler

In this NexFan Ultra review, we can say that we appreciate its sleek design and triple cooling technology, which provide an aesthetically pleasing and efficient cooling experience.

The device’s versatility, portability, and intelligent features like UVC sterilization make it a promising choice for those seeking a modern and effective cooling solution.

However, user feedback indicates a spectrum of experiences. Some NexFan Ultra reviews appreciate its comforting coolness during hot weather, especially in its commitment to energy efficiency.

Nevertheless, some NexFan Ultra reviews stated their concerns about the durability of the materials, leading to perceptions of flimsiness. Some users express disappointment with the cooling capacity, seeking more effective temperature control.

The excessively bright color options may be a matter of personal taste, impacting the overall appeal for specific users. Additionally, uncertainties linger about the air purification feature, prompting questions about its efficacy in enhancing air quality.

In weighing these aspects, the NexFan Ultra-portable air cooler stands as a stylish and versatile cooling solution, though user experiences vary, highlighting areas for potential improvement.



Immerse yourself in the future of cooling technology with the Nexfan 3X Ultra Air Cooler, a sleek and innovative device that promises to redefine the way you experience coolness at home or in the office.

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