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LG LA150RC Aircon Review


The LG LA150RC Aircon is another addition to LG’s growing window-type AC collection. The cooling system for this unit is known for its anti-corrosive golden fin condenser, which helps improve the users’ health by keeping the room allergen-free. While it has textbook features for an air conditioner, its Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) is 11.0 kj/hW. This makes the unit on par with the other leading air conditioning unit brands nowadays.

But as a standard window-type air conditioner, what gives the LG LA150RC Aircon an edge over its competitors? Find out in this review.

About the LG LA150RC Aircon

LG LA150RC Aircon


Model Number LA150RC
Product Dimensions600 x 380 x 567 (mm)
Weight25 kg
Energy Efficiency Ratio11.0 KJ/hw
Cooling Capacity12,500 Kj/h
Product AccessoriesRemote control
User’s manual

LG Corporation is a South-Korean electronics manufacturer that is known for its state-of-the-art AC units. Its air conditioners are incredibly reliable in providing the desired cooling experience for consumers for a long period. This stands true as the LA150RC displays a cooling capacity of 12,500 Kj/h while keeping the electricity bill economic.

LG LA150RC Aircon Features

LG LA150RC Aircon

Unlike most manual window-AC units, the LG LA150RC Aircon has a remote control for more convenient operation. However, its most appealing feature is the nano-gold filter. But how does this setting work alongside its other perks?

Golden Protection

The LG LA150RC Aircon utilizes a nano-gold filter that is capable of absorbing and dispersing bacteria and other pathogens in the air. In a more technical sense, this type of technology uses a powerful electrostatic charge to clean harmful allergens in the room. Not only will it produce cold air, but it also ensures that the circulated air is safe to breathe.

On the other hand, the LA150RC also uses an anti-corrosive golden fin condenser. In layman’s terms, the condenser coils are coated with golden anti-corrosive protectant which prevents the immediate deterioration of coils due to moisture build-up. It works perfectly with hydrophilic condensers by improving the heat exchange cycle inside the room.

Cooler Air on the Way

The LG LA150RC Aircon is great for bedrooms and small apartments because of its auto-swing and air deflection feature. When an air conditioner has an auto-swing mode, it helps guide the direction of the airflow to and from the vent of the unit. Auto-swing directs the passage of the hot and cold air through the vents, all the way to the front of the AC. Thus, the room will immediately be filled with cooler air.

In addition, the air deflection feature of this window-type unit prevents the re-circulation of indoor air. This allows the moisture to be effectively released outside of the house, leaving only fresh air to circulate indoors. Its fans can also operate in high, medium, or low cool settings. The thermostat will keep this feature in check by maintaining the cycle in the compressor on and off, to keep the temperature in the room at a more comfortable level.

Energy-Saving Technology

Consumers can also set the cooling duration to save more energy and to properly cool the room according to its temperature for the day. The LG LA150RC Aircon can run on an energy-saving mode, which optimizes power consumption for a better cooling experience. This technology will automatically turn off both the circulation and exhaust fans when the compressor is no longer running.

Moreover, the energy-saving mode also works by taking at least 30 minutes to adjust the room temperature to the desired coolness. The compressor will automatically turn every 3 minutes to check if there is a need to adjust the temperature again.

Pros and Cons of the LG LA150RC Aircon

✔️ Auto-swing mode
✔️ Has an air deflector
✔️ Nano-gold filter
✔️ Anti-corrosive golden fin condenser
✔️ Fit for small apartment and bedroom
✔️ Energy-saving mode
✖️ Quite expensive

What People Are Saying About It

The reviews on the LG LA150RC Aircon are a bit scarce, but the general feedback of most people is that it has an adjustable and powerful cooling function.

‘The house is immediately filled with cold air after a few minutes of turning it on. It’s a good unit to purchase if you’re planning to buy from a good aircon brand.’

Reviewer – TipidPC

Where to Buy the LG LA150RC Aircon

LG LA150RC Aircon

Check out the LG LA150RC Aircon on Lazada to get the latest deals and prices.

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LG LA150RC Aircon


The LG LA150RC is an excellent choice for small apartments and bedrooms, providing optimal cooling and comfort. Its auto-swing mode ensures even distribution of cool air throughout the room, while the air deflector allows for precise airflow control. The nano-gold filter effectively purifies the air, promoting a healthier environment.

Additionally, the anti-corrosive golden fin condenser ensures durability and longevity. With its energy-saving mode, this air conditioner prioritizes efficiency while keeping electricity consumption in check.



As a standard window-type AC, the LG LA150RC aircon has an anti-corrosive golden fin condenser that increases its longevity. Its nano-gold filter is also perfect for people who suffer from allergies because it maintains the circulation of clean and fresh air in the room. Moreover, the LA150RC is energy-efficient with an EER of 11.0 and can fit in small rooms or apartments.

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